His True Colours Chapter 4890

“Lord, don’t underestimate Hai Jin, I’m telling you, Hai Jin is at least one of the first merits for taking the city defense of Night Sky City this time.” Scar gave a thumbs up and said, “If he hadn’t asked us to replace the defenders with dummies and boldly disobeyed your orders by taking us to sneak up on the other side’s rear, it would have been impossible to take down this Night Sky City’s city defence.”

Han Qianqian smiled and looked at Hai Jin, although he did not speak, the smile in his eyes was full of appreciation.

“In fact, to put it in a not so nice way, Hai Jin’s performance was what I expected. I know, although it is a bit of a blow to Hai Jin to say this, in my eyes, he should have been at this height.” Han Qianqian said.

Hai Jin faintly stared, “What the alliance master means is that you knew I would do this?”

Pei Yuan smiled heatedly, “Master did know that you would do this, and when he asked me to lead the attack, I was originally confused

The fourth column was less than 2,000 men, even if we played a fierce game of sneak attack, we would only be maximising the effect, not to mention taking three city defences, even if we took one, I reckoned it would be difficult enough, but Master told me not to be afraid of death, to play hard to get, someone would come to meet me. I thought who it was, but it turned out to be Uncle Haijin.”

Scar’s mouth opened wide, “Holy shit, Master, is it really that godly? Are you a fucking fortune teller or not, why do I suspect more and more that you are.”

Hai Jin also laughed: “Yes, ally master, there is no promise or hint between you and me, you …… how do you know that I will definitely come to help fight Night Sky City, or under defiance of your orders? To speak in all conscience, it is before doing so, I myself have not thought about it.”

Han Qianqian said, “It’s simple, because you are my brother, just like Scar. For my own brothers, of course I would try to

I will try to understand. Although Scar is brave, he sometimes acts too impulsively, so I have to rely on you to make decisions. I also believe that Scar is willing to listen to you.”

“Based on this, things will actually be relatively simple. I only need to consider how the whole force will act, and I only need to consider what you will do.”

“You’re a prudent man, and in that situation, watching your own people fighting the city, you’re bound to come to your aid when you know that the friendly forces are outnumbered.”

“Although I do have orders for you to stay where you are and not move, you have been with me for so long that it should be clear to you that my fighting style on the battlefield is still more about the changing situation. So, I think you will be influenced by me to send out troops.”

Although Hai Jin did not reply, he smiled and listened quietly to Han Qianqian’s analysis.

At least for now, it was indeed all right.

“If it’s Scar, he might not worry too much about going out to the army.

Take his men and horses and just charge up, but Haijin you are a smart man, you should know very well that rushing up without any real meaning and will only cost us more, so this definitely needs a different approach.”

“It’s just a secret way, I think you should be able to think of that, Haijin, because it’s the most suitable tactic at the moment.”

“I also believe that I will not be wrong about people, let alone trust them.”

Hai Jin laughed, in fact, what he liked more than Han Qianqian’s praise of him for making a strange achievement this time was that Han Qianqian knew himself this well.

Because it was easier to make people feel warm in their hearts, it showed that Han Qianqian really treated them as brothers, and also really cultivated them as talents.

“There is no one who knows me better than the ally, indeed, your analysis is not wrong at all. After deciding to make a move, I tried to put myself into your role as much as possible, guessing what you would do if you sent troops to

In the end, I decided on this dark move to catch them off guard.”

Scar also confirmed, “That’s right, when Hai Jin first told me about it, I even complained about how this guy’s plan looked so much like the alliance master’s, causing mine to think for a while that the alliance master was giving this guy a small head start.”

The people all laughed at Scar’s words, and this guy made Han Qianqian miss this guy, Fu Mang, immensely.

They had a lot of similarities.

“But then again, this time we really have to praise Hai Jin, you did a great job, the battle to retake the city’s defences at Night Sky City, you get the most credit, I’ll reward you for that.” Han Qianqian got up and patted Hai Jin’s shoulder.

Hai Jin scratched his head with some embarrassment, “The alliance master has praised you.”

“The reward will come, but, one size does not fit all, at the moment, you should also say what your scheme is.”

“My ploy is very simple.” Hai Jin smiled mysteriously ……