His True Colours Chapter 4764

“All the grain including the seeds, Han bought them all at twice the price, please help the city lord to find the goods, I want the grain tomorrow, as for the seeds, if Han is lucky enough to win, the city lord will give them to me.”

“And if I lose, I will still leave the money to you, but the seeds will be my gift to City Master Luo, is that good?”

Hearing this, Luo Jin faintly froze, after which he laughed loudly.

It was certainly possible, and if Han Qianqian won anyway, Luo Jin would not lose any money, as the price he gave was already beyond the original price. And if Han Qianqian lost, he would lose even less money, and even make a small profit.

If Han wins, he will naturally save a lot of money on this year’s taxes.

“Good, if warrior Han asks for it, then I will certainly do it.”

Then let’s make a deal.”

The two of them smiled at each other, and at that moment, Luo Ying’er also slowly walked in with her servant girl carrying the brewed tea.

Seeing that her father and Han Qianqian were chatting happily, she asked with a smile, “What are you talking about? Are you chatting so happily?”

When Luo Jin saw that Han Qianqian had the courage to make such a promise, he was naturally in a good mood. However, his emotional intelligence was not low, so he did not directly explain the reason and said, “It’s nothing, but Mr. Han chatted about something interesting and was just happy for a while.”

“Come, warrior Han, I’ll drink a toast to you with tea instead of wine.”

Han Qianqian lifted his cup of tea, slightly raised his hand, and after returning the salute, he gently downed a cup of tea.

The aftertaste was refreshing, and the sweetness in the mouth was truly wondrous.

“Good tea.” Han Qianqian exclaimed.

“A gentleman with good tea, and only when warrior Han visits will I produce such a treasure.”

“Then, thank you, Lord Luo City.” Han Qianqian smiled.

Seeing that the two were talking happily, Luo Ying’er also mustered up the courage to follow up, “By the way, Great Warrior Han, do you know the current situation outside the city? I ……”

“Miss Luo, when I come to the house today, I won’t hide from you that Han doesn’t want to mention the war and disturb the mood.”

“But ……” Luo Ying’er was speechless, it was clear that she was worried about what Han Qianqian would do tomorrow, but only half the words were spoken ……

“My lady is also for your own good, you don’t be so insensitive.” The servant girl said angrily.

Han Qianqian was not angry, and smiled at Luo Ying’er with a slight clasp of his fist, “I know that Princess Han means well, but I really don’t want to talk about the war.”

Luo Ying’er’s words were cut short as the servant girl said, “Miss, she doesn’t appreciate it, so don’t say anything. It’s true, I’m sure she doesn’t want to talk about the war, after all, she will die tomorrow.

I don’t know how I’ll die tomorrow, so I’m just going to be a monk for a day and get by.”

In the face of such ridicule, Han Qianqian laughed bitterly, not bothering to argue with her, and let her say what she wanted.

“Yes.” Han Qianqian smiled and replied, picking up his cup of tea and continuing to drink.

Luo Jin also knew that Han Qianqian was unwilling to dwell on this topic any further, so he steered the conversation to talk about something else.

After chatting for about half an hour, Han Qianqian then got up and said goodbye from the Luo Mansion. During this hour, the two sides actually did not talk about anything nutritious.

What we talked about was just some family matters or news about the rivers and lakes.

Han Qianqian also learnt some interesting stories about Night Sky City from these conversations.

As soon as Han Qianqian left, the servant girl was the first to become discontented: “This Han Qianqian really seems to have stayed in the private room for too long and is getting bored, coming here to listen to us.

to listen to us talk about the past of Night Sky City.”

Luo Jin smiled gently and did not say anything.

It was indeed a bit strange that Han Qianqian had come, one moment he wanted to buy food, and the next he avoided mentioning the war, so he really didn’t know what medicine was being sold in this gourd.

“All of you are silent, do you really think he has some wonderful tricks up his sleeve again?”

“Don’t dream. Let me tell you what he really wants.”

Seeing that neither of them would respond to her words, the servant girl herself opened her mouth first.

Sure enough, when they heard him say that, they both couldn’t help but look directly at him.

Although they didn’t think anything good could come out of her mouth, Han Qianqian’s behaviour this evening was a bit unbelievable, and perhaps, this girl might be able to say a thing or two or three.

Therefore, they looked at her with some curiosity.

“Then you tell me, what does he want?”