His True Colours Chapter 4292

It was the same familiar compartment, the same familiar bed collapse.

Su Yingxia helped Han Qianqian onto the bed, and then sat gently beside her, keeping Han Qianqian company.

Under her comfort, Han Qianqian told Su Yingxia everything that had happened in the Forbidden Land of Death.

After a long time, Su Yingxia gently patted Han Qianqian’s shoulder, “You should not be too psychologically stressed, in fact the whole thing is not your business.”

“But ……” Han Qianqian looked at Su Yingxia: “The Seventh Princess saved us, if she hadn’t helped, not only me, but also many of us in the Mystic Alliance would have died under the siege of Cailuo City. The body died and the will perished.”

“To me, she is our benefactor and our friend.”

“How can I ……”

“Actually, you didn’t want to, did you?” Su Yingxia comforted.

She knew very well how hard this incident would hit Han Qianqian.

“And just because I didn’t want to, that’s why I ……” Han Qianqian said, slamming his fist directly onto the bed, “It’s all my fucking fault, and this damn lava beast.”

“He’s the one who influenced me, I ……”

As he said that, the remorseful Han Qianqian then directly lucked out and tried to force the damn thing out.

Su Yingxia hurriedly pulled Han Qianqian back, “Qianqian, you shouldn’t do such a silly thing. If he’s inside you, how can you force him out?”

“Moreover, even if you force him out, what then?”

“Before, there were a few seniors to help you, but now, no one can help you.”

“By then it will be almost invincible outside, and more innocent people will die for it, so then, won’t you be carrying even more?”

Hearing Su Yingxia’s words, Han Qianqian stopped the movements in her hands.

She was indeed right, once the lava monster came out, with its ability, it would certainly plunge the eight worlds into complete despair.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian nodded.

“Actually, it’s not that I’m biased towards you just because you’re my man, but the fact that if it wasn’t the Seventh Princess who died today but me, I would have nothing to say.”

“Three thousand, do you know why?”

What does Su Yingxia know that can comfort Han Qianqian, and how can Han Qianqian not understand what Su Yingxia is trying to say?!

“What you mean is ……”

“Good, in fact, you are bearing the evil consequences that you don’t need them to bear for many innocent people, your body seals the troll. With its power, no one can seal him safely and unharmed at all times.”

“Sometimes things go wrong, it’s human nature.”

“No one is in a position to blame you, do you understand what I mean?”

Han Qianqian nodded.

“This, I believe that the Pei family head also shares my thoughts, otherwise, he should have hated you to the bone even though he couldn’t beat you. But Fang just now, he didn’t have it in his eyes and arranged for us to stay somewhere.”

With this comfort from Su Yingxia, Han Qianqian’s heart was going to be much more comfortable.

“By the way, Yingxia, what happened to you again? I heard from Hei Yu that you and Zi Ei were completely surrounded by black beasts, and I thought ……” Han Qianqian asked.

“Actually, it was strange to say the least, at that time Purple Emotion was injured, I couldn’t fend off those beasts alone, those beasts wrapped us up three layers inside and three layers outside directly, I also thought we were dead.”

“But strangely enough, suddenly there was a circle of light around the two of us. That circle of light was very faint, but it seemed extremely powerful, and even though those beasts were very vicious, they were never able to break through even a little.”

“After that, Ziyou and I hid inside until the beasts had completely left.”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian frowned.

It also meant that at a crucial moment, someone had saved the two Su Yingxia women.

But this person, who could it be?!

The Pei family?

If they had that possibility, then Pei Gu wouldn’t have to blame himself for it.

Then who could it have been?!

Underworld Rain?

Obviously, it was also unlikely.

She couldn’t wait for a split between herself and the Pei family over this, so how could she possibly lend a helping hand?

But within the Pei family’s sphere of influence, there was no possibility of anyone else other than these two waves, ah.

Looking at Han Qianqian’s frowning face, Su Yingxia did not disturb him and just silently stayed with him.

After a long time, Han Qianqian collected his frown and looked at Su Yingxia: “Can you accompany me to a place?”