His True Colours Chapter 4757

The crowd was proud and Scar was inspired.

With a punch directly on the table, Scar swept his eyes at the crowd, “Good, let’s make a plan today, and when the enemy comes, that will be the day the plan succeeds.”


With those words, Scar took out a map.

“In the first battle, the four sides are bound to attack strongly at the same time, my opinion is that we should not get attached to the battle when we attack strongly, and when the time comes, we will gather in fire and we will gather back from the scattering.”

“I agree with the commander-in-chief’s meaning, if the enemy attacks strongly and we are still scattered, our combat power will be greatly reduced, once they have more people and charge us, we will be scattered. But on the other hand, if we huddle together, it will be completely different, at least we can still have a fighting chance.”

“That’s right, as long as the cavalry is gathered there, it’s a huge mountain that will move, and it’s definitely not that easy for them to eat our dumplings


“I have another good idea, we can make use of the original terrain to do something more, when the time comes, we can more or less create a little terrain advantage for us.”

“I also suggest that we can do that, we still have quite a few reserves in the regiment anyway, so we can quietly feel our way down and add some more traps to the original terrain.”

Listening to the opinions of the crowd, Hai Jin and Scar could not help but smile at each other.

Although some of the suggestions were not too reasonable, they were still useful, and the wisdom of the crowd was sometimes so good.

“It’s almost a bit chaotic for everyone to say one thing, so how about this, one by one, then we’ll discuss each one together and go through.”

Hai Jin’s method was actually quite simple, each person cited an idea they had and then we all discussed its feasibility, and if it was feasible, whether it could be effectively added to the battlefield was again the key.

When each one was feasible

The final version of this overall plan will again be discussed by the crowd after every feasible one can be added in.

This includes, of course, the question of whether the plan is too unwieldy to be implemented in practice.

After all, there is no such thing as too much detail, and too much detail sometimes makes you fat, and fat affects the whole.

By the time this was done, the day had gone by in a flash, but it was a good result for a bunch of people.

A relative set of tactical play as well as the new construction of facilities was still completed.

“No movement from the allies yet?”

When the crowd left, Hai Jin asked.

Scar nodded: “Staying in the room also did not see out, I went to him, see not even see me, let me solve their own, I this wooden fish brain can solve what ah. He said I let go and do it as exercise.”

Hai Jin nodded: “However, this kind of time is not like the time to practice, the alliance, there should be his

deep intention, right?”

“How do I know his deeper meaning? I just guess that he probably doesn’t want to reveal the number of cavalry, so he has been settling for a fight for so many days.”

Hai Jin gave a smile, “Who said you don’t have a brain, isn’t that a brain? We really can’t reveal all our men and horses at once, after all, this is our home base.”

If you let others feel out your home base on the battlefield, you cannot say that you will definitely lose, but at least it will be to the enemy’s advantage.

“Ahem, I’m just fooling around, how can I have any brains. The most I can do today is to rest for a day, until tomorrow, I guess the enemy’s onslaught will come, when that time comes, you’ll have to take more of those two children of the Pei family with you.” Scar said.

“Understood, we will follow the plan to resist later a moment later, quickly pull together.”

Scar nodded: “After the rendezvous, you have to take more part in the command, you know my brain is always inferior to yours

. Although on the surface, I am the main one and you are the deputy, but in my heart, the Polar Bear Legion is two equal commanders.”

Hai Jin smiled and picked up the plan on the table, “Alright, I’ll finalize the plan in the next two days, I don’t want you to worry about it, that’s all you want, it’s fleshy.”

Scar was not ashamed, he laughed, this was his flaw and weakness, he did not refute it.

“Alright then, I won’t say anything, I’ll lead the way outside, I’ll see you later. By the way, calculate the time difference between here and outside, don’t be delayed.”

Hai Jin smiled gently, his eyes had given Scar the answer, and got up to go back to get the plans.

Scar came out of the house and did not rush back, at this moment, he set his eyes on the blue sky of this world, at the same time, an extremely frightening thought popped into his head.

If ……