Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3433

Lin Mo pondered a little before finally speaking.

“The three types of Purple Flower Earth Gra*s, Half Moon and Piercing Heart Lotus will start to be collected tomorrow.”

“There’s no way for me to quantify this stuff, it needs to depend on how long you’ve been branded for.”

“Like you, Brother Qiang, you need at least two plants to start with.”

Hua Qiang nodded seriously, then got up and said loudly shouting to the crowd.

“Little ones, I have good news for you!”

Hua Qiang’s deafening voice rang out above the pier, attracting the attention of the others.

“Boss, what good news.”

“Look at the happiness on the chairman’s face, you guys can barely hide it!”

“Chairman, could it be that you’ve found us a sister-in-law?”

The burly men ate the meat in their hands, each one laughing out loud.

“Find a fart sister-in-law, look at you all, you have no sense of decency, it’s your problem that I don’t have a wife!”

“Cut it out!”

“What’s it to do with us? You know how to pa*s the buck.”

“The chairman himself has no sense of decency, and he has the nerve to talk about us.”


Looking at the guys who were discussing again, Hua Qiang shouted.

“Just now Brother Molin told me that he has the solution that can remove the tattoos from your bodies.”

“Isn’t that good news?”

The moment Hua Qiang’s words came out, the entire pier fell silent all of a sudden.

A group of strong men looked at Hua Qiang as if they were dumbfounded, not saying a word.

After a long time , a voice rang out.

“Chairman, is what you said true?”

Hearing this voice of doubt, Hua Qiang nodded straight away and said loudly.

“Brother Molin will definitely not lie to you, starting tomorrow, go all out to collect three kinds of medicinal herbs.”

“Purple Flower Earth Gra*s, Half Moon, and Penetrating Lotus, do you hear me clearly?”

This time, under Hua Qiang’s confident words, everyone let out a cheer.

“Hear me clearly!”

“Long live the President, long live Brother Molin!”

“From now on Mo Lin is my own brother!”

The group of sturdy men all had smiles on their faces.

They had always thought that after they were first captured as slaves and branded with the snake man seal.

This seal was going to follow them and the others just for the rest of their lives.

But it had never occurred to them.

The flowers were planted with intention.

The willow will grow.

They had searched hard for a way to remove the Serpent’s Seal.

But they had been struggling without results.

But when they met Lin Mo by chance, they actually saw a hope that they had not seen for a long time.

This night, the atmosphere above the pier was very lively.


At the west pier, where Lin Mo landed in the first place.

A woebegone Wang San stumbled from a distance and ran over.

Once night came, the island, which was barely peaceful, suddenly turned into an endless killing machine.

One by one, dark hunters appeared on the island, hunting indiscriminately for those in the darkness of the night.

If Wang San hadn’t hung a sign from the inspector’s office on his body.

He would have died without a burial place long ago.

Wang San staggered to the top of the pier and said loudly.

“Is Chairman One-Eye here? Wang San has come to pay a visit.”

As Wang San’s voice rang out, the previously dark dock suddenly lit up with a single light.

Along with it came a chorus of angry curses from the Rexes.

“That son of a b*tch is disturbing the peace and quiet at night, I’ll have to kill him!”

“He wants to see the chairman, where’s my axe, I’ll chop him up.”

“Do you really think our dock is some kind of place where you can just come and go?”

All sorts of voices rang out from the huts by the river.

Without exception all the voices contained an icy killing intent.

One by one, stout, topless men came out.

In their hands they carried a variety of weapons.

Axes, machetes, hammers and so on.