His True Colours Chapter 3889


Another long shout, the general at the eastern gate was in his room just taking out the map, when he heard this urgent report, he hurriedly got up: “What is the urgent report, the enemy army has attacked so soon?”

The soldier did not have time to catch his breath and said hurriedly, “No, the army has not advanced half a step, but at least half of them are suddenly heading towards the mountains over there.”

“Towards the mountains?” The commander frowned and hurriedly grabbed the map in front of him.

He soon found the mountains located outside the north of the city, “What are they doing here?”

The soldier shook his head, if he could understand, he wouldn’t be a soldier.

“Strange, although this place may serve as a large gap for us to break through, this place is after all a group of mountains, they only need to send a team of elites to guard the mountain pa*s to the death and they can do exactly that to defend against us, why send such a large number of elites there?”

“Commander, could it be that this group of people are rather stupid?”

“Is the original Dragon Envoy a fool? You’re the one who looks like a fool to me.” He scolded in a good-natured manner, but the more he looked at the map carefully, the more he felt that this was completely somewhat unnecessary ah.

“Hardly, is there some big fish here?” He scratched his head.

But what big fish could it be? He couldn’t figure it out, “Immediately send someone into the house to report this to the city lord and the alliance master, although the enemy’s movements are a bit strange, but with the great war going on, any wind or movement must not be taken lightly.”

“My subordinate understands.”

With those words, the soldier immediately rushed to the City Lord’s residence.

But in just a moment, the soldier returned in a hurry and with fire.

Seeing him return so quickly, the commander was a little surprised: “Why did he come back so quickly?”

“Report to the commander, the city lord’s residence …… is empty ……, not only can we not see the city lord and other people, even …… …… even the guards of the City Lord’s Mansion have almost all disappeared.”

“What? No one inside the City Lord’s residence?” When the commander heard this, he was immediately startled.

“This enemy army suddenly besieged the group mountain side, it couldn’t be that everyone from the City Lord’s residence has gone to the group mountain side, right?” The attendant next to the ruler guessed.

At these words, the commander did not say much, for judging from the situation inside and outside, there was little need to doubt the truth of this speculation.

“What are they going there for?” The commander wondered.

The attendant snorted coldly, “Hell knows, but, as the saying goes, each of them will fly away in the face of a great calamity. Perhaps, the alliance master and the city lord also sensed that the situation was not right, so they were the first to leave us and run away on their own.”

“Anyway, this is not unusual, it’s not like we’ve never been abandoned before.”

Hearing this, the commander’s heart felt like death.

It was already very difficult with the army pressing outside, and the absence of the inner circle was adding insult to injury.

“Commander, why don’t we open the door and surrender, what do we have to fight for? It doesn’t make sense to work for someone who has abandoned us, does it?”

“That is a valid point.” Some people echoed.

But then someone else stood up and tapped the map, “Commander, don’t be hasty.”

“Pay attention to this map, in terms of soldier tactics, this group of mountains is an excellent point to hide our troops, if we use it as a troop point, once we are surrounded by death here, then if we send troops to attack the enemy’s back from here, we can form a situation inside and outside.”

“So, the allies may not be abandoning us, it’s highly likely that they are trying to go there to help us attack the enemy on our backs, only to be discovered.”

“Humph, if that is what you say, then let me ask you, why didn’t you inform us of such an action?” The attendant said in discontent.

“The reason is also very simple, Cailuo City has just surrendered to the alliance lord, the alliance lord can’t tell which is sincere and which is not, for the sake of secrecy, naturally the secret action is not notified.”

Hearing this, the attendant was clearly dissatisfied: “What do you mean by that, do you mean that I am not sincere?”

“Secondly, I must remind you that if we were abandoned, then why did the alliance master give them large amounts of pills to improve our cultivation and why did he issue divine weapons to us? Is he a fool? After investing so much, to say that he doesn’t want it?”

The attendant was about to say something else, but at that moment, the commander slapped the table, “Enough, follow me to the city wall!”

With those words, he hurriedly led his men to the city walls ……