His True Colours Chapter 4783

“F*ck, it’s the trenches!” The envoy shouted furiously.

“The trenches?”

“Yes, trenches!” The envoy asked with a deadly stare at the trenches, tightening, “Think carefully, how many charges have we launched against them after so many days of fighting, and that measly trench, we can see from where we stand that it’s not really that deep.”

“Our men didn’t actually die immediately after they slid down, and the natural process of turning into black gas didn’t happen that quickly.”

“Then, in the process, the bodies should have piled up the trenches long ago.”

The subordinate also seemed to remember something: “Hearing you say that, it seems that there does seem to be some problem. All the trenches are slanted and eventually converge on a central point.”

“At first, I was also surprised that that central opening was actually

wasn’t that big, but why did it manage to give us the bodies of all our fallen brothers and swallow them straight away?”

“I wondered at that time how big a hole this guy Han Qianqian had dug there to fit so many corpses?”

Despite the fact that when people in black die, they all turn into black gas in a very quick time, many of those who fall into the trenches don’t actually die right away, and may not even see death even if they slip into that central hole.

So, the subordinate might even call this state of affairs a thin mud.

Neither as thick as a conventional corpse, a carrot with an eye, but not so completely black gas that it evaporated at once, and to find a balance between the two, that would be the adjective.

However, even if Han Qianqian had dug a bigger pit, the thin mud that had been beaten for so many days should have stuffed the pit

It should have been full!

But …… in fact did not.

It’s just that because there are so many of them, attacking Han 3,000 is also casually attacking for fun, so they really don’t care about the trench thing.

Maybe he was just digging very deep at the time, even with some kind of staked spikes or something underneath, and once you drop in, then it makes sense in some theoretical sense to never fill it.

But nowadays ……

“F*ck, that central opening, it’s not supposed to be the mouth of some pothole, it’s ……”

Thinking of this, the subordinate was suddenly dumbfounded.

“Most likely, it’s the mouth of the Taotie of Evil!” The elder thought of it too.

If that was the mouth of the Evil Taotie, then beating it for a few days would be equivalent to how much food one had sent over to that Evil Taotie.

This would also explain, perfectly, the

Why only 20% of the wounded returned!

Because it’s very likely that these 20% were actually crushed by the men falling from above before they fell into the trenches or something, and they didn’t have a chance to make it to the centre entrance!

And those who were lucky enough to make it, shall we say they were unfortunate enough to get into the stomach of the Taotie.

Naturally, the taotie kept getting bigger and bigger after eating and most of their men couldn’t come back because they had been eaten.

“F*ck, envoy, we …… we’ve fallen for Han 3,000’s scheme.”

This is a great loss.

Because of the large number of people and for the sake of stability, they were not afraid of the trenches from the beginning of the battle, and ordered their soldiers to just keep charging.

The thinking was that there were enough men anyway and that attrition would always come back, so they didn’t think about it that much at all.

But now, these

Not only were the losses real, but what annoyed them most was that the enemy had become even more powerful as a result.

“Han Qianqian, you are really clever, who would have thought that a Taotie of Evil was actually hidden for me in the basic fortifications such as the trenches on your battlefield?”

The envoy was speechless to the point of home, both furious and full of admiration for Han Qianqian.

He might have been defending himself against a thousand things, but he would never have defended himself against an inconspicuous trench, or rather, the trench only existed for the cavalry to hold their position, who the hell would have thought that it had another function?

Who would have thought it had another function? This Han Qianqian is a real f*cking thief.

He used such an underhand trick.

“F*ck!” The envoy cursed angrily, looking at the Evil Taotie in the field with his nose in the air.

But what made his nose crooked was obviously just the beginning ……