His True Colours Chapter 4288

As Hei Yu made up his mind, the whole army finally waited for the heavenly talisman to save their lives.

The group could no longer hold back and fled all the way towards the east of the city.

The defeated troops were like a mountain, and with Han Qianqian’s slaughter, the hundreds of thousands of troops, who should have been in perfect order, were now in as much disarray as they could be.


The general of the reinforcement army also led his troops into the city at this time, and when he saw that the other side had started to flee, his morale was instantly so strong that he roared and led his troops in wild pursuit.

Collapse of the South Gate ……

North gate defenders collapse ……

The East Gate defenders simply gave up ……

The Underworld Rain army completely chose to flee, and every time the pursuit arrived, the Pei family soldiers were never soft and took lives with their swords.

The Pei family’s reinforcements were only chasing for a dozen miles, and they had already left thousands of bodies of the enemy army on the road for those ten miles.

However, at this point in time, Hei Yu could not care less, since he was fleeing, there was no turning back.

In the city, Han Qianqian was also not soft. Even though he was alone, he was no worse than the Pei family’s 100,000-strong reinforcements in killing people.

Blood flowed into rivers and bones were like mountains!

Many more were even turned into pieces, with no trace of them.

In another half hour, the remnants of the Hei Yu tribe were almost completely slaughtered by Han Qianqian.

The Pei family’s reinforcements had just returned to the city after the pursuit was completed, and the reinforcements’ general was about to greet Han Qianqian, after all, it was Han Qianqian’s plan that had turned their fortunes around.

Not only had they been ambushed in the first place, but they had also killed their way into the main city and saved the entire Pei family from danger.

However, with just one look at Han Qianqian, not only did his heart freeze on the spot, but he also brought about the downfall of his team.

Han Qianqian was like a hungry tiger pouncing on the team, and then it was a living human-shaped meat grinder, and those who came close to the team would die, blood and flesh began to fly.

“This ……” the reinforcements general was dumbfounded.

Young warrior Han, what’s going on?

Wasn’t it all fine earlier? How come now ……


A muffled voice, Han Qianqian hands frequency faster, killing more like a flax.

The seven princesses had basically finished clearing out their enemies and were coming to the east of the city to meet up with the army, but they had just arrived when they saw this extremely brutal and cruel side.

For a while, the seven princesses were not sure what was going on here.

“Han …… Han how is killing our people?”

“Yes. Could it be that, doesn’t he know that those are our Pei family’s reinforcements?”

“Let’s go talk to him quickly.”

Several princesses discussed and were about to move, but the Seventh Princess pulled a few sisters back violently, “Something doesn’t seem right, look at three thousand of you, his eyes are blood red and his whole body is ……”

“He’s gone off the rails, right? Again or ……”

“Order everyone to keep Mr. Han under control, but definitely not to hurt his life.” The Seventh Princess made an immediate decision.

“Yes!” The subordinates led the order.

After that, he rushed the reinforcements in front of the line and announced the order.

After receiving the order, the reinforcements troops reshuffled their flags in the pale and tried to surround Han Qianqian.

“Retreat, retreat, retreat, don’t let the soldiers die for nothing.”

From the pile of the dead, an old man rose up from it.


When the seven women saw the old man, they exclaimed in shock.

At this moment, where was the majesty of their father, the head of the Pei family, who looked more like a bad old man who wanted to eat.

“Han three thousand in revenge, Su Yingxia and purple love to save us killed, he …… this is all the blame on father bad, father promised to take good care of them, yet I ……,” Pei Ku muttered shaking his head .

Earlier, just because there were too many soldiers from the Underworld Rain Department, Han Qianqian hadn’t had time to kill him, and he had been able to steal a life in the pile of people.

The seven princesses were stunned and looked at Han Qianqian, but they couldn’t help but have a strange feeling.

Of course they were anxious as it was always the Pei family he had killed, but when they thought about it, they felt something completely different.

They were women too, and of course they wanted a man to love them to this extent.

However, while they were distracted by this, Han Qianqian over there had already come out from the crowd and looked at them coldly.

The next second, Han Qianqian came directly to kill them, and the crowd was instantly shocked.

But one person, however, topped all of them at this time ……