His True Colours Chapter 4798


The battle was rekindled and there were shouts of killing.

The crowd watching the battle from the city gates had actually woken up early, many of them had washed up and even made tea and had been waiting for a long time.

“In today’s battle, the army in black is bound to take back the field, sending out an army of this size is like a tsunami, it is like a tsunami, it is completely overwhelming.”

“Yes, the other side has obviously used nearly half of their troops, they can’t say they are completely impatient, but at least they are determined to take back their shame, can the cavalry regiment still make a miracle this time?”

“Although the cavalry regiment won yesterday’s charge, it was only a disastrous victory. Moreover, most of these men are wounded, so it’s hard to pull off a miracle.”

“This time, even if the great gods help, the cavalry regiment will not be able to escape death.

In the eyes of the crowd, the Cavalry Regiment was nothing but dead bodies already.

As soon as the two sides exchanged blows, the situation on the battlefield was really as everyone had guessed.

The Cavalry Regiment, which was still capable of fighting yesterday, rushed forward today, but it was like a moth to a flame, and without even exchanging a few moves, the Cavalry Regiment instantly fell into a disadvantage as soon as the two sides met.

The Cavalry Regiment has been losing ground in successive charges, and now, in order to concentrate the smallest number of men, it has abandoned the front line trenches and other fortifications, which, naturally, has its drawbacks.

The opponents were prepared for this, and as soon as the charge came, they were able to form up, not only to neutralise the Cavalry’s charge, but also to surround them to death.

It was as if a sheep had tried to fight back, but had run right into the mouth of a tiger.

Not only was the entire cavalry regiment unable to move at all

but, crucially, they were now in a desperate situation.

The other three sides were no better. With very few troops, they were unable to withstand their opponents’ attacks, and once the battle began, the remnants of the broken line were overwhelmed.

Even though Hai Jin, Pei Mu and Pei Yuan had been taught by Han Qianqian personally, they were very capable as single soldiers.

But they were limited to themselves.

On the other hand, if the ministries had not had such a single general, I am afraid that those cavalrymen would have been killed in a matter of days.

Luckily, the Evil Taotie saved the day, and although the battle was fierce, the three sides barely managed to stay alive thanks to the pull of the Evil Taotie.

“Taotie of Evil, go save the front line, our three parties are just secondary lines, it doesn’t mean much.”

“Once the front line is broken, sooner or later we will be done for, but as long as the front line is not broken, there is still hope for us.”

Hai Jin loudly rushed

shouted at the Evil Taotie.

Although the Evil Taotie did not reply, it had already darted and swiftly headed towards the front to kill.

And indeed, as soon as the Evil Taotie came, the two columns of the enemy immediately swarmed upon them, as one body of the whole army, but seeming to stray from the whole.

They had only one task, and that was to pester the Evil Taotie to death.

The other side had clearly not wasted a night’s work either, facing a whole army of 100,000 men, delaying, and the Evil Taotie had all the strength in the world, but it was difficult to get away for a while.

“Hmph, you can’t play this time.”

Seeing the Evil Taotie being entangled, the envoy smiled with satisfaction.

A hundred thousand people could wrangle the Evil Taotie for a whole day, not to mention the fact that he only asked the group of soldiers to wrangle the Evil Taotie for a mere few hours.

Even, to put it politely, an hour would have been enough.

Because one hour was enough for him to put the ride

regiment completely out of existence.

“Order the frontline troops to fight, fight me hard, I want to eradicate this D*mned cavalry regiment, once and for all.”


Along with the subordinates pa*sing the order, the drums were beaten heavily, and sure enough, the black-clad men who were dealing with the cavalry regiment attacked even more fiercely, not to mention the cavalrymen, even Scar was already vaguely unable to support himself.

“f*ck, today, it looks like I won’t survive.”

“Motherf*cker, Haijin, I’ve broken my promise, today, let’s go first.”

With those words, Scar directly and completely fell into a state of desperation, towards the heavy enemy army to kill again.

But it was clear to all that he would not survive.

Sure enough, after several rounds, the enemy struck Scar hard and repeatedly, and he staggered back, but already full of blood from his mouth, and the cavalry behind him were in a deadly position.

But just then, the sound of an explosion suddenly rang out and a figure fell from the sky ……