His True Colours Chapter 4805

Scar almost stumbled and fell straight to the ground.

He could not be killed by thousands of enemies, but the thunder in Han Qianqian’s words could kill him, he could not even stop it.

Last night’s encampment was crazy enough, but there was a touch of reason in the incomprehensibility of it.

After all, the enemy had not attacked either.

But this night was different. By now, even though the other side was adjusting to the change and was in a lull in the attack, there were still thousands of men attacking their side.

In other words, tonight was destined to be a sleepless night, and there was no way the other side would give up their attacks and remain unscathed as they had last night.

If yesterday, they were sticking their necks out to get under people’s feet, today, they are pulling their knives and chopping at their own necks.

After all, the former can still bet on people not cutting down

But the latter is a different story, and it’s not even an effort.

“What are you talking about, ally?” Scar was dumbfounded.

“The generals have been fighting all day, it’s time to rest and set up camp, do you hear me clearly?”

Scar had heard it clearly the first time back, it was just that …… he couldn’t really understand it.

“Allied Lord, now that we are fighting, you tell us to set up camp? You …… are not joking with me, are you?”

Han Qianqian said, “Do you see me like I’m joking with you?”

Speechless, really speechless, Han Qianqian’s appearance was indeed not a joke.

“Allied Lord, the enemy army is still beating us now, we are setting up camp at this time, that is not ……”

“Let you do it and you do it, where’s the nonsense, or else, you command me to fight?” Han Qianqian gave Scar a white look.

Scar was aggrieved, but most

In the end, he nodded obediently, then honestly gritted his teeth and turned to command the cavalry, “All brothers, do as you’re told, camp in place!”

The soldiers didn’t dare to be slow, and although many of them didn’t understand, they could only obediently do as they were told when they saw that Scar had been scolded.

Thus, a strange scene occurred.

While Han Qianqian was fighting in front, a group of cavalrymen a few metres behind him set up a tent directly.

The people in the stands were dumbfounded.

“What kind of operation is this? Only yesterday they set up camp and today they’re here again? No, does he, Han Qianqian, really think the enemy is a fool? Again, or is he a fool himself.”

“Yes, yesterday was already risky enough, today he’s trying the same old trick again and still wants to take risks?”

“If that’s what he thinks, then I’m afraid that his wishful thinking is about to come to naught, the other side has already launched a general attack, how can they leave him time to rest?”

“That’s right.

The other side is clearly trying to take them down in one go, and the tent will become their grave.”

Luo Jin also slowly stood up and looked at the group of people camped on the battlefield with great suspicion.

What was Han Qianqian up to, could it be that they weren’t dying fast enough?

Again or ……

“Report! The enemy army has suddenly set up camp in front of the line, completely ignoring our attack, please also ask the special envoy to decide.”


The envoy jerked up from the table.

“This D*mned Han Qianqian, he simply doesn’t put us in his sights, he’s actually setting up camp at this hour, what, does he really think we’re afraid of him? It was the same last night, and it’s the same tonight, child’s play!”

“I suggest that we immediately reorganise our troops, doesn’t he love to play? Let us play with him and send them to hell at once.”

Annoyed, enraged, Han

Three Thousand’s bit, they all gave their full respect, but in turn Han Three Thousand not only failed to do so, but also treated them as gra*s recommendations.

It was ridiculous!

“Yes, it’s true that having a glorious past is something to brag about, but one must always recognise reality to be wise. This son of a b*tch is ignoring us, so let’s just teach him a lesson and just strike across them with heavy troops.”

“I agree.”

A group of people were furious and looked as if they wanted to kill Han Qianqian by a thousand cuts right away.

The envoy also frowned widely, “Send troops to fight me hard.”

“Yes.” The man received his orders and was about to retreat.

Suddenly, the envoy shouted hastily, “Hold on.”

The man stopped, turned back and said, “I wonder if the envoy has any more orders.”

The envoy did not speak, frowning tightly and looking strangely at his colleagues and subordinates present.

“Something is not right.”