I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1404

Rongshu’s eyes flashed, “You mean, the love for me right?”

Lu Qi nodded, “That’s right, that’s what I’m going to say, although these two couples are somewhat inhuman, but their love for their children is indeed admirable, the Gu family couple is known in their circle for loving their children, saying that Gu Manyin will be raised with that kind of nature, it has nothing to do with their love, even if their love has raised Gu Manyin crooked, but their love is right, what’s more, compared to Gu Manyin, it is you they love the most.”

Rongshu lowered her eyes.

Lu Qi went on to say, “Because you, alone, are their real daughter, Li Zhaodi impersonated you and returned to the Lu family, Gu Yaotian and his wife did not suspect her identity and spoiled her, even more than Gu Manyin did back then, enough to show that they really loved you miserably, their only daughter, only they did not know that you were the real Gu Man’er, so they transferred their father’s love for you You even know that once you stand in front of them and tell them that you are the real Gu Man’er, all the love they gave to Li Zhaodi will come back to you, and because of this parental love for their children, your hatred for them will be lessened. ”

“You’re right.” Rongshu smiled bitterly, “But if they didn’t have feelings for Gu Man’er and were less kind to Li Zhaodi, I wouldn’t have become so emotionally broken because I knew my true identity, let alone lessen my hatred for them, I could even tell myself clearly that I wasn’t their daughter, they only gave me a shell, but they didn’t love me, then I wouldn’t have to be merciful when I took revenge. I don’t have to be merciful, but they have such heavy feelings for Gu Man’er, their daughter, that I’m even sure that even if they knew now that I was their daughter, they would still love me with all their hearts.”

That was the biggest pressure she had.

If Gu Yaotian and his wife, really had no feelings for Gu Man’er, their daughter, she would not put aside the thought of revenge at all even if she knew she was their biological daughter, she would still do what she had to do, and she would just pretend that she was not their biological one.

Even if, after taking revenge, people would say that she was too ruthless and disrespectful, she would not care.

The Gu family gave her nothing but this life, and even their adopted daughter, who stole her man and almost killed her several times, so she gave them back the life they gave her.

So even if people point fingers, she will not hesitate to take revenge, she can still treat them as blood enemies.

But the truth of the matter is that Mr. and Mrs. Gu Yao Tian love Gu Man’er very much, even if they know that their daughter was raised by an enemy family, they will love her just the same.

Because she was their only child.

It was because of this love they had for Gu Man’er that she was panicked, scared and didn’t know what to do.

Not knowing who she was to take revenge on, or whether she should not take revenge anymore.

If she did not take revenge, then she would be sorry for the twenty years of raising the Rong family, and for the fatherly love her father had shown her.

But if she took revenge, it would mean that she would have to personally send her own father, who loved her, to the torture chamber, and I’m afraid that no one would be able to do that unless they were hard-hearted.

So now, what on earth should she do?

“Shushu, don’t be sad.” Lu Qi poured her a gla*s of water, “Drink some water first.”

The first thing I want to do is to help Fu Jingting. As for how you and Gu Yaotian handled the matter before, I can’t ask because I’m afraid even you don’t know the answer, so I’ll leave it alone.

Rongshu pursed her lips, “He knew my identity a long time ago, yet he always chose to hide it from me, and even helped Li Zhaodi, I feel ……”

“Think he helped another woman betray you?”

Rongshu shook her head, “That’s not so much, I know he wouldn’t betray me, I’m just unhappy that he helped another woman, and that woman is still my enemy, I can’t get over it in my heart.”

“In fact, you’re just purely taking the bull by the horns.” Lu Qi shrugged, “Seriously, Fu Jingting is not the only one who knows your true identity.”

“What?” Rongshu froze, “Don’t know he’s the only one?”

“Right.” Lu Qi hmmed, “Besides Fu Jingting, there’s also my mother, and Fu Jingting’s grandmother who all know.”

“Auntie …… Surprisingly, she also knows.”

“Yes, but my mother hid it from you all the same, are you going to be angry with my mother too?”

This question asked Rong Shu suddenly did not know how to say.

Lu Qi silenced her head, “Actually, Shushu ah, I know you mind in your heart that Fu Jingting kept such a big thing from you, but why don’t you think about it, why did he keep it from you?”

“He said that he did it for my own good.”

“That’s right, he did do it for your own good, and it wasn’t just him, my mother and Fu Jingting’s grandmother did the same by not telling you, also for your own good, if I had known before I would have done the same, because we know your nature, because we know how Gu Yaotian and his wife feel about their own daughter, and we know that when you know your identity, I’m afraid you can’t bear to take revenge anymore, but For the sake of the Rong family and for the sake of your father, you can’t help but take revenge, you are caught in the middle and don’t know what to do, you will only get more and more depressed, and in the end you might even commit suicide to escape all this. ”

Rongshu’s pupils crinkled, “I …… How could I do that?”

She expressed her disbelief.

However Lu Qi just looked at her, “Are you really sure you wouldn’t?”

“……” Rongshu couldn’t say anything else, because a voice in her heart was saying that it was true.

If it really came to that, there was indeed a possibility that she would do it.

Rongshu covered her face, “I never thought of such a thing, I ……”

“Alright, alright.” Lu Qi patted her back, “You now know that you are likely to take that step, then I hope you can restrain yourself and never take that step in the future, there are so many people in this world who care about you, if you do this, will you be able to stand up to those of us who care about you? The most important thing is that there is nothing in this world that there is no way to solve, even though you are in this position now, I believe that there is still a way to completely deal with your relationship with the Gu family and the issue of hatred between the Rong family and the Gu family, it is just that we have not found it yet, but it does not mean that there is none, so you must be sensible, only then will you be able to succeed. ”

Rongshu’s throat was clogged, “I know.”

He had explicitly said that he might be depressed and commit suicide, so how would he not learn to regulate his own mind?

“Shushu, since you know now, do you still blame Fu Jingting?” Lu Qi looked at her and asked, “You also know that I hate Fu Jingting so much as a person, but the most important reason why I am here now to help Fu Jingting speak, is none other than because I know that there is nothing wrong for Fu Jingting to do this, so you really shouldn’t blame him.”

“Just let me think about it.” Rongshu closed her eyes, “I’m still a little uncomfortable, even if I know he’s doing it because I’m good, but I can’t immediately let it go, I have to be given some time, but don’t worry, it won’t be long. ”

Lu Qi thought so, so he nodded and agreed, “Good, then think about it and make up with him early, I’ll go out first.”

“Mm.” Rongshu nodded her head.