His True Colours Chapter 4743

“I said no one is to be disturbed!”

A statement that both delighted and despaired several people.

The delight was naturally that this fellow Han Qianqian had a reflection, but the despair was also that what was the difference between this reflection and no reflection?

Scar put his heart on the line and said, “Lord, it’s a mess out there, so hurry up and come out and make a decision.”

“I heard what you just said outside. However, Scar, you are at least the commander-in-chief of one of my legions, I told you earlier that you should handle minor matters yourself and only report to me for urgent matters.”

“So, take care of these small issues yourself.”

Handle them yourself?

Scar was dumbfounded at his first reaction to hearing those words.

After all, the enemy had launched a ma*sive general attack, which was a huge

If anything went wrong, they could lose everything.

So ……

This miscellaneous can handle itself?

However, after reflecting on it, Scar was more or less happy again, at least, this was a sign of Han Qianqian trusting himself.

“But ally, this is always a big deal, I …… I’m not experienced enough, I’m worried ……”

Han three thousand laughed softly: “People always have to have a first time, if you worry about your inexperience every time, then obviously, you will always be the first time every time.”

“Let go and try, don’t have any pressure and don’t be afraid that you will make mistakes, people always need setbacks and failures to grow. Since I have given you the Polar Bear Legion to command, naturally, I am prepared for you to make mistakes.”


Han Qianqian had put it this far, Scar, who was already not very educated, still had a very unstable heart.

“But the alliance master ……”

He had no combat experience at all, especially in this kind of large scale war, and he had little education himself, so of course he was very unsure of himself.

He himself was well aware that to fight and command such things, even Hai Jin was more experienced than himself, and the only thing he could do was to lead the charge to be a good example.

“Go down, if you can’t decide on something, you can discuss it with Haijin.”

Han Qianqian completely blocked out the words, even if his heart was depressed and weak, Scar could only grit his teeth and turn around and leave.

After all, a mistake in command was terrible, but a missed opportunity was even worse.

The matter had come to this point, he had no choice but to go back and take command, maybe the dead horse

He had no choice but to go back and take command, perhaps a dead horse could be treated as a living horse.

When he saw Scar leave, Luo Jin looked on in disbelief and anxiety.

But there was nothing else he could do, so he could only sigh and let his subordinates continue to keep watch before getting up and leaving.

Inside the private room, Han Qianqian was not busy with anything, instead, he was at leisure at the moment.

A cup of tea was brewing there, and Han Qianqian sipped it slowly.

He was of course well aware of the situation outside, but he was also well aware that he could not rush into action within this kind of bureau.

The more eager he was to play his cards, the easier it would be for someone to see through his cards.

“Attacking me from all sides, the most common tactic, I really don’t believe you would do that. I guess, like me, you are afraid of being seen through when you make a move, so you simply, first, find a sidekick to set up the tactics.”

“You will play like this, and I will respond with the same move.”

It was clear.

It was clear that the other side was cautious, not fully letting go and f*cking themselves up until now, but instead using constant attacks or feints to pry into their true intentions.

The more this is the case, the more Han Qianqian must remain calm.

Letting Scar set up was indeed a bit bold, but not useless.

Sometimes, that was how it was on the battlefield.

The shrewd against the shrewd may all be taking it in their stride, just as Han Qianqian was now doing with the commander opposite.

But sometimes when you put the shrewd against the blank who knows nothing, the effect may be different.

Although the shrewd one may easily beat the white paper to the point of not even recognising his mother, in turn the white paper may also take the opposite side by surprise and take it by surprise.

“Next, it’s up to you, Scar ……”

Han Qianqian smiled grimly ……