His True Colours Chapter 4780



The sound of killing was heard, and the crowd was in high spirits!

In a flash, as far as the outside of Night Sky City could see, the battle raged on all sides.

The enemy had never expected such a situation, and despite their superiority in the battlefield, even they were completely dumbfounded by the onslaught and the counter-charge.

With this dumbfounded moment, the cavalry arrived at the enemy’s front in a matter of moments, and with their spears bursting out, they were able to kill the enemy’s formation.

The enemy soldiers were in a panic, and they were overwhelmed or exhausted, avoiding the enemy.

On the envoy’s side, he was calmly explaining to his subordinates how to fight tonight, when he suddenly heard the sound of killing outside the formation.

Standing at the door of the tent, they could clearly see the fires and the sounds of killing going on below.

At that moment, a

subordinate also hurriedly came to report: “Report to the envoy, the enemy …… army, for some reason, Fang, suddenly launched a reverse charge at us.”

“What? A reverse charge?!” The envoy was visibly startled.

Originally, he had thought that there was a sudden fight outside and that a few of his subordinates had launched an attack.

Although it was true that they were still in the middle of setting up this evening’s tactics, it was also true that sometimes there were transient changes on the battlefield, which was why there was an ancient tradition of the so-called general being out in the field and the army being ordered to do something, this was because the generals in front of the battlefield might make different adjustments depending on the needs of the battlefield.

This is understandable and normal.

But what the envoy had never dreamed of was that the battle underneath now was not from the impromptu mobilisation of his own troops to attack, but belonged to a reverse charge from the enemy!

“Gra*s, a defeated army, and they dare to launch a sudden attack on us? What, are they

afraid of their own lives and are eager to come and die?”

“Not bad, with what qualifications and what capital do they have to take the initiative to compete with us?”

“They simply don’t know what to do!”

Several of their subordinates were outraged, for them the charge of the cavalry regiment was clearly intolerable, they were defeated, they were an inferior army, how could they be provoked by them?

The envoy also gritted his teeth slightly, obviously equally displeased.

“Envoy, the enemy’s sudden attack was not expected by our army and we were caught off guard. We have suffered some heavy losses in front of our lines and the situation is a bit confusing.” The subordinate who came to report bowed his head and whispered.

The envoy’s fist clenched: “Rubbish, what a bunch of rubbish, can’t even resist a mere counter-charge?”

“Envoy, you can’t blame the soldiers on the front line too much, the enemy army after all has iron horsemen on board and a huge strange beast as their driver, they suddenly launched a surprise attack, we were not well prepared and

In battle, it is inevitable for soldiers to panic if their formation is disrupted.”

“That’s right, we can only blame these cavalrymen for not knowing what to do.”

“Sir, now that the situation is chaotic and the morale of the opposing side is high, I suggest that we immediately deploy our reserve troops to, firstly, replenish the front line and, at the same time, help our army to recover quickly. The second is to suppress the enemy’s troops and to dampen their spirits.”

“My subordinates agree.”

“We also agree.”

Hearing several subordinates agree one after another, the envoy also knew deep down that this was indeed the easiest and most effective method, except that ……

“At this point in the war, I am suddenly asked to mobilize a large number of reserve troops, which really makes me feel a bit ashamed.”

A few of the subordinates lowered their heads and were unable to say anything.

This was true.

After all, when the reserve army was not moving, they were already six times as numerous

There was a super-doubling of Yu.

But now ……

“Pa*s my orders!”


“Order all reserves to join the front line troops, replenish their formations and launch a counter-attack, make sure you pull out these cavalry regiments for me. If they dare to launch a counter-charge against us, they have no regard for us at all, I want them to have a good taste of what we can do.”

“My subordinates obey my orders.”

As the words fell, the subordinates immediately turned around and blew their horns.

Under the strange and rhythmic trumpet, the reserve army, which had been slightly behind the front army, also immediately moved.

“Pa*s again.”


“Order the reserve troops to join the battle and attack the enemy with the strongest possible means, never show any mercy, I want them, the bold cavalry, to pay a price they will regret for all eternity.”


The next second, a sharp cadence of horns sounded again.

It was the signal for an onslaught!!!