Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3437

The accounts of the Powerworkers’ Union had previously been managed by Hua Qiang.

When Zhang San went forward to take over today, people were dumbfounded.

“Brother Qiang, what’s going on with your books, why can you spend ten thousand dollars when you go to buy a glove?”

Zhang San asked Hua Qiang as he pointed to the figures on the ledger with a baffled look on his face.

Hua Qiang’s gaze looked to the side and said with a snort.

“Hahahaha, brother Zhang San, how am I supposed to know about such things?”

“You are the one in charge of the accounts how could you not know?”

Zhang San picked up another bill and pointed to it showing that he had eaten a meal of dumplings.

Then a glance at the amount on the back, five thousand maple leaf coins.

“What kind of dumpling can cost five thousand maple leaf coins to eat!”

Zhang San flipped through the back books again, one was simply more outrageous than the other.

He had paid out thirty maple leaf coins for his salary .

Buying clothes cost five maple leaf coins.

The groceries cost twenty thousand maple leaf coins.

Hua Qiang’s bill was simply outrageously wrong.

“How much money do we have in our account now?”

Zhang San’s eyes looked towards Hua Qiang and inquired.

“Let’s see.”

Hua Qiang opened the safe on one side and counted carefully.

“There are now one hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and thirty one Maple Leaf coins left.”

Hearing Hua Qiang’s answer, Zhang San finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Now that there was still money in the account, it would be good to start the bookkeeping all over again.

“Brother Qiang, tell me honestly, how did you remember the accounts before?”

Zhang San’s gaze was filled with sorrow as he looked at Hua Qiang.

Hua Qiang looked at Zhang San’s gaze and awkwardly rubbed the back of his head and laughed loudly.

“Hahahaha, Little San, I was all an accident before, an accident.”

“From now on this room will be yours, bye.”

After Hua Qiang finished speaking, the whole person directly dashed and slipped away.

Zhang San looked at the room full of bills and sighed helplessly.

It seemed that he could only take his own time to clean up.

The day pa*sed quickly, and Zhang San’s house was buried for a full day of hard work.

Finally, all the bills and other things that were in disarray when Hua Qiang was managing were packed up.

By the time Zhang San stepped out of his room again and breathed in that fresh air.

The whole person felt refreshed.

In the distance, Lin Mo’s upright figure walked over and smiled lightly after seeing Zhang San.

“How does today’s work feel?”

“Very …… fulfilling.”

This was the only one that Zhang San could evaluate in positive terms after scouring his mind.

“Oh, let’s go, the meal is already ready.”

Looking at Zhang San’s appearance, a small smile appeared on Lin Mo’s face.

He spoke softly to Zhang San before turning around and walking towards the long queue that had formed not far away.

Zhang San sighed slightly and followed suit, heading towards the queue over there.

A man is iron and rice is steel, a meal will make you hungry.


The West Pier.

It was already dusk at this moment.

The busy scene on the pier during the day no longer existed, but was replaced by a murderous array.

All the men on the West Pier are now dressed in vests, carrying a variety of short weapons in their hands.

On their waists or backs were hot weapons of varying styles.

They stood neatly on the docks, each with their eyes forward, and One Eye, dressed in a black overcoat, stood before the crowd.

“Gentlemen, according to our informants, those guys at the North Docks actually had the audacity to form a union.”

“It’s simply not taking our evil union into consideration .”

“What do you guys think, what should we do?”

One Eye’s hoarse and heavy voice rang out, then his gaze looked at the members standing in front of him.

“Kill up to the North Pier!”

“Kill up the North Pier!”

“Let those arrogant guys know that the union isn’t set up by just anyone!”

“Chairman, let’s kill up there!”

Looking at the hissing atmosphere below, One-Eye nodded in satisfaction.

Only such a tool was considered a good tool.

“Good, kill up to the North Pier!”