I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1248

Of course, all this was unknown to Rongshu.

She and Fu Jingting sat down in front of the sofa in the lounge area.

After sitting down, she put the wine in her hand on the table in front of her and bent down to hammer her calves.

Seeing her movement, Fu Jingting also stopped his drinking and asked in a soft voice, “What’s wrong?”

“My calves are sore and my feet are uncomfortable, these high heels are too hard to wear.” Rongshu frowned back with a nice looking brow.

If it wasn’t the wrong occasion right now, she would want to take off her high heels and rub her feet.

It was really too uncomfortable.

When Fu Jingting heard Rong Shu’s words, he looked down at her shoes carefully, “The heel is not very high, but the design of the heel is too far in, so it really won’t be comfortable to wear.”

Rong Shu nodded, “Yes, the characteristic of this brand of high heels is that they are hard to wear, yet women love them, do you know why?”

“Good looking?” Fu Jingting raised his eyebrows and answered at once.

Rongshu gave him a praising look, “Awesome, you guessed this.”

The man laughed lightly, “Those shoes of yours are shiny, no one would say they’re ugly unless there’s an aesthetic problem.”

“Yes, this brand of high heels, every pair is very good looking, even if it is difficult to wear, but the number of women who like it is like a carp crossing the river, beauty is the king, and after wearing it will show more leg shape than other high heels, only that after wearing it for a short time, the calves will be sore and the feet will be sore.”

So these heels are only good for wearing to take photos and stuff.

Not at all suitable for walking in for long periods of time.

Unless the legs didn’t want them anymore.

Fu Jingting saw that Rong Shu’s ankles were slightly red, and knew that these shoes were not only difficult to wear, but also a bit abrasive.

Right now, her feet were a bit rubbed red, and if they continued like this, it was estimated that the piece of skin would be rubbed off.

“Let me take a look.” As Fu Jingting spoke, he bent down and was about to pick up her foot and place it on his lap for a closer look.

Rongshu saw his intention, her eyes widened and she hastily held his arm to stop his action, “Don’t, this is the hall, many people are watching, it’s not very elegant for you to put my foot up to examine it.”

“So what?” Fu Jingting pursed his lips, “Don’t pay any attention to them is all, your own health is most important.”

“I know, we can ignore what other people think, but we always have to give face to the party host couple, ah, if we let them know that we took off our shoes and touched our feet at their party, although they won’t say anything on their lips, they will definitely not be happy in their hearts, so it’s better not to do that, I can put up with it.” Rongshu shook her head and said to the man.

The man also knew she had a point and sighed lightly, “How about this, let’s go to the lounge and I’ll have someone get you a pair of slippers? How about you wear slippers next?”

Rongshu laughed at the man’s words, “Don’t, how can you wear slippers to a party, it’s like attending an award ceremony, everyone else is in formal wear and you’re in pajamas, isn’t that a joke.”

“But what about your feet? We’ll definitely be here for a long time.” Fu Jingting wrinkled his brows and said.

He was really afraid that if this went on, her feet would all be ruined.

Rongshu looked down at her shoes and sighed inwardly, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll just sit here for the rest of the day, just wait until the party hosts and the others come out and then I’ll go up and talk, I should be able to hold it together.”

“That won’t work either, go, go to the lounge first, I’ll ask Zhang Cheng to go buy a new pair of more comfortable shoes.” With that, Fu Jingting stood up, then took her wrist with one hand and wrapped one arm around her waist, bringing her up as well, half straddling her in the direction of the lounge.

The crowd watched as they left the hall and went in the direction of the lounge side, revealing ambiguous, obscure looks.

“Look guys, Mr. Fu, they went to the lounge.”

“Understand understand, young people well, the fire is high, can’t help it is normal.”

“But I really didn’t expect that Mr. Fu was also an eager, lustful man, no different from us, I thought he was really a god who didn’t eat fire and smoke.”

“Hahahaha, are you only reacting now? If he was really a god who doesn’t eat the world, he would still be looking for women?”

“That’s true.”

Perhaps it was because Fu Jingting was not present at this moment, so the crowd was emboldened, even the joking voices were louder.

As the saying goes, there is no tiger in the mountain, and the monkey is called the king.

But the good thing was that these people had a sense of propriety, and while they were joking, there was no trace of malice in their tone.

But the two women in the corner were furious, gnashing their teeth.

“D*mn, that Rong Shu is too annoying, how dare she drag Mr. Fu to the lounge to have sex with her on this occasion, she has no shame.”

“That’s right, Mr. Fu must have been forced, doesn’t he know that doing those things on such occasions is rude to the party host? He must have known, but he did it anyway, obviously compelled by that woman Rong Shu, that woman just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to tell everyone that Mr. Fu is under her control, she wants Mr. Fu to do whatever Mr. Fu can only do, Mr. Fu is too pathetic.”

“Yes, Mr. Fu is such a powerful person, how could he fall into the hands of such a shameless woman, I am now completely sure that what Miss Liu said is true, Mr. Fu got back together with Rongshu, not because he loves Rongshu, he was really threatened by Rongshu.”

“That’s right, hurry up, call Miss Liu and ask if she’s here yet? The fact that Rongshu is about to have sex with Mr. Fu, why is she not here yet? Hurry up and stop it, I’m in a hurry.”

“I’m calling now.”

The two women hurriedly called Liu Linlin.

At this time Liu Linlin was on her way to the party, when she heard her phone ringing, she guessed that it might be from her two lapdogs who had arrived at the party first, so she quickly took her phone out to check.

Sure enough, it was them calling.

Before she left home, she had greeted these two lapdogs and told them to keep an eye on the banquet at all times, and to tell her immediately if brother Jingting and Rongshu appeared.

They had to tell her everything at all times, including what Jingting’s brother and Rongshu did at the banquet.

These two dogs were so dedicated to obeying her that she was relieved to leave the task to them.

As expected, not long after the task was given, she received a text message from them saying that Jingting’s brother and Rongshu had already arrived.

So, she hurriedly urged her grandfather to hurry out.

But the Liu family villa was too far from the hotel, plus the traffic was so bad that she was still far away from the banquet hall when she saw that it was almost nine o’clock, so she was furious in her heart and wanted to smash all those cars blocking the road in front of her.

Of course, although she thought so, Liu Linlin also knew what she could and could not do.

So even though she was angry and wanted to kill the people blocking the road, she could only hold her anger in her car and wait for it to move forward little by little.

The result was that instead of waiting for the car to clear, she got a call from two dogs.

These two dog-legs had initially contacted her by way of text messages, and now they were suddenly calling, presumably something important had happened at the banquet.

Could it be that brother Jingting had done something with that woman Rong Shu?

Thinking of this, Liu Linlin dared not delay and hurriedly answered the phone, “What is it?”

“Miss Liu, where have you arrived now?” The two women on the other end of the phone asked.

Liu Linlin looked out of the car window, furious, “I still have a moment, what the hell is going on?”

“Miss Liu, hurry up and come over, you don’t know how shameless that woman surnamed Rong is, she actually asked Mr. Fu to …… with her ……”

The two women were ashamed to say anything.