His True Colours Chapter 3963

Hei Yu also frowned deeply, half an hour had almost pa*sed and the opposite side had already pounded back and forth and escaped at least twenty times.

Was this sick?

She turned her gaze to Zhu Yanshuo, who unfortunately also looked dumbfounded.

Was this a straw man?

Just to deliberately bait the enemy, but with the enemy already aware of the situation, is there any point in the non-stop repetitive performance?

If it were a normal person’s army, Zhu Yanshuo would have led his men up and beat them up, after all, he had to teach the other side, we are all f*cking adults, even if we are stupid, we have a basic intelligence, if you do this, even a fool can see it.

But he was Han Qianqian’s unit, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

But it was also precisely because it was Han Qianqian’s troops that Zhu Yanshuo was confused, how could he make such a lowly mistake and play such an insipid trick when Han Qianqian was such a bully and smart person.

Seeing that Zhu Yanshuo didn’t reflect, Hei Yu couldn’t help but speak out, “This Han Qianqian, what kind of trick is he playing?”

“They are so back and forth impacting and escaping, to be honest, they are not tired, I am tired of watching.” Fu Tian was also depressed, despite his hatred and contempt for Han Qianqian, such basic childish tricks didn’t seem to look like something he, Han Qianqian, could do.

“Elder Divine Dragon, what do we do. Should I bring an army and go for a small test first?” Ye Shijun was somewhat unable to hold back.

“No need.” Hei Yu waved his hand, “It may seem like a childish act, but I believe that this person Han Qianqian would never do such a meaningless thing, does he look like he is challenging our patience?”

“What Elder Divine Dragon means is that Han Qianqian is in fact doing this deliberately, knowing that it is inferior. “This is really his Han three thousand style of doing things, seemingly unreasonable, but always between inadvertently to kill you old.”

Both Fu Tian and Ye Shijun looked at each other and broke out in a cold sweat, because just a few seconds ago, both of them had really wanted to strike out in anger because they were tired of seeing these cheap tricks.

This son of a b*tch, Han Qianqian, was really cunning and had you meekly falling into his trap without a second thought.

“Order the troops to put up a tight defense, no one is allowed to attack without my orders.”

“Yes!” Ye Shijun and Zhu Yanshuo both took orders at the same time.

And the city was bared, in the middle of the city.

On top of the eastern wall, the commander of the eastern city was sitting on top of the pavilion of the city wall, his brow furrowed.

Bared to the city, a subordinate walked in quietly.

He looked up, slightly and said, “How is it?”

“Report to the commander, everything is quiet and normal in the city. However, my subordinate always feels ……”

“The calm before the storm, is it?” The commander spoke.

The subordinate nodded slightly: “Led by the left vice-general, he had already retreated when the alliance master was not present, but at that time, the battle had just begun, and his people could not be too obvious.”

“Now, the battle has already been fought once, the enemy’s main force has all returned to surround us, and in the afternoon the enemy army even came to persuade us to surrender.”

The commander nodded gently, “The left vice-general leads the left wing of the army, if he were to defect with his troops, not to mention the fact that we would lose nearly half of our men, just by fighting within our ranks, we would have to suffer heavy losses.”

“Now, the pressure on the eastern gate is the most severe of the four gates, and if there is any change, I’m afraid …… I’m afraid ……” He did not say anything, but needless to say, the outcome was The result is already clear.

“Don’t worry, commander, even if the left vice general defected with his troops, the general of my right flank will fight to the death to defend, and the last general will live and die with you.”

“Very well.” The commander nodded, “As the saying goes, if you eat the ruler’s salary, you should be loyal to him, since the allied lord has given us so many benefits and we have accepted them, then, when there is difficulty, you should generously go to your death for the ruler.”

“Who said you were going to die?”

However, a soft laugh suddenly rang out as the words were being spoken.