His True Colours Chapter 4751

“Hey, you’ve really had enough, haven’t you?”

“My lady has come to help you with good intentions, but you are so ungrateful that you dare to take the initiative to give an expulsion order? Han Qianqian, what do you really think you are?”

The princess of the Luo family had been a star attraction since she was born, and although not everyone had to flatter her, she was at least treated with respect by everyone.

She had never seen Han Qianqian act in such a way as to outright expel a guest.

Therefore, it was only natural that she should feel unjust for her own daughter.

“Ming’er, forget it.” Luo Ying’er waved her hand and pulled the servant girl to leave.

The servant girl was reluctant: “Miss, you are just too kind-hearted, you are still helping others even after letting them bully you.”

Han Qianqian rose and clasped his fist slightly, “If there is anything that Han has offended, please two

Please forgive me, but Han has made up his mind and will not leave this place, as for the predicament at hand, it is better to take one step and see what happens.”

Luo Ying’er wanted to persuade her again, but this time it was the servant girl’s turn to pull her young lady out.

“Miss, don’t give attention to this kind of rotten person, the family master has been disappointed, you don’t believe that you have to come here to touch this frown, now, but it’s conclusive, what else is there to say?”

“You in order to help him, do not hesitate to be so many people wind up talking, he is good ……”

The more you say, the angrier the servant girl is, even Luo Ying’er is also a little aggrieved.

She had never believed that the Han Qianqian her father spoke of was like that, which was why she had endured so much all the way over, but she hadn’t expected Han Qianqian’s performance to be very disappointing.

With a nod, Luo Ying’er finally followed her own servant girl to say goodbye and left


As soon as the two women left, Han Qianqian closed the door of his room and then lay back on his bench, slightly closing his eyes, under the sunlight, Han Qianqian started a wonderful resting time again.

No one could see what he was doing, but perhaps he knew exactly what he was doing.

When he returned to the house, the servant girl’s mouth was already on the verge of going up in anger.

Luo Jin finally had a restful night’s sleep yesterday when he didn’t have to worry about Han Qianqian, and now he woke up in high spirits.

When she saw her own daughter’s personal maid, she smiled: “What has made our family’s Ming’er so angry?”

To this little maid, Luo Jin had basically treated her as half a daughter.

The maid took one look at the fact that it was her own master and her anger subsided, but

the mouth was still very unhappy.

“Tell me about it.” Luo Jin laughed.

“It’s not that Han Qianqian.” The servant girl muttered.

“Han Qianqian?” Luo Jin frowned, “Why is it Han Qianqian again? I heard from the subordinates that you and Miss went out early in the morning, I thought what you were doing out there, but it turns out that you went to find Han Qianqian.”

The servant girl was speechless: “Don’t mention it, the young lady wanted to help that Han Qianqian with good intentions, thinking that now it is so dangerous, it would be good to give him a plan, but who knows …… who knows …… ”

The more you say, the more angry she is unable to say anything.

Luo Jin did not imagine that the anger, a smile: “Who knows how?”

“That Han Qianqian himself was unprepared, the lady gave him a lecture, but he didn’t appreciate it, he actually

He even threw us out, Master, tell me, is this a human being?”

Hearing this, Luo Jin did not feel confused or ridiculed as he thought, instead, he frowned, “Is that really so?”

“If it were not so, could I be so angry?” The slave girl said breathlessly.

“Ming’er, what do you think of Han Qianqian as a person nowadays?” Luo Jin suddenly laughed.

“Of course he’s worse than a pig or dog.” She scolded, but when she saw that Luo Jin was staring at herself seriously, she changed her tone again, “When a great enemy is at hand, he doesn’t think about making progress, I think that he is really waiting for the right moment to try to run away. Only, one has some fame in the end and doesn’t want to run too ugly.”

Luo Jin laughed: “Not bad, this is also the old man’s view. However, listening to what you said today, I think that Han Qianqian has a way to break the enemy.”