I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1389

“Why do you think I wouldn’t understand you?” Fu Jingting cupped her face and looked at her with a serious expression, “I will understand, and I never felt bad about what you think, because that is our child, and we, as parents, already owe him, and it is our duty to prepare this for him now.”

Rongshu’s eyes reddened and her voice choked as she nodded her head.

“By the way, where do you want to arrange the wedding room?” Fu Jingting asked as he let go of her face.

Now that they had re-married, it was only natural that they should prepare a new wedding house.

But recently they had all been in the hospital and hadn’t returned to Repulse Bay, nor had they gone back to live in the other.

It would be a good idea to re-prepare the wedding house now, so that when the baby is born later, they can just move in.

Repulse Bay is definitely out of the question, it’s too small and now that they have a baby, there won’t be enough places to live.

The child would have to have a room, and the nanny and babysitter would have to look after it at all times.

They couldn’t just let the baby sleep with them, and then the nanny and the nanny would be in and out of their room at all times, could they?

Rongshu also knew this, so when she heard the man ask about the wedding room, she also started to think about where to choose.

But after thinking about it for half a day, she couldn’t come up with a suitable place.

In the end, it was Feng Ma who gave a suggestion, “Eldest Young Madam, why don’t you stay over at the Four Seasons Mansion?”

“The Four Seasons Mansion?” Rongshu froze.

She knew of the Four Times Mansion, a new villa district that had opened two years ago, and any villa in it was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Rongshu looked at the man, “Where do you have a house too?”

Fu Jingting did not deny it, “Of course, when the developer first repaired it, he specifically asked me if I wanted one, and I told him to keep a random one, but the man ended up leaving me the king of the building in order to earn my money, and it just so happened that the style of the king of the building was good, so I bought it. What do you think?”

After thinking about it, Rongshu thought it would be fine and nodded her head in agreement.

Feng Ma smiled and said, “You’ve never been to live there Young Master, although it’s decorated, but many things are not there, should I have someone arrange for it to be furnished?”

In fact, according to reason, it was more meaningful for the mistress to decorate something like the wedding room.

But in the situation that Rong Shu was in now, where would she have the experience to do all that, hearing Feng Ma say to have someone decorate it, she had no objection.

“Then I will trouble you, Feng Ma.” Rongshu gave a grateful smile.

Feng Ma waved her hand, “What’s the point, then what would the Young Master and Young Madam like, I’ll have someone prepare it?”

“There’s no rush on what you like first, we’ll give it to you when we’ve discussed it and written it down on paper.” Fu Jingting said as he carried over the fruit plate.

Fruit was something that could be eaten more often, but it was not suitable to eat too much at once.

He saw that she had already eaten quite a lot, the rest, later on.

Feng Ma thought it made sense, so she didn’t say any more.

Fu Jingting looked at Rong Shu, “The building king of the Four Times Mansion is huge, covering an area of a thousand square metres and a total of four floors, we can prepare a floor for each of the two children as their rooms and an entertainment room study room as well as a toy room, so that whatever is there, it can fit.”

“Hmm.” Rongshu nodded her head.

As Feng Ma listened to the two, she also knew who the other child they were referring to and sighed in her heart.

Speaking of which, the first child was really pitiful too.

If it was ……

Hey, it’s all fate.

It’s all the fault of that Gu Manyin.

If it wasn’t for that woman, the first young master and the first young lady wouldn’t have gone through so many trials and tribulations between them at all.

That woman, what a sin.

Feng Ma hated Gu Manyin to death in her heart.

“By the way, who was on the phone just now? I see you have a serious face, is there something going on at the group? If something is wrong, you should go ahead and get busy.” Rongshu thought of the man’s expression just now and opened her mouth to ask with concern.

The man shook his head slightly, “It’s not the group’s business, it’s Gu Yaotian.”

“What’s wrong with him again?”

It’s not like he’s dead, right?

If that was the case ……

Rong Shu’s heart suddenly had some unspoken unpleasant feelings.

She had wanted to say that if that was really the case, it would be a really big happy event.

However, she could not say such words at all, and she did not even dare to think about it at all.

What was this all about?

A trace of bewilderment flashed through Rongshu’s eyes, wondering at the reason for her abnormality.

Fu Jingting didn’t notice her abnormality either, picking up a gla*s of water and taking a sip before returning, “I heard that her condition had worsened again and she was sent to another hospital by ambulance.”

“So.” Rongshu lifted her chin, indicating that she knew, and then stopped asking after that.

Because she didn’t know what to ask anymore.

Her heart was clogged up at the moment, and she didn’t know why.

Fu Jingting could see that she was in a low mood and touched her head, “What’s wrong?”

Rongshu forced out a smile, “Nothing, I just don’t know why, my mood has become much heavier all of a sudden.”

Hearing this, Fu Jingting’s eyes flashed with a dark light, he didn’t say anything, he just quietly held her in his arms.

Meanwhile, at the Gu family villa, Gu Man’er was worried about Gu Yaotian while resenting the roadblocker outside.

She knew that the roadblocker outside was deliberately guarding her, preventing her from leaving the house to find Rongshu.

She really didn’t expect that Fu Jingting would be so heartless.

He was really willing to stand by and watch her father die.

Did he not know that Dad was also his father-in-law?

No, he knew that he just didn’t want her to go to Rong Shu to save dad, just wanted him to die early.

But ah, she definitely did not want her father to die. If he died, she would have to lose her father’s love once again, and go back to her old poor life once again.

Whatever the outcome, she was not willing to accept it, so no matter what, she had to save her dad.

But to do so, she had to get out of here and find Rong Shu.

But there were people watching outside, so how could she get out?

Gu Man’er walked around the living room, looking agitated and restless.

Finally, she saw Madam Gu’s jacket hitched to the sofa and a plan came to her mind.

She then hurried upstairs, painted herself in a rather old-fashioned make-up, then changed into Madam Gu’s clothes and flipped out of the window at the back of the villa.

After flipping out, she went around inside the bushes to another villa, walked out of the back of that villa and walked boldly towards the gates of the villa area.

On the way, of course, she felt a line of sight fall on her and knew whose it was, but she didn’t look back and pretended she hadn’t noticed anything.

Otherwise, the moment she turned back she was sure to be out.

So she didn’t see anything, she didn’t notice anything, she just went straight ahead.

So Gu Man’er walked out of the villa’s front door without a hitch.

At that moment, the breath she had lifted fell completely, and her whole body took a big breath and patted her chest.

Great, great, she had finally made it out.

Gu Man’er held back the excitement in her heart and hurriedly stopped a taxi, “Tiansheng Group.”

The taxi driver nodded his head and started the car.

An hour later, Gu Man’er arrived at Tiansheng Group without any problems.

This time, when she went to the reception desk, she did not say that she was Gu Man’er, but that she was a salesperson for a company and wanted to come to talk about cooperation with Tiansheng, asking if their chairman could meet.

However, to her surprise, the receptionist told her that their chairman was not in the group.

Gu Man’er was shocked, “Not in the group? Then where did he go?”

The receptionist looked at her with a suspicious expression, “Don’t you even read the news on the internet?”

“News? What news?” Gu Man’er subconsciously asked rhetorically, then realized that her reaction was not good and would easily arouse suspicion, and hurriedly changed her words, “I am a businessman, running outside every day, no time to surf the internet, so I don’t know what’s going on online, may I ask what happened to your chairman?”