I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 975

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Gu Man’er looked at Gu Yaotian who was next to her and asked in confusion.

Gu Yaotian nudged his mouth towards Madam Gu, “Your mother is calling you.”

Hearing that it was Mrs. Gu calling her, Gu Man’er turned her head to the other side and looked at Mrs. Gu, “Mom, what did you call me for?”

“What are you thinking about, you’re so distracted, you didn’t even respond to a few calls.” Mrs. Gu frowned, her face undisguised with concern.

Although she had little affection for this daughter, she would not be stingy with what she should give.

So was caring.

“It’s nothing.” Gu Man’er lowered her head and returned somewhat vaguely.

Mrs. Gu and Gu Yaotian looked at each other, how could they not know that she was lying.

Mrs. Gu sighed, “Man’er, are you still thinking about what mum said in your father’s hospital room last time? If you’re still upset, how about I apologize to you again? I didn’t mean what happened last time, it’s just because you just came back and I’m still not used to it, that’s why I said that, when we spend more time together in the future and I’m completely used to it, I won’t do that anymore, so Man’er, will you forgive me?”

Gu Man’er still kept her head down and didn’t answer.

If you get used to it, you won’t do it anymore?

I’m afraid not.

After all, she was not their daughter, and they rejected her by blood.

So no matter how long it took, they still wouldn’t have any feelings for her at all.

It’s more a matter of duty to be kind to her now.

The funny thing was that this responsibility was given to her only because they thought she was Gu Man’er.

Once they found out that she was not their daughter, not Gu Man’er, they would take back even this responsibility, not to mention giving her affection, right?

Seeing that Gu Man’er did not say anything, Mrs. Gu became anxious.

Gu Yaotian also frowned and said in a deep voice, “Man’er, your mother has already apologised to you, don’t you want to forgive her at all?”

Gu Man’er heard the displeasure in his tone and realised that she had taken a wrong step and was about to save herself when her mobile phone on the table suddenly vibrated and lit up.

All three eyes were drawn to it.

Mrs. Gu was close to Gu Man’er’s phone and instantly saw the content displayed on the screen and let out a surprised cry, “Mr. F? Man’er, who is this? Is this the boyfriend you have?”

When she heard that her daughter had a boyfriend, Gu Yaotian’s face changed dramatically, “What? Boyfriend? Maneou, when did you get a boyfriend? Why didn’t you tell me, what if you get cheated?”

Although he was somewhat dissatisfied with this daughter’s attitude towards his wife, but after all, she was his daughter, his only offspring.

It was the person he cared about the most in this world, apart from his wife.

Now that his daughter had a boyfriend, how could he not be anxious?

His daughter had been separated from him for more than twenty nets before she came back, and only a short time after she returned, she had a boyfriend, and she might be getting married in a short while.

After all, they hadn’t even spent much time with their daughter yet, so how could they let her leave home and go to someone else’s house so soon?

At least a few years later, right?

So if this Mr. F is really their daughter’s boyfriend, they must make her break up with this man, they must break up!

“That’s right Mangyou, you have to tell us about such things, having a boyfriend casually, in case something happens, what will we do?” Mrs. Gu also nodded her head in agreement.

Seeing Gu Yaotian and his wife looking so agitated, Gu Man’er’s face turned red with embarra*sment, “Dad, he’s not my boyfriend, it’s just someone I know.”

How dare she let that horrible man be her boyfriend.

In saying that, it wasn’t this guy she liked either, but ……

Gu Man’er’s mind, immediately flashed in the face of Wu Huai, her face reddened even more, her eyes revealing a hint of shyness.

This shyness was caught by Gu Yaotian and his wife, but misunderstood, thinking that they were right and that the one who sent the message was their daughter’s boyfriend.

Gu Yaotian’s heart was sour and his face was red with anger as he slapped the table and asked, “Man-er, tell daddy, which brat was it that actually sneaked around and flirted my daughter away under my nose, it really P*ssed me off.”

“That’s right, Manlove, tell us quickly, who is it? Let mum help you to check out, see how the person is, whether he is suitable or not.” Mrs. Gu also nodded her head and said in a hurry.

Gu Man’er blushed even more and stood up with the phone in her hand, “Aiya mum and dad, what’s all this, I said I don’t have a boyfriend means I don’t, this person is really just someone I know.”

“Oh? Really?” Gu Yaotian narrowed his eyes.

Gu Man’er nodded her head, “Of course it’s true.”

Gu Yaotian saw the seriousness on her face and fell silent.

Mrs. Gu did the same, and it was a while before she spoke, “Yao Tian, it seems we misunderstood our daughter, Man Eu really doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

“No boyfriend, then there should be someone she likes, right?” Gu Yaotian asked with a grim swish.

That touch of shyness was no lie.

Shi Ran didn’t have a boyfriend, so she must have someone she liked.

Why else would she be shy?

Sure enough, hearing Gu Yaotian’s words, Gu Man’er’s face instantly changed and became a little flustered.

Seeing this, Mrs. Gu understood that Gu Yaotian had hit the nail on the head.

“Man’er, do you really have someone you like?” Mrs. Gu asked as she pulled Gu Man’er.

Gu Man’er lowered her head and did not speak, after a few seconds, she pulled her hand out and said with an unreadable expression, “Alright mum, don’t ask, I’ll go back to the news first.”

After saying that, she took a breath and walked towards the window of the compartment.

She didn’t dare to go out, just in case she ran into Rong Shu again.

It would be bad if she argued with Rong Shu outside and lured Mom and Dad out.

Mrs Gu looked at Gu Man’er’s back and then at her husband beside her and whispered, “Husband, what do you mean by Man’er?”

Gu Yaotian also looked at Gu Man’er and shook his head back, “I don’t know.”

Mrs. Gu pondered for a moment, “Who do you think Man’er’s favorite would be? When I asked, Man’er’s expression seemed a bit off, so I guessed that maybe the person Man’er likes doesn’t like her.”

As soon as he heard this, Gu Yaotian’s face turned gloomy, “Humph, it’s that brat’s luck to be liked by my daughter, how dare he not like my daughter, he doesn’t know any better, when I know who that brat is, let’s see if I don’t pick his skin off.”

In Gu Yaotian’s opinion, his daughter was the best in the world, and no man was good enough for her.

Now his daughter had a good chance of seeing a man, but that man couldn’t even see his daughter.

It really P*ssed him off.

Mrs. Gu listened to Gu Yaotian’s indignation, but she didn’t think much of it. She just looked at Gu Man’er with her back to them, standing by the window and looking down at her mobile phone, and her eyes were very puzzled.

Who the hell is this Mr. F?

Who is this Mr. F? Does Man’er have to return messages behind their backs?

She also remembered that the moment Man’er saw Mr. F, her face was shocked and nervous and frightened.

Could it be that Man’er had met some bad people?

Here, Gu Man’er came to the window of the box and immediately clicked on the message sent by Fu Jingting.

Seeing the content of the message, Gu Man’er fiercely squeezed her phone tighter.

Mr. Fu had actually asked her to leave the restaurant and bring her parents with her!

It seemed that Rong Shu had told Mr. Fu about the meeting with her, and then Mr. Fu had guessed something as well.

Since that was the case, then she really couldn’t stay behind to go.

Although she didn’t like it, she had to accept at this moment that if Rongshu didn’t go, only she could go.

Moreover, she did not dare to go against Fu Jingting’s words, otherwise Fu Jingting would definitely find her in trouble.

Taking a deep breath, Gu Man’er quickly replied with a message before putting her phone away and turning around to walk towards the table.