I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1246

Fu Jingting knew she was running away and knew she was distrusting him of these promises.

Although he was disappointed in his heart, he was not annoyed.

Because he could understand why she was like this.

Time, it was the most impervious thing.

But no matter, since time could not see through it, then he would make her see through it.

It was better to say more than to do.

Since she didn’t believe that there would be a lifetime of love between them, that they would be together for life, then he would let time prove that he had never lied to her about such things.

What he had said, he would be able to do.

After that, both of them stopped discussing the issue and soon went into the banquet hall.

In the hall, the lights were bright and the people were raising their gla*ses and talking to each other.

The original lively scene immediately fell into silence when Rongshu and Fu Jingting entered arm-in-arm.

Everyone looked at the two who had walked in.

At this time, Rong Shu had already taken off her down jacket and handed it over to one of the staff outside for safekeeping until they could collect it after the party.

So at this moment, Rong Shu’s body was already covered in that stunning and stunning gown.

The colour of her bright red gown was the same colour as Fu Jingting’s tie, which also made everyone understand at once that they were wearing a couple’s dress.

It also made everyone understand that their relationship was just right at the moment.

“That’s Miss Rong who divorced Mr. Fu and then got back together again, right?”

Of course, not everyone had met Rong Shu.

In the past, Rong Shu had been the family cook for six years, rarely going out and not even seeing her friends, let alone these business tycoons and their second-generation sons and daughters.

Even now that Rong Shu herself had become a member of the business community, there were not many people she could make friends with due to Tian Sheng’s situation.

All the vast majority of people, basically, had only heard of her and had never actually met her.

It was only now that they had finally met.

“That’s the one, no wonder Mr. Fu is willing to get back together with the other party, this looks so uncommon, if it were me, I might as well.”

“Since they are now back together, then what were they divorced for in the first place? Wouldn’t it be superfluous?”

“Who knows, I heard that Mr. Fu was in love with the Gu family one before, but later on, I don’t know how he fell out of love again and fell in love with his ex-wife, in any case, Mr. Fu’s relationship problems, where do we, the little minions, have that qualification to know?”

“That’s true.”

“But now it seems that Mr. Fu and Miss Rong are actually quite a good match, at least their appearance looks very compatible.”

In the banquet hall, Li, the crowd was mingling and discussing.

However, these discussions were all from the older generation.

The second-generation sons and daughters of the same generation as Rong Shu and Fu Jingting were a little more in-depth in their discussions.

The men were fine, just commenting on Rong Shu’s appearance and body shape.

The women, on the other hand, were much more sour.

They looked at Rong Shu with jealousy and envy, envious that Rong Shu could get Fu Jingting, and jealous that she could.

What kind of man was Fu Jingting?

He was a bright moon in the sky, unattainable to them.

They wanted to get him, to leap up and become his wife, to become the wife of the Fu family head.

But they knew that Fu Jingting did not see them and did not even like them at all.

They had used their usual confessions in the past, thinking that they could definitely win over this precious man.

But without exception, they all failed.

Even if they failed, the family had to be warned by him, and they, the culprits who had caused the family to be warned, were naturally punished by the family.

But even so, the women who adored him were still as numerous as the carp in the river.

Only, they did not dare to appear in front of him, let alone courageously pursue love, for fear of being punished by the family once again.

But even when they were severely disciplined by the family, they never resented him.

After all, once a person has excelled to a certain level, even if he is the enemy of his father can be forgiven.

To them, Fu Jingting was such an existence.

Although none of them had taken this one down, they were not disappointed.

Because as long as none of them could take him down, then they could accept it and live together in peace.

As time went on, they even agreed on a rule that was not explicitly stated, that no one was allowed to make a move and take down Fu Jingting secretly.

As long as Fu Jingting was still Dan Shen, then he belonged to them all.

However, what they didn’t expect was that one day, their balance was suddenly broken when Fu Jingting announced that he had gotten married, to a down-on-her-luck young lady, which was completely unacceptable to them.

They also thought of taking action to warn that woman, telling her to be sensible and leave Fu Jingting herself, as she was not good enough for him.

However, before they could do so, they were warned again by the family that they were not allowed to act recklessly.

So they could only watch as their Highlander married that down-on-her-luck young lady who had come out of nowhere.

Luckily, their Highlander doesn’t love the woman and doesn’t see her after the marriage, so they are relieved to hear that she is not doing well in the Fu family.

But the funny thing is, they hadn’t been relieved for a few years when another woman emerged, and it was said that this woman was the real threat, because this woman was the one Fu Jingting loved in his heart.

There was no comparison between Rongshu and that woman.

What surprised them the most was that this woman was also the Gu Mangyin who had been a plant in the Gu family for six years.

They had never heard of Gu Manyin having any dealings with Fu Jingting, but how did she become Fu Jingting’s lover as soon as she woke up from her vegetative state?

They preferred to believe that Fu Jingting’s lover was Rong Shu, rather than Gu Manyin.

At least Rong Shu had been by Fu Jingting’s side for six years, but what did Gu Manyin have?

Six years ago, she had no contact with Fu Jingting, and after six years of being a vegetable, she became Fu Jingting’s lover.

But what is unreasonable is the truth.

For the sake of this Gu Manyin, Fu Jingting had directly divorced Rong Shu and wanted to get engaged to Gu Manyin.

At that moment, they naturally transferred their discontent to Gu Manyin, even more so than to Rongshu.

It was because Rong Shu had not won Fu Jingting’s heart, but Gu Manyin, the woman, had.

But what was funny was that Gu Manyin and Fu Jingting’s engagement party was never held successfully, and every time it was to be held, there were always various accidents, and in the end, their engagement was simply announced to be cancelled, and Gu Manyin even became a prisoner of labour.

This series of changes dazzled and staggered the girls.

At the end of the day, Gu Manyin commits suicide by jumping off a building.

It’s sad to say that after six years of being a vegetable, Gu Mangyin had only been there for a couple of months, and then she ended up committing suicide.

However, not long after Gu Manyin’s suicide, Fu Jingting actually fell in love with his ex-wife, Rong Shu, and staged a big chase after her, and eventually caught up with her.

All in all, Fu Jingting goes back and forth between the two women, Rong Shu and Gu Manyin, falling in love with this one and that one at a time, making them wonder what to say.

At the same time, Fu Jingting’s ambiguous attitude also made them completely lose the idea of wanting to get him and marry him.

Of course, although they don’t want to marry him anymore, it doesn’t mean they don’t like him anymore.

After all, his stature and appearance are there, no woman can resist. Just because they don’t want to marry him anymore doesn’t mean that they don’t like him and won’t have hostility towards the women around him.

It’s just that this hostility is really just a taste of what’s to come, and they won’t really do anything.

They didn’t want to be thrown out of the family just yet.