His True Colours Chapter 4464

“Immediately organise two elite squads with the following requirements: run fast, know how to hide and be familiar with the city.”

“My subordinates understand.”

“Ask them to constantly give me penetrations and crosses, with the purpose, to attract the attention of those secret sentries on the ground. However, always bear in mind one thing, don’t fight hard, only lead and only hide, can you do that?”

In other words, the task of these people is to be mosquitoes and flies.

No need for them to do anything, they just need to keep hara*sing while being careful to ensure their own safety.

For this, it seemed a little difficult, but when you thought about it, it was not impossible to accomplish.

Thinking of this Scar nodded, “Madam, don’t worry, our brothers from the Heavenly Demon Fort, maybe they don’t have any other skills, but, they have been hiding under high pressure and saving their lives for these many years, but they are playing a good game, so letting them do these missions is simply doing their job.”

Su Yingxia nodded, still cautiously admonishing, “These men in black are far too much stronger than the soldiers of old, so one must not be careless.”

“We need to have as many troops as possible, and at the same time, be as careful as possible. Scar, this is the support for all our next actions, so ……”

Hearing these words, Scar understood instantly.

“Don’t worry madam, I know what to do, I will select as many people as possible to form more reserves. Even if, something goes wrong with the troops in front, I will quickly have the reserve troops take over.”

“In short, I promise that not only will we not have any problems in this part, but instead we will hara*s them to death indefinitely and annoy them to no end.”

With Scar’s a*surance, Su Yingxia nodded in satisfaction, “Next, I need another group of extremely skilled and good hands.”

“There are several requirements as follows.”

“They must be as nimble as the advance hara*sment unit, be incredibly flexible, familiar with the map, and most importantly, they must be able to fight and have strength, and their number should be around fifty.”

“Can that be done?”

“Fifty men?” Scar frowned.

To be flexible and able to hide, Scar thought that almost everyone of the 30,000 people could do it, after all, in the previous environment of the Heavenly Demon Fortress, if they could not hide, they would have died long ago.

It was just that the ones who had to be able to fight were not particularly numerous.

After all, most of their people were civilians.

“Is it somewhat difficult?”

“It’s not difficult, my subordinate just doesn’t know how many capable fighters your ladyship wants, I’m afraid that when the time comes, this group of people won’t be able to help your ladyship.”

Su Yingxia shook her head, “It’s alright, as much as possible.”

“My subordinate will go do that.”

With those words, Scar turned around and left.

Ten minutes later, Scar reentered with six men.

“My subordinates, meet Madam.”

The seven men lowered their heads with immense respect and bowed.

Su Yingxia took a glance at the six men she had brought with her, all six of them were incomparably fit, and at a glance, they were the kind of people who could fight even without cultivation.

It could be seen that Scar had picked some reliable people. It was just that this fellow had probably set Su Yingxia’s expectations too high, so much so that he was worried that the people he had chosen would not be of much help when the time came, which made it a bit difficult.

“Madam, these six people, as well as me, happen to be the leading junior captains of the seven teams.”

“The number of people in each team is around twelve, making a total of eighty-four people.”

Su Yingxia nodded, “What about the hara*sment troops here?”

“Hey, the hara*sment force I let my own thirty or so brothers lead each team, each team numbering twenty-four, divided into an advance and reserve team.”

“At the same time, I also let these brothers go infinitely to pick more people as soon as possible, and I’ll give him a direct viral spread.”

“However, the number was too large, so I didn’t bring them over to meet you, madam.”

Su Yingxia smiled slightly, she could not tell that this Scar was still a person with quite a delicate mind.

“Well done, Scar.” Su Yingxia praised.

Upon hearing this, Scar touched his head for a moment, somewhat embarra*sed, and smiled heatedly.

As long as Madam was satisfied, he was happy as long as he could help.

After all, this was the first thing Scar had done since he had received his post.

“So madam, what should we do next?” Scar asked, “Just tell us what to do.”

Su Yingxia looked at Scar’s fist-pumping appearance, smiled gently, then, beckoned Scar over and told him his plan ……