His True Colours Chapter 4799

Bang, bang, bang!

With a few consecutive explosions, the black-clad men surrounding Scar and the cavalry regiment were all blown away on the spot, turning into black smoke and killing them.

The circle that had been formed was also blown away by several metres.

Immediately afterwards, a figure landed in front of Scar.

“Allied …… Alliance Master?” Scar was startled.

The person who came was none other than Han Qianqian.

Seeing that it was Han Qianqian coming, the black-clad army, which was originally imposing, immediately stopped advancing and took a step back.

The super strong attack also came to a halt in an instant.

“Holy sh*t, didn’t we say that Han Qianqian had fled? How did he …… he suddenly appear on the battlefield?”

“Yeah, we …… watched the whole time with unblinking eyes, how did he …… he …… he come unnoticed by us

the battlefield?”

On the city gate, a group of spectators had looked dumbfounded, because to them, they really could not see how Han Qianqian had appeared.

When Luo Jin saw Han Qianqian, he also stood up straight away, and because he was in such a hurry, he also caused his body to be a little unstable.

“You guys …… how did you see him arrive at the battlefield from somewhere else?” Luo close asked sharply.

Several underlings looked at me, I looked at you, and shook their heads repeatedly.

As the city lord, although Luo Jin is low profile enough, but it does not mean that the subordinates around him are all ordinary lackeys, among them, there are also several are experts among experts to ensure his safety.

However, even so, these experts did not notice how Han Qianqian had appeared.

“Master, this Han Qianqian is like a ghost, suddenly

suddenly appeared.”

“It shouldn’t be called a ghost, because, at least a ghost has a ghostly shadow, but this guy doesn’t even have a shadow, my subordinates are even wondering if this guy appeared out of thin air.”

Luo Jin nodded his head repeatedly, “A master, no less.”

“But didn’t this Han Qianqian disappear? How did he suddenly appear on the battlefield?”

“Yes, we’ve searched the whole city too, but we haven’t found any trace of him.”

The two subordinates were puzzled.

Although he had already cut off his “love ties” and stopped thinking about what Han Qianqian was up to, he had slowly accepted the notion that Han Qianqian was running away in his heart.

But who would have thought that, in a twist of events, Han Qianqian would not only appear, but also, in the middle of

The battle was at its most violent and intense.

“It’s good that he appeared, as for the rest, it’s not really that important.”

A few of the underlings looked at me, and I looked at you.

“My lord, although the words are true, but what purpose can his mere appearance of Han Qianqian serve? If he had appeared earlier, the cavalry regiment might still be at peace because of the master’s presence and could still fight again, but now that the cavalry regiment has not many men left after several charges, what is the point of his Han Qianqian’s appearance?”

“Yes, even if Han Qianqian is capable, but look at the black-clad army on the field, it is so dense that it looks like a sea, and Han Qianqian is just a lone boat on the sea.

“That is.

Hearing the murmurs of the underlings, Luo Jin did not deny that the current situation was indeed like that.

From anyone’s point of view, no, to be precise, it should be even from the point of view of a madman looking at this matter, Han Qianqian did not have the slightest chance of winning at all.

His appearance was, in fact, from a rational point of view, nothing more than a death sentence.

The idea that Han Qianqian might as well run for his life came up in Luo Jin’s mind, and at least, if he could stay in the green hills, he wouldn’t be afraid of not having wood to burn.

“Just …… take it as a chance to see Han Qianqian’s real performance.” Luo Jin replied in a soft voice.

And in front of the formation, the envoy also saw the stagnation of the army in front of him, at this time, the summoner also quickly arrived in front of him.

“Enlighten the envoy, Han …… Han Qianqian has killed out!”