His True Colours Chapter 4729

“Full speed ahead.”



Like animals migrating, and like zombies emerging from a million graves, countless black shadows crawling out of the ground kept lunging towards Night Sky City.

And amidst the cracks in the ground, there was a steady stream of people crawling out of it.

The special envoy, as well as the elders and their group, also rode their black horses more and more towards that side.

Inside the Night Sky City.


With a long shout attacking him, a scout quickly ran in from outside the city gates at that moment.

He made his way straight to attack the private room where Han Qianqian and Luo Jin were.

As soon as he entered, this fellow hurriedly knelt down on the ground.

“Report to the City Lord, a large number of people have been spotted in the primeval forest outside the city and are heading towards the city.”

“How many are there?” Luo Jin asked as he hurriedly got up.

“I can’t count them clearly, there are people in all directions, although there are many trees in the forest to hide them from view.

but it was dense and practically everywhere.”

Luo Jin’s face snapped white and he looked at Han Qianqian, unable to help but say, “Han warrior, I told you, right, you see ……”

Luo Jin has been in contact with the special envoy for many years and has long known how powerful the other side is, now three days to roll back, it is bound to be a devastating force.

Although Han Qianqian from the beginning to the end is a matter of concern, high hanging posture, so, long foreboding things are not right Luo city master, in fact, in private has long arranged several subordinates specifically to go outside the city to spy on the situation.

Although the victim is not himself, but no matter what, this in the end, he always bet on Han Qianqian, so, Han Qianqian is not willing to move, he has to move ah.

Han Qianqian looked at the anxious and worried Luo Jin, but smiled gently: “Isn’t this normal? People have given me three days, so naturally, they must be prepared

It’s natural that they must be quite well prepared. So, it’s only a matter of time before the army presses in.”

Nonsense, this was certainly clear to Luo Jin, what he was asking was what Han Qianqian planned to do ah.

“Great warrior Han, forgive my rudeness, Luo is really curious, what will you take against it?”

“You know, this Night Sky City is just a flat piece of land in the middle of the forest, there is no danger at all, once the army comes from all sides, how will you defend it?”

“You don’t even have a single soldier.”

He really did not know what Han Qianqian could do to fight against others.

“Who told you that I don’t have any soldiers?” Han Qianqian laughed.

“Where are your soldiers?”

From the beginning to the end, Han Qianqian was only with his wife, so where were the soldiers?

“It’s not like I have that many soldiers, if they were all laid out at this time, then wouldn’t it be the same as

to revealing strength?” Han Qianqian smiled and got up, patting Luo Jin’s shoulder once again, “Don’t worry, I have my own way.”

As the words fell, Han Qianqian got up and walked out of the private room.

Without the slightest pause, Han Qianqian walked directly towards the outside of the city.

Luo Jin was speechless, but at this point there was nothing he could do but to follow Han Qianqian and rush out.

Hearing the sound of the wind, many people in the city also heard the sound and moved, one by one, running from the city towards the city gate.

They either found a high ground or hid in the shadows, and there were even others who had set up tables here and there to make a sale.

“Come, come, gentlemen, buy it and leave it, Han Qianqian to his regular patrons, one for ten!”

Many people have placed their bets, although the old power is still strong and there are many people buying, but these rich business owners will definitely not be left out of a

big shot.

Although Han Qianqian’s odds were very high, meaning that the chances of winning were slim, many people still chose him.

The merchants have a lot of money, so it doesn’t really matter if they win or lose, the main thing is to have fun.

“Although Han Qianqian is fierce and has created many myths, the forces behind us have deeper roots and are more fierce.

“If Han Qianqian could win, there’s no way the Demon Race would exist today, they’d have been destroyed by the people of the Middle Kingdom long ago.”

“Yes, although the taxes have been getting heavier and heavier over the years, however, they are after all the signboard and core of our Demon Clan, Han Qianqian will definitely lose this time.”

The crowd was talking, and Han Qianqian’s odds started to get higher and higher ……