His True Colours Chapter 4293

“Where to?”

“North of the city.” Han Qianqian said, “But before I go, I want to go to the Pei Mansion first, for one thing I want to try and see if I can save the Seventh Princess, and for another, I also want to apologise to the Pei Clan Chief.”

Su Yingxia nodded, “Actually, it’s also true that you should personally apologise, I’ll accompany you.”

“When Ziyou returns later, let her rest first.”

The two couples turned around and left Qifeng Pavilion, setting off all the way towards the Pei Mansion.

After Pei Gu had carried the Seventh Princess all the way back, he had not left the Seventh Princess’ room an inch, and the eunuch doctors had come in several waves in succession.

But unfortunately, none of the eunuchs could give any first aid to the Seventh Princess.

Basically, they had all declared the Seventh Princess dead.

But because of the Pei family’s authority, they didn’t know what to do for a while, and could only try everything to say that they were treating her!

How could Pei Gu not understand this?

It was just that as a father, it was difficult for him to accept this fact.

When the two couples arrived, once the subordinates informed them, Pei Gu still got up in a rare moment, then waved his hand, gesturing to invite them in while getting up himself and coming to sit right in the bedroom.

“Master Pei family.”

As soon as they entered, the two couples bent down at Pei Ku in a very polite manner.

Pei Ku smiled faintly and squeezed out a rare smile: “You’ve rested so soon? By the way, Sanqian, are you feeling better?”

Han Qianqian forced a smile, “Thank you for your concern, Master Pei. The situation is critical, so I’d better get to the point. I”

“We two couples came because we wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help the Seventh Princess.”

“Secondly, it is also for me to personally apologise to you and say sorry.”

“If you have any grievances against Han Qianqian, feel free to inflict a heavy punishment on Qianqian, even if it costs me my life, I will definitely not say a word.”

“There is no time for injustice, besides, between you and I, we are allies again.”

“Let the matter of the Seventh Princess be a dream.”

“But what Three Thousand killed was not only the Seventh Princess.” Han Qianqian said.

“Those are just remnants that deserve to be killed. As for the Pei family, not many people have died at your hands.”

“I’m talking about the Pei family’s son, Pei Hu.” Han Qianqian said.

Because even now, it was only Pei Gu’s side that had temporarily returned with the Seventh Princess, while most of the Pei family was still busy cleaning up the main city and beyond.

For the corpses over at the miscellaneous room, naturally they hadn’t come to discover them yet.

“Pei Hu?” Hearing this, Pei Gu’s forehead visibly wrinkled.

“According to our plan, I did use Pei Hu to catch Zhu Yanshuo, however, unexpectedly, Zhu Yanshuo pulled Pei Hu out at the last moment to block the gun, I didn’t reflect, so …… I missed and killed him.”

Han Qianqian said, no more words, in fact, he can tell the details more clearly, but, one wrongful killing is enough, another, he already really do not know how to go on.

“Where is he now?”

“Dead in the miscellaneous room, I saw that Pei’s house was nearly half cleared when I arrived, you should receive news of his death soon. So ……”

Pei Ku did not speak.

The pain of losing both his son and daughter at once was indeed too great a blow for him.

He instantly seemed to have aged a lot, the opposite of his earlier spirited appearance, which was determined to take the Pei family to the top.

He was very sad and very silent.

“Although Pei Hu is someone I have carefully trained, and I have invested quite a lot of money in him, ……”

Although Pei Gu was very dissatisfied with Pei Hu through this incident, however, the tiger alone does not eat his son, not to mention that this son is still his own heart and soul, and is also the future of the Pei family.

He is old, at this point in time still want to expand the Pei family power crazy outward, for what?

Is it for himself?


But surely it was more about the future.

And that future could only be his own son.

But now that Pei Hu is dead and the future is gone, how can Pei Gu not be confused?

Although he said that he did not care, the pain in his heart was clear only to Pei Gu himself.

However, what could he do?

Would he fight with Han Qianqian?

Then perhaps the Pei family would lose not only the future, but also the present.

“Lord of the Pei family ……”

“The dog son deserves what he gets. However, three thousand, he is my son after all.”

As the words fell, Pei Gu stood up, his entire face cold: “Killing my son cannot be left without revenge.”

With a movement in his hand, Pei Ku had already gathered energy ……