His True Colours Chapter 3917


Reading the front of that letter again, the demon ghost still couldn’t help but let out a long breath.

The content of the letter, almost word by word, was so shocking that one could not help but have cold sweat rise on one’s forehead, while the last half of the letter made the demon ghost is directly pale and his lips trembled slightly.

“Fat chance you guys, holy sh*t!” He closed the letter: “According to this way of playing, I am walking a tightrope with you guys, if I am not careful, I will have to die in pieces, and even more so, my Troll Hall’s foundation of tens of thousands of years will be destroyed.”

When he thought of this, the demon ghost picked up the letter and tried to tear it, but as soon as his hand touched the letter, he gave up the idea again.

“I’ve never had many friends in my life, only enemies, but you two dogs are my only friends. He finally leapt into a ball and held the letter in his hand.

“Ancestors of the Troll Hall, tell me, what should I do, Demon Ghost?”

With a depressed sigh, he put the letter back again and downed a cup of wine in one go, after which he lay heavily on the ground, his eyes empty, as if he was thinking about something.

As the day dawned again, the demon ghost opened his eyes, having thought about the whole night, he had actually fallen asleep without realising it.

He rubbed his temples and his head lifted slightly as the rumbling gusts still rumbled outside.

“Come on man.” He shouted.

A giant hurried in from outside the tent, “Hall Master.”

“How long have I been asleep?” He asked.

“Hall Master, it is now noon, and you have slept for nearly six hours.”

“Six hours?” When the demon ghost heard this, he could not help but lightly slap himself in chagrin: “I knew that f*cking drinking would lead to mistakes.”

With those words, he hurriedly got up, briefly straightened his clothes and wiped his eyes, “There’s been fighting outside, it never stopped?”

“Your Holiness, yes, it never stops.”

“D*mn it, this Cailuo City doesn’t look like an empty city, the intelligence over there should be wrong, so at best, the count should be low over there. They brought 200,000 men there, it’s just like squeezing ants, they easily killed the other side, why are they fighting for so long like us?”

“My subordinate is not sure, but the battle offensive has not shown any sign of abating since last night, my subordinate thinks that the battle might last longer.”

The demon ghost nodded, everyone had survived on the tip of the sword, and was still light-hearted about this point of battle prediction.

Based on the current sound, it might not be finished for another six hours.

However, it was normal for one’s own people to take a lot of time to attack Cailuo City, for after all, they had a consolidated city defence and a strong firepower suppression inside the city.

But what kind of city defences could there be in these mountains? Did they need to fight for so long?

“Hall Master, my subordinates should not say anything.” The man said.

“Although you and I are subordinates, we are also brothers, so if you have something to say, just say it, no need to beat around the bush.”

“Although twenty or so hours have pa*sed since we officially attacked the city, but to be honest, I feel that this is just the beginning.”

“Oh?” The demon ghost doubted.

“We have fought so far, but we haven’t even figured out how many enemies there are in Cailu City and the mountains, which means that the so-called Han Qianqian is extremely high in his art of war. Our 400,000-strong army, moving in two groups, theoretically this kind of one-by-one attack should have been wrapped up early.”

“But the weird thing is that now we are blocked at both ends.”

The demon ghost nodded, “You’re right, I thought of a million possibilities when I set out earlier, but I never thought that this situation would arise now.”

“They’re just a few tens of thousands of people, and now it’s like at least 200,000 people are pulling at us, it’s simply too D*mn strange.”

“The Hall Master is right.”

The demon ghost was silent for a moment, then suddenly nodded and looked at the attendant, saying, “Do you like tightrope walking?”

“Tightrope walking?” The attendant was visibly stunned, clearly not knowing what the demon ghost meant.

The demon ghost smiled evilly at him, “Yes, tightrope walking, the kind where you gamble with your life.”