His True Colours Chapter 4470

In the City Lord’s residence, it was almost pin-drop quiet.

The group, plus Su Yingxia, totalled eighty-five people.

They had just sneaked into the City Lord’s residence.

When they looked around, there was no one there.

However, Su Yingxia did not dare to relax in the slightest.

Scar rushed ahead, first through the courtyard and then into the main hall of the City Lord’s residence.

No one was there!

With a wave of Su Yingxia’s hand, the others quickly dispersed and searched the hall.

Su Yingxia didn’t stay idle either, and took this opportunity to start looking around the main hall.

The walls were covered in cobwebs and the tables and chairs were dusty.

Immediately afterwards, Scar also came over and said softly, “Madam, after checking around, it doesn’t seem like this place is inhabited.”

“Are we …… overthinking things a bit?”


Su Yingxia didn’t answer immediately, just frowned in serious thought.

Is that really the case?!

“Your Ladyship, we have not found anything.”

“Neither did we!”

“We’ve even searched the backyard, the place seems to have been deserted for a long time.”

“That’s right.”

The six captains, by now, had also returned to resume their duties.

Hearing these words, the slightest bit of determination Su Yingxia still had was somewhat gone at this point.

Could it be that she had really thought too much?

But, this is not right.

If it was simply that she was overthinking, then there was something that was not right at all.

“Have you all searched carefully?” Su Yingxia asked reluctantly.

The seven people, including Scar, looked at me and me at you, then nodded vigorously.

This, they were quite sure of

“Strange!” Su Yingxia did not give up.

She was just a little puzzled as to why it was in such a state.

Suddenly, just as she was pacing, her eyes quickly settled on her feet.

Underneath her feet, although there was also a lot of dust, there were some places that didn’t seem to be in the right condition.

Thinking of this, Su Yingxia crouched down.

Seeing this, Scar could not help but persuade somewhat bitterly, “Madam, these footprints should be nothing whatsoever, right?”

“These were all stepped on by our brothers when they came in just now.”

Su Yingxia did not reply and raised her eyes to look at everyone’s feet.

Except for Scar, who was in gold armour, the shoes worn by the others were by and large the same straw cloth shoes.

With this type of shoe, the footprints were relatively round and had many stripes in the centre.

At the scene, there were many such footprints, which seemed to confirm this.

And Scar’s footprints and Su Yingxia’s own footprints could also be found sporadically on the ground.

It seemed that there was nothing suspicious.

“Madam, this place …… may ……” Scar originally wanted to continue to say that there is no point, but never could say, at this time, can only speak halfway, no more words.

Su Yingxia still ignores not respond.

She really didn’t quite believe that all the previous ones would be completely overturned at this point.

It just didn’t make sense.

Thinking of this, she continued to look on the ground.

Seeing the lady like this, Scar did not dare to disturb her much, and after waving his hand to let his brothers continue to investigate, he silently led his own group of men and waited quietly in the hall.

During this process, he did help Su Yingxia to see if there were any traces on the ground to be found.

But the results were clearly disappointing.

He was almost 100 per cent certain that there were no footprints of anyone other than theirs.

This large house had indeed not been inhabited for a long time.

Half an hour later, all the men had returned for the second time.

However, none of them bothered Su Yingxia and just stood by in silence, waiting quietly.

They could understand Su Yingxia’s feelings, having prepared for such a long time and even sent so many people to come, only to flounder in vain, it would be anyone who would be resentful.

So ……

But Su Yingxia did not think this way, she simply thought that it would not make sense logically if no one lived here.

So, theoretically speaking, there should be people living here.

Moreover, the number of people should not be small.

Suddenly, Su Yingxia stopped, her whole body staring blankly at the dust on the ground.

With another lift of her eyes, she looked back at the dust where Scar and the others were standing.

She gave a fierce smile, “I think, I know.”

With those words, Su Yingxia suddenly stood up under the completely dumbfounded state of Scar and the others ……