His True Colours Chapter 3915

Even though Han Qianqian was only looking at him with a faint smile, without doing anything, Ye Shijun could read an unspeakable terror in Han Qianqian’s eyes.

As if, Han Qianqian had already shown him something.

“Ye Shijun, you have received so many severe beatings at my hands, I believe that even a pig should have learned to be wise. With just this number of my men, you want to attack you? Don’t you even think about the possibility of that?”

“I dare to come, naturally, with my plans.”

“Come out all f*cking out.”

Han Qianqian shouted angrily.


Ten thousand beasts roared in unison, slowly stomping in.

“It’s those strange beasts again!” Hei Yu was instantly shocked.

“f*ck, we clearly didn’t see any sign of this gang of strange beasts earlier, how could ……” Zhu Yan Shuo was depressed to the extreme, and suddenly, he suddenly thought of something: “It’s that heavenly book, Han Qianqian definitely put that gang of strange beasts into the heavenly book, so god knows what ……”

Underworld Rain teeth clenched, yes, she also reflected.

“D*mn, I can’t believe I ignored these guys.” Hei Yu coldly shouted.

Ye Shijun was also fiercely alarmed at this moment, but, after slightly stabilising his mind, he shouted angrily towards the troops behind him, “Block those animals for me.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the army behind him roared forward and met the army of strange beasts.

The army of strange beasts was also not willing to show any weakness, and the two sides touched off in a frenzy of battle.

Han Qianqian’s side was not idle either, even though he was under heavy siege, he was still killing with a fury.

Su Yingxia, Ning Yue and Mo Yang, each leading an army, also met the three ambushers, and there were explosions of swords and shadows on both sides.

The mid-levels, which had been quite calm, were now filled with loud noises and flames of war!

“Elder Fu, there’s a fight up the road.”

At the front line of the position below the mountain, the commander pointed to the mountainside behind him and said in an urgent voice.

Fu Tian’s face was cold, but his heart had long been panicked into an old dog. He was a man who was afraid of death, afraid to death, but his greed for power and wealth was extremely strong, so strong that it was outrageous ……


His heart wavered a little, but at this point he had no other choice: “Tell everyone to stand by, our task is to hold the front line, the rest is none of our business.”

“My subordinates understand.”

With those words, the commander hurriedly went down to deploy, and Fu Tian looked worriedly up the mountainside.

“f*ck, Han Qianqian, what kind of medicine is in your gourd? At this point in time, you can still start such a ma*sive battle?” Fu Tian looked at the battlefield and sighed, surprisingly completely speechless for a moment.

He really wanted to go up and see what was going on, but when he thought that there was a huge enemy army behind him, he was helpless for a while.

Bang, bang, bang!

The battle continued.

“Clan master, over at Qunshan, there’s a fight too.”

At the front station of the siege, the servant beside Pei Gu looked at the Qunshan side at this time and could not help but say.

Pei Gu looked out and saw that the sky over the mountains had almost been lit up by battle fire, so he thought that the battle over there was also extremely fierce.

The servant looked back slightly and saw that Pei Ku’s expression was a little off, so he couldn’t help but wonder, “Family head, what are you worried about?”

Pei Gu took a breath and looked back slightly: “This is really strange.”


“They say the city is empty, yet our attack was severely hampered and we were unable to take it for more than ten hours, so there should be quite a few soldiers in the city.”

“But if there are many soldiers in Cailuo City, why would such a ma*sive battle break out in the mountains?”

“Does this Han 3,000 have so many men and horses?”

“I’m suddenly thinking of a question.” Pei Ku suddenly said.

The servant was stunned, “What question is the family head thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about what Xiao Qi told me. Could it be that I really picked the wrong one?”