His True Colours Chapter 4779


Scar roared, carrying his gun and attacking directly towards the other side’s position in a single bound!


Behind them, more than 10,000 polar bear cavalrymen followed with bloodshot eyes, regardless!

“What? The cavalry …… cavalry regiment has launched a charge?!”

“They …… are defending, they …… are abandoning their positions and launching a charge, are they …… are they stupid?”

“No!” Lord Luo exhaled deeply and closed his eyes, an old tear flowing slightly from the corner of his eyes, “The members of the Polar Bear Legion are not stupid, they know the importance of their positions better than any of you.”

“But they also knew better than any of you that they would not survive, and they would not last long, so they ended their lives by charging.”

“This …… is the warrior.”


Hearing these words, everyone looked towards the battlefield in a daze, looking at the gang of righteous figures charging away, and shock was written all over many people’s faces.

Unknowingly, their eyes misted up, it was tears swirling around, those figures naturally blurred more and more in their eyes, but, in their hearts, those figures were reflected deeper and deeper.

Hearing the shouts from the front, Hai Jin, who was far away in the west, looked back slightly.

Although it was already dark, the lights of Night Sky City were very bright, and the people watching always had their own way of seeing the battlefield as best they could, so ……

The first thing you need to do is to look at the lights and see what Scar is doing.

He looked back at the cavalry lined up behind him.

“Brothers, the brothers on the front have launched a counter-charge, what should we do?”

“f*ck it, we won’t survive anyway, let’s f*ck with them.”

“That’s right, these men in black are not the ones from the Heavenly Demon Fort, but they are all one and the same, we have a grudge against them ourselves, killing one is not a loss, killing two is a profit, fight them in blood!”


Behind them, the crowd roared angrily, their morale extremely strong.

“Good!” Hai Jin nodded, “My origin, as you all know very well, I was once …… one of them.”

“I know their hooks, and I know their sins, and of course, it is my sins as well.”

“I also know that the Lord of the League has elevated me to the position of Vice Lord, and that everyone more or less dislikes me because of my past, although you do not say so with your mouths.”

“So be it.”

Hai Jin drew his own lance.

“Today, Hai Jin uses his body as a confession and his blood as evidence to clear his sins, and to prove to his brothers and allies that I, Hai Jin, am a member of the Polar Bear Legion.”

“Vice Commander, you ……”

“All of you, listen to my order!” Hai Jin raised his long spear.

“Yes!” Behind them, the crowd gripped their steel spears directly.

“Today, your love with my brothers may be over, but we will renew our love when we reach the underworld in the future!”

“Follow me and kill!”


A thousand armies rushed, and the troops belonging to Hai Jin launched a counter-charge at the same time.

The two sides rang out in surprising unison, while the enemy on the opposite side of himself had not yet moved, and Pei Yuan understood what this meant.

He did not look to those two sides, instead he looked to Pei Mu’s side: “Silly senior brother, all the hopes of our Pei family are placed on the two of us, I, well, being of such a character, am bound to follow them in the charge, I only hope that you will not follow along.”

“Run away if you can, the Pei family needs you, and Master needs a disciple to be filial to him and give him old age.”

“Hey, Pei Yuan will go first.”

With those words, Pei Yuan didn’t say much, and directly copied the guy like launching a charge.



There was a great confluence of three parties, and only Pei Mu remained.

He smiled faintly, “Pei Yuan, you should look down on me, right? You know my character ……”

When he said this, he smiled embarra*sedly to himself, but in the next second, he suddenly had steely eyes, “What are we waiting for? Give me a charge!”


Suddenly, the situation was reversed, and the polar bear cavalry legions, which had been surrounded on all sides, collectively counter-attacked one after another ……