His True Colours Chapter 4781

At the bottom, the reservists heard the second trumpet and understood the seriousness of the situation and the determination from above.

The sound of filling and counter-attack had just been blown, and the next moment the signal for a fierce attack was launched, and generally in such cases the orders were somewhat repeated.

For a counter-attack in itself implies the need to attack the enemy, but now a fierce attack is added, is this not a repetition?

But the more such repetition, in fact, often represents a stronger willingness to attack.

Therefore, everyone in the reserve army knew very well that they had to work hard.

“Brothers, you have heard it, you have seen it, right?”

The commander-in-chief of the reserve army on the frontal attacking side was also making pre-battle speeches at this point.

The troops were already **** and the trumpet had been blown twice in a row from above, so everything went without saying that all he had to do was to command his troops to fight a good battle and come out ruthlessly

The last thing you need to do is to command your troops to fight a good battle and take a big bite out of it.

“A small enemy army, successive offenses against me, today is even bold enough to take the initiative to charge against our army, it seems, they do not seem to put us in the eyes, so brothers you say, what should we do?”

“Kill, kill, kill!” The response of all the generals was loud and clear.

“Good, well said. All of you!”


“On my command, reinforce the front line immediately, and thereafter, deal maximum damage to these dog thieves in the shortest possible time!”



The commander shouted, and his hand lashed out.

At once, the reserve army directly followed in full formation, to rush to the battlefield to support the front army.

In the front line, the commander of the front army, who was leading the battle, was in a terrible state of distress, and his face was overflowing with anger.

He was really annoyed and depressed, after so many days of fighting, they were always the only ones

When did it become the enemy’s turn to charge them in turn?

This was really frustrating, but the troops were so scattered and disorganised that it was difficult for him to organise a counter-attack effectively, so he could only sulk in his heart and be bitter.

“Commander, reinforcements are coming.”

When he heard his men shout, he turned around and saw that the reinforcements were already coming this way, a few hundred metres away.

“D*mn, just in time, I’m on fire.” The commander was delighted, and then shouted, “Brothers, hold on, reinforcements will be here soon.”

Given the gap between the two sides, it would only take a minute at most for reinforcements to arrive.

When they heard that reinforcements were coming, the scattered group of men were immediately rea*sured and slowly recovered from their panic and began to take shape in an orderly manner and tried to fight back.

to attack the cavalry.

As a rule, Scar should have been leading his men to retreat by this time.

After all, the other side’s reinforcements had already arrived, and the effect of the surprise attack brought about by breaking up the formation would be lost. Retreating at this point would not only achieve the aim of killing the enemy, but also minimise the damage to their side.

But unfortunately, Scar was already prepared for death, and led his cavalry to fight to the death.

So, even though the enemy knew that reinforcements were coming and had the courage, it was still difficult to fight against the desperate cavalry.

“Brothers, kill!”


The cavalrymen were furious and the strange beasts under their seats rampaged.

There was no doubt about the dominance.

“This cavalry regiment is really planning to die in there.” A certain pa*ser-by looked on with tears in his eyes, “Reinforcements are already coming, it will be too late if they don’t leave.”

“Once the reinforcements come over and surround them, they can even grow

wings, they’ll never be able to fly out.”

“This group of generals, what a pity.”


The crowd of onlookers shed tears, looking at the completely desperate group of cavalrymen, completely in sorrow.

Luo Jin also let out a long sigh, “Han Qianqian ah Han Qianqian, you really shouldn’t have ……”

“Such a brave legion, why did you …… you have to give up? Do you know that such a legion can be found but not found, such soldiers ……”


He couldn’t help but sigh long, and couldn’t help but feel a hint of dissatisfaction towards Han Qianqian.

It is true that he could have fled, there is no excuse for that, after all, a great enemy is at hand, but you shouldn’t abandon a soldier like …….


The reinforcements, already on the battlefield, are only a few dozen paces away from the cavalry, and in just a few moments, they could surround them!

However, at that moment, a black shadow suddenly attacked ……