His True Colours Chapter 3886

The sound was crisp and clear, and at least at this moment, it was extremely abrupt.

Everyone’s attention was completely attracted at this moment, even Hei Yu and Fu Mei also looked back behind them.

It was only at this time that many people realised that the sound was the sword in Fu Tian’s hand falling to the ground.

Fu Tian’s old face reddened and he was quite embarra*sed for a while, after all, the sword he had dropped was the sword.

After all, what he had dropped was his sword, and when he dropped it in front of his own people, the meaning was obvious.

If it were someone else, I am afraid that he would have picked up the sword and then hid in the crowd, fearing that something else would happen.

Unfortunately, this was Fu Tian.

Although he had thought about this approach, it was clearly not in the interest of an old fox like him.

“What are you looking at, huh? What are you guys looking at. Do you know why I drew my sword? I drew my sword because I am not used to seeing you fellows suspecting my family Fu Mei.”

“Humph, what is Fu Mei, that is the most outstanding woman of my Fu family, there is no one.”

“I have watched her grow up with my own eyes, I know very well what kind of character she has.”

With those words, this Fu Tian picked up his sword and even pointed it angrily at some of the people who had slammed Fu Mei earlier.

Seeing that there was no more reaction from the people around, Fu Tian then took a few steps to walk next to Fu Mei: “Don’t worry, Mei’er, this clan chief will definitely protect you safely even if he risked his old life.”

Fu Mei sneered, this Fu Tian was quicker to turn his face than a book, and his own hypocrisy could also be brought to its extreme state, in this regard, almost no one could beat him.

“Hehehe.” Seeing that Fu Mei did not overreact, Fu Tian knew that in any case, he had gone out of his way to play this trick on the old two, and it seemed to have worked.

People, when they are cheap, they are invincible.

“Elder Divine Dragon, although Fu Mei is a member of my Fu family, but I must say one thing, the plan of scattering Han three thousand to break is this is a big plan. However, if we want to implement such a plan successfully, it is in fact very difficult.”

“Once Han Qianqian finds out one or two things, he will definitely be in a situation of no return.

This is wisdom.” “If Fu Mei can successfully deceive Han Qianqian out of the millions of people, it will be like a rays of light descending into the world and hitting us right on the head of our bed.”

“There is wisdom and courage, worthy of the talent of the gods, also ask the divine dragon elder, order down a great reward.”

With these words, Fu Tian looked towards a group of Fu family members and others, even including some of the Ye family members and others, hoping that they would hurry up and help together to ask for the prize.

This would bring them closer to Fu Mei, and secondly, if Fu Mei’s face was glorified, wouldn’t it also mean that both Fu and Ye’s faces would be glorified?

When the Fu family and the Ye family saw this, although their knees bent a little, they never knelt down, but looked at Ye Shijun.

Ye Shijun hesitated slightly, although Fu Mei was just a dog in his eyes, but if this dog could lick the light for himself at a crucial moment, then of course he would be happy to enjoy it.

Thinking of this, Ye Shijun nodded his head.

With Ye Shijun’s nod, the executives of the two Fu Ye families instantly knelt down, “We, too, agree with what Patriarch Fu Tian said, and we hope that the Divine Dragon Envoy will be rewarded clearly.”

Hei Yu raised his eyes and looked at the crowd, then looked at Fu Mei: “Fu Mei’s move is indeed very second, good, this elder promises you all, if the great war is completed, I will reward you heavily.”

Fu Mei smiled gently, “Thank you, Elder Divine Dragon.”

The senior executives of Fu Ye also smiled happily at this time.

Hei Yu raised his head slightly, “In addition, I announce that Fu Mei officially a*sumes the position of military commander in front of our army’s carriage, helping me to complete the battle of that fall.”

Hearing these words, a hint of displeasure clearly flashed across Fu Mei’s face; obviously, Fu Mei was not stupid; what appeared to be a post was actually also a post, but more than that, it was obvious that Hei Yu had not yet trusted himself and therefore left himself in front of him.

However, she did not need to worry about anything: “Many thanks, Elder Divine Dragon.”

“Order the army to move out at once, I want to hold off Cailuo City within two hours!” Hei Yu shouted and bellowed.

“Yes!” The subordinates led the order.

The next moment, the whole group suddenly sounded out the sound of trumpets, and the troops, who were already marching extremely fast, suddenly increased their speed and struck out like lightning.

The target was Cailuo City!