His True Colours Chapter 4796

The night was quiet, and after days of fighting on the battlefield, I’m afraid no one thought it would ever be so peaceful.

Many of the spectators paid their money, and the taverns did their best to serve by giving beds and bringing tents on site at the location of the gates, which were developed as a temporary sightseeing spot.

After a long day of watching, they were also tired and fell into a deep sleep.

Although Luo Jin did not return to his home, but stayed there, after all, his status was there, so the servants of the city lord’s house set up a small temporary shelter for him in a better part of the city walls.

Although it was made of tents, there was at least wine and meat, a bed and a bench.

The night pa*sed and the day dawned again.

The tents of the cavalry battalion stood out in the daylight.

However, the night’s rest was at least as good as a drop of water in the desert, and although it did not quench the thirst of the far, at least it did quench the thirst of the near.

The cavalrymen’s condition had clearly recovered after a day of fighting.

However, unlike the soldiers who had rested well, Scar had not rested too well overnight.

As the commander-in-chief, he had to take responsibility for everyone, so naturally he could not just fall asleep when he was tired like the soldiers, he had to keep an eye on the enemy.

But strangely enough, the other side did not attack the whole night, so his worries were a bit superfluous.

“Grandma, those spectators laughed last night, but Haijin, you can’t say that the enemy really didn’t attack last night, the soldiers were well rested, I can’t say that this rest directly allowed us to win, but at least it’s no problem to hold out for a while longer.” Scar stroked his head and said strangely.

Hai Jin laughed: “Indeed, yesterday everyone was charging desperately, although the generals did not

said, but anyone with a discerning eye could see their hard work and fatigue, this night’s rest has indeed come at a good time.”

Scar continued, “It’s still thanks to the Lord of the Alliance for letting us set up camp, otherwise, in such cold conditions, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to rest well even if we did. If he wasn’t my boss, I’d wonder if he was a rebel.”

Hai Jin shook his head: “This, I am not sure how the alliance master knew, I can only say that the alliance master has a divine plan. At the beginning of the day at the Heavenly Demon Fort, weren’t our five columns fooled by him alone.”

Scar smiled, “Hey, it’s a good thing you told me to carry out my orders yesterday, or else I might have done something ridiculous.”

Hai Jin smiled and patted Scar’s shoulder, “We are now brothers who have experienced life and death, don’t say this

Don’t say such polite words.”

Scar nodded, “Okay, let’s cut the crap, the enemy will probably launch a big attack today, moreover, the quieter it was last night, it means that the enemy might be more active today, I guess, this time they must have thought of a way to stall the Evil Taotie so that it can’t help us.”

“There’s no doubt about that, and they may even have thought of preparations for other such contingencies, in other words, we’re on our own for today’s battle.” Hai Jin agreed.

Scar smiled, “Afraid to die?”

“I’m not afraid of death, I’m all alone, I’m all alone, if it wasn’t for the Alliance Master who gave me the Dragon Vein to renew my life, I would have died in the Heavenly Demon Fortress.”

Scar said, “You’re right, if it wasn’t for the Alliance Master, I would have died long ago, I know that those people in the Heavenly Demon Fort wanted to get rid of me long ago, who made me more or less a small


Hai Jin smiled, “However, I don’t want to die.”

“Haijin, what the f*ck do you mean by that?”

Hai Jin shook his head, “Isn’t my meaning clear enough? I want to survive, so I want to win this battle.”

Scar was dumbfounded on the spot, he really didn’t want to survive.

Seeing that Scar was frozen, Hai Jin smiled gently and patted his shoulder, “Although the first half of my life is not worth keeping, the second half of my life, I have known you as a brother, and I still have some fondness for this world. Life and death have a destiny, I’m going back to my defense line, and hopefully, we’ll see each other eventually.”

With those words, Hai Jin got up and left.

Looking at Hai Jin’s back, Scar froze for a moment and reflected, “Hai Jin, listen to me clearly, I will definitely not die before you do.”

“Someone, beat the drums for Laozi to reorganise the army.”