His True Colours Chapter 3965

“Hmph, if not, then Ma will show no mercy to traitors.” Ma Nanfeng said in a cold voice.


As soon as these words fell, Vice General Zuo and the others immediately let out a loud laugh.

“Ma Nanfeng, I’ll call you a f*cking commander if I give you face, but you’re a f*cking idiot if I don’t. Just you, and you still want to show no mercy to me? You’re a f*cking piece of sh*t.”

“You go out there and take a good look at how many of my men are above this East Gate.”

When Ma Nanfeng heard this, he became furious, “You traitor, you led the entire army of the left wing to defect?”

“If I didn’t have enough men, would I have come to the dispatching building in a big way?”

Zhang Jiang said sharply, “Commander, this man must have ambushed me long ago, taking advantage of my right flank soldiers to guard the city, and secretly playing a dirty trick to control my right flank soldiers.”

“There is a clever man.” The Left Vice General sneered softly.

“The Alliance Lord and I trusted you and placed the soldiers on the left flank of the Eastern Gate under your command, yet you treated our trust in such a way, surnamed Liu, are you still a human being?” Ma Nanfeng scolded in a cold voice.

The left deputy general gently pulled out his ears, full of disdain: “Whether I am a human being or not, I can only know if I am alive, on the contrary, I do know that you, Ma Nanfeng, can only be a ghost.”

With these words, Vice General Zuo waved his hand and the soldiers behind him rushed straight into the house and surrounded Ma Nanfeng and Zhang Jiang.

Ma Nanfeng let out a bitter laugh: “I have been a soldier since I was a soldier and I have already put my life and death at risk, so what is the fear of dying? However, I forgot to tell you, even if I were to die, it would be on the battlefield, not at the hands of a traitor like you.”

“Dead duck, come on, kill Ma Nanfeng for me.” The left vice general bellowed coldly, and the soldiers behind him were about to make their move.

“I would like to see who dares to make a move.”

At that moment, a cold laugh suddenly came out.

As the crowd was in fear, Han Qianqian slowly walked out from the curtain at the side.

Upon seeing Han Qianqian, the group of people became even more terrified.

“Allied …… allied master?”

“What, am I still your ally?” Han Qianqian smiled gently.

The left vice-general instantly sweated like rain, he wanted to rebel, but that was in the face of no Han Qianqian, however now that Han Qianqian was right in front of him, how could he not be afraid?

“My subordinate, my subordinate ……” he was so anxious that he did not know what to say.

Ma Nanfeng coldly snorted, “Liu Zuojun, just now I have given you a chance, as long as you promise to return to your original position and do your own thing, I can pretend that nothing has happened, but unfortunately you ……”

The words fell, Ma Nanfeng shook his head helplessly.

The second vice general Liu left eyes flashed a trace of surprise, but then it was all sinister, since things have come to this, there is no way back over there: “Brothers, he Han three thousand to come, what can he do? We already control the eastern city, as long as there is chaos here, the siege army outside will surely attack the city immediately, and then their gang will surely die without a burial place.”

“Is that so? If you think so, you can go to the top of the city walls and take a good look at where that siege army is focusing on now.” Han Qianqian laughed softly.

Vice General Liu Zuo hurriedly ordered his soldiers to go and take a look, but when they returned to report, his whole body was completely panicked.

The army was still outside, but at that moment it had its back to Cailuo City, and all the men seemed to be heading in a different direction.

Yes, the attack led by Su Yingxia’s army was in fact a bleating attack, their real purpose was only to attract the enemy’s attention, thus creating an opportunity for Han Qianqian to make a secret move.

The current group of Hei Yu is ecstatic that they are holding back, and how could they have anticipated that Han Qianqian’s side had already moved in the city of Cailuo.

“How …… could this happen?” Liu’s left deputy general was bewildered.

“Your Excellency, the soldiers are all under orders, and I believe most of them are acting out of helplessness, so I hope that the Excellency can let those innocent soldiers go, as long as they lay down their weapons.” Ma Nanfeng spoke softly to Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian hesitated slightly and nodded, “Since Commander Ma has this to say, good.”

“Anyone who puts down their weapons and returns to their posts, I, Han Qianqian, will never pursue the matter today!”

As soon as the words fell, suddenly, only the sound of weapons hitting the ground ping-ponged, and when Liu Zuojun turned around, he was already dumbfounded ……