His True Colours Chapter 4808


Scar was depressed, but nevertheless, he sent out his subordinates and asked Hai Jin and the other three departments to do as requested.

A night, soon pa*sed.

Because there was Han Qianqian’s in front to fend them off, so, on the whole, although there were small attacks from the enemy, they did not make much noise.

The few thousand men were almost only constantly consumed with Han Qianqian, and did not break through Han Qianqian’s defences, let alone injure the cavalry regiment resting inside the tent.

And after the latter part of the night, the attack of these few thousand men s*** completely disappeared and the battle was quiet for about an hour or so.

The spectators around the wall, who had witnessed the magnificent battle of 10,000 men during the day, seemed to be spoilt for choice, and when they saw that Han Qianqian’s side had set up the tents and the other side had not reacted, they knew that the night was boring.

So they all slept in place, and planned to wait until dawn for the other side to launch another attack.

The other side of the tent was set up, so they all slept in place.

The second half of the night was quiet and lasted until the early sun rose again.

Everything, again, was bright and far away, the tents of the cavalry regiment were still so visible.

“sh*t, after so many days of fighting, suddenly it was a bit uncomfortable to be so quiet last night.”

“Yeah, if there weren’t still so many bodies and broken walls on the battlefield, I would have thought it was just a dream.”

Yes, there was not even a single ghost on the battlefield, even Han Qianqian, who had been fighting all night, was not on the battlefield at the moment.

After a brief wash, the group made a cup of tea and brought some snacks, as was the usual practice, and were ready to start watching the “show”.

On the enemy’s side, the troops were regrouping and planning a new attack.

However, a lot of people noticed something puzzling.

“What are the men of this cavalry regiment doing

What are they doing? The opposite side has already started to reorganise their troops, why aren’t they out of camp yet?”

“Yes, it’s probably because they’ve been fighting too much for a while, and they’ve over-slept because of their physical strength and energy, right?”

“That’s f*cking comical, if you didn’t know this you’d think the cavalry regiment had surrounded the others, even if they’re tired, even if they’re suffering, but they’re weak, they should get up earlier to cope.”

“Such carelessness, hey, it’s really a big mistake.”

The crowd shook their heads one after another and sighed.

In front of the formation, the envoy had obviously noticed the situation as well.

The subordinate came to report, “Lord Envoy, there is no movement in the opposing formation, we ……”

“Wait a minute, what do you say? There’s no movement in the opposite formation?” The envoy was a little confused.

He had originally discussed his countermeasures last night, and today he was already confident and glowing.

But then, just as he was about to set off, he was greeted by such a nonsensical

The news.

“The sun has risen, it’s already dawn, not to mention the soldiers who are fighting against us, even the common people are probably already washing up.” A fellow soldier said.

Another man also nodded, “To say that they were too tired and slept through the night is reasonable, but it is too far-fetched. It’s just that they’re angry that we haven’t fallen for it again and again.”

“That’s right, and now they are simply opening up the pendulum to lure us in.

“It doesn’t matter, let them put it to death, the more they do, the more it shows that they are anxious, and the more it shows how wise we were in not making a move yesterday and the two nights before.”

“Good, not falling for their ploy is simply a win for our side. However, after our night’s deliberations, they now still want me to

us to continue to step on their trap, so let’s do as they wish.”

The special envoy smiled coldly at his words, good, last night several of them made a detailed plan and planning specifically for the tent matter, if Han Qianqian still dared to use this trick, they would definitely make Han Qianqian pay an extremely heavy price.

“We have picked an elite team of 5,000 people from the millions of reinforcements, just waiting for you Han Qianqian to use this move again.”

“Order it down immediately, attack Han Qianqian’s men without delay!”


With the order, the envoy also looked at several of his fellow officers and powerful subordinates, who were already in full regalia and ready for battle.

“Brothers have been annoyed by this tent of his I believe for many days, today is the day, I will use this and give you a good bite.”

With these words, a group of people directly rushed out of the tent ……