I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1416

“Shue is right, and that is exactly what makes me all the more afraid to tell you.” The old madam sighed. Fu Jingting pursed his thin lips and let go of the uncertainty in his heart, “I know, I understand … more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1415

The first time Feng Ma took a look at the young couple’s nervous expression, she knew what they were worried about and smiled, “Don’t worry young master, young lady, the old lady doesn’t know about you yet, calling the young … more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1414

Are you kidding? What his mother told Shushu were all embarra*sing stories from his childhood. It was fine for them to hear it, but why should Fu Jingting hear it? He was already inferior to Fu Jingting, if he let … more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1413

“Gu Yaotian and Rong Hao grew up in the same courtyard, so naturally they became best friends, and their friendship remained unchanged until high school. After that, the two became two examples of diametric opposites in the mouths of the … more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1412

After that Lin Tianchen didn’t stay much longer and excused himself to leave. Fu Jingting tidied up his clothes, looked at the sleeping Rong Shu, turned his head to Feng Ma and said, “Feng Ma, I’ll trouble you to keep … more