His True Colours Chapter 4889

The four men nodded and hurried up after Han Qianqian.

Soon the five men were sitting together in the inner room on the wall.

Han Qianqian told the four exactly what he had discussed with Luo Ying’er earlier, asking for their opinions while also making arrangements for what would happen next this evening.

Among them, Scar was still in charge of the defence of the main area, while the other three continued to guard the three sides in accordance with the original formation.

“However, just because the enemy has withdrawn from us by nearly ten miles, doesn’t mean that it’s really ten miles away.” Han Qianqian said.

Hai Jin said, “Does the alliance master mean the scouts in the city?”

“Damn it, I’ll send my men to catch the scouts tonight, not to say that we can catch them all, but at least we can catch one of them, to be that far away from us and still know our news, fools dream.” Scar stood up straight away and scolded angrily.

Han Qianqian helplessly rolled his eyes, Hai Jin also

Hai Jin also laughed, “Scar, have you ever thought about how long people have been cultivating Night Sky City? How many days have you been here? Do you have a clear picture of the situation in Night Sky City?”

“Secondly, scouts scouts, if they can all be found and searched by you that easily, then what kind of scouts are they called? You are the material to do the fighting, then respect your profession, others are the material to scout for information, then, you have to respect others’ profession as well.”

Han Qianqian said, “Scar, on this point, Hai Jin is not wrong, there are open and dark sentries, most of the ones you can catch are open sentries, while most of the ones you can’t catch are dark sentries, if they were all that easy to catch, why would there be a need for this profession in this world, and to the extent that almost every large and small army has to be equipped with them?”

Scar was a little anxious, “If you can’t catch them then don’t catch them? Then let them keep scouting us?”

Han Qianqian didn’t

The best way to deal with scouts was never to catch them, that would only spook the snake and at the same time make them play around.

The best way to deal with scouts is never to catch them, that will only alert the snake and make them play around.

Of course, how to grasp the degree of truth and falsehood, this depends on your own skills.

Since you can’t get rid of them, you have to use them wisely.

“Don’t be afraid of being checked or bugged, it’s normal. I’m only saying this to tell you that the town may be full of storms next, so everyone should be careful with what they say and not give our news away.”

The three nodded, then looked at the defiant Scar, the bastard hesitated for a moment, “Don’t worry allies, if I can’t kill them, I’ll sew this mouth shut, no one will be able to get any clues out of me.”

A few people smiled, Scar had made a statement, then he would definitely do what he said.

The last thing is about this point of the anthros, and also, it might concern us.” Han Qianqian said.

If the other party really didn’t do anything at all and didn’t even care about Night Sky City at all, the extremely cold temperatures at night would be the ultimate nightmare for all of them.

As someone who had truly experienced the extreme cold at night, Han Qianqian was naturally the most vocal as well as the one who understood the stakes the most, and naturally, was more worried than anyone else.

“Right now it is indeed extremely possible, either, we put the anthros outside to die, or, put them into the city, the other side will not stop at one thing and even screw us together, I even thought of a reason for them, Night Sky City harbours enemies.” Hai Jin frowned.

It was good, people wanted to kill, just need a random reason, but the dilemma for Han Qianqian was almost fatal.

“Actually, there are some special things that can resist this extreme cold, earlier

, before Yingxia and I came, those merchants passing by used this special fabric to keep out the cold.”

Scar spoke directly, “Then let’s buy it, if you don’t have the money, ally, the big deal is that we can have one set for each person by deducting some money from the armor.”

Han Qianqian smiled and looked at Scar, not really knowing what to say about the bastard for a moment.

“In less than half an hour, all the merchants who sell this kind of cloth will no longer sell this kind of cloth, can you believe it?” Han Qianqian laughed.

What you can think of, how can the other side not think of it?!

This was someone else’s territory after all, and even if the people of Night Sky City secretly supported themselves, they definitely wouldn’t dare to disobey that gang’s orders in the open.

Therefore, the matter of buying cloth would not work at all.

“I have a plan.” Hai Jin stepped forward at this moment.

When the people heard this, they hurriedly looked at Hai Jin between them, and even Han Qianqian also looked slightly sideways, somewhat surprised at what kind of scheme Hai Jin could have ……