I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1410

Fu Jingting wrapped her gently in his arms, “I don’t think he would, since he chose to keep you in the first place and raised you like his own daughter, you should know that he loves you very much, a father who loves his own daughter, I don’t think he would watch his daughter fall into such pain.”

“Perhaps.” Rongshu closed her eyes slightly and leaned into his arms.

“Let’s go see dad tomorrow.” Fu Jingting said again.

This dad he was talking about was naturally not Gu Yaotian, but Rong Hao.

Rongshu also knew that and softly mumbled, “I think so too, I have a lot of things on my mind that I want to talk to him about.”

“Then go ahead, tell him everything, I’m sure dad won’t really blame you when he finds out.”

Rongshu didn’t speak anymore, and seemed to be asleep.

Fu Jingting stroked her hair and didn’t speak anymore either, the room was instantly quiet with the sound of falling needles, only each other’s breathing could be heard shallowly.

The night pa*sed quickly.

But this night, neither Rong Shu nor Fu Jingting had actually rested well.

Rongshu had too many things on her mind and had dreams when she slept.

Fu Jingting was worried about her, and that was why he did not sleep well.

So much so that when they woke up the next day, both of them had faint dark circles under their eyes and looked at each other with a puff of laughter.

But this laugh, too, dispelled the night’s sorrow and made each other feel, well, slightly more relaxed.

“Time for breakfast.” ‘ Feng Ma came out of the kitchen at this time and came to call the two of them.

Fu Jingting answered and took the lead in getting out of bed bar, helping Rong Shu get dressed herself.

Rongshu looked amused, “I’m not a porcelain doll, where do I need you to dress me, I’ll do it myself.”

“No need.” Fu Jingting refused to give her the clothes in his hand, and insisted on dressing her.

Rongshu had no choice but to comply with him.

After getting dressed, the two of them went to the bathroom together and finished up before sitting down at the table to start eating breakfast.

During the meal, Fu Jingting asked someone to arrange for a car to leave for the mausoleum later.

Rongshu listened quietly and did not say anything, letting the man make his own arrangements.

The man had made very thoughtful arrangements, not only had he arranged for a car, he had even prepared flowers, the very white lilies that Rong Hao had liked before he died, which saved Rongshu the effort of buying the flowers herself.

After breakfast, the two of them left the hospital and got into the car to go to the mausoleum.

On the way, Rong Shu received a phone call from the nanny who was looking after Rong Yuan.

“Miss Rong, good news.” The babysitter’s excited and joyful voice came through.

Rong Shu narrowed her good-looking eyes, “Is it that Rong Yuan’s pregnancy has been diagnosed?”

Although it was an ironclad fact that Rong Yuan was pregnant, in the end there was no news of a real pregnancy emerging, anything could happen.

After all, Rong Yuan didn’t want to be pregnant at all and would only try to find ways to get rid of the child in her belly.

Moreover, the child in Rong Yuan’s belly is still a small embryo that has just been implanted in her body through a test tube, which is inherently fragile and can be miscarried if she is not careful, and the possibility of miscarriage will only be reduced once the embryo has completely taken root in Rong Yuan’s body.

And to be completely rooted in Rong Shu’s body means that the gestation period is more than two months, and only then is Rong Yuan’s foetus completely stable.

Now, counting the time, it was almost two months now, and it was indeed time for good news to come from Rong Yuan’s side, which was why she guessed at once what the nanny was going to say.

As expected, when the nanny heard Rong Shu’s words, she nodded her head repeatedly, “Yes Miss Rong, the baby in Rong Yuan’s belly is stable, the doctor said that the next step is to just take care of her like a normal pregnant woman, she is in good health.”

“Good, I know, then I will trouble you to take more trouble next, when the baby is born, I will give you a raise.” Rongshu said with a smile into the phone.

The nanny happily responded, “Don’t worry Miss Rong, I will definitely take good care of Rong Yuan and let her give birth to the baby properly.”

“Mm.” Rongshu nodded her head.

The phone hung up and Fu Jingting asked, “Rong Yuan’s child?”

“Yes, the baby has been kissed, and in eight months, the Rong family will have a bloodline born.” Rongshu put the phone down and smiled.

It was obvious that she was really happy.

When Fu Jingting saw that she was happy, a gentle look appeared in his eyes as well.

But at this time, Rong Shu suddenly thought of something and turned her head to look at him, “Right husband, when that child is born, I will take him with me to take care of him and teach him well, so that he will not be tainted with his mother’s evil nature, do you …… mind?”

This meant that she was taking her nephew to live with the Fu family.

And this nephew was not related to him in any way, and he, as a man, might not necessarily accept it.

Fu Jingting knew what Rong Shu was worried about, and with a light laugh he rubbed her head, “Of course I don’t mind, although this child was born to Rong Yuan, it is something you look forward to, and he is also your hope for the future of the Rong family love, as your husband, I respect and support all your decisions, and as I love you, I will naturally love what you love, so you can rest a*sured that you will take the child with you and take care of him. I will also treat him as if he were my own, but the family fortune of the Fu family can only be our child’s.”

He could give the child in Rong Yuan’s belly a good life, a superior education, and would do his best to raise that child into a talent.

However, he would not share the Fu family’s a*sets with that child, because in the end, there was no blood, that was one thing.

The second is that Rong Yuan was born to him, Rong Yuan had hurt his wife, and he was already very generous in accepting Rong Yuan’s child, but if Rong Yuan’s child were to inherit some of the Fu family’s a*sets, wouldn’t that be a bargain for Rong Yuan?

Rongshu also knew what Fu Jingting meant and smiled, “Don’t worry, I don’t intend to let this child have ambitions for the Fu family’s a*sets either, I will educate him from a young age and tell him his identity as soon as he remembers, so that he knows that he is only the heir of the Rong family, but I think he will definitely be a promising one in the future and will be able to bring the Rong family to a very high level as well, and won’t go thinking about things that don’t something that belongs to him.”

“That will do.” Fu Jingting nodded slightly, but deep down in his eyes, there was a hint of coldness.

If that child was a grateful one, then of course he would be willing to give that child something, although the Fu family’s a*sets would not be given, but cash and other valuable things, he would not be missing that child, after all, raised from childhood, raising a dog or cat has feelings, let alone a person.

And when that child inherits the Rong family in the future, he is willing to help that child stand firm and provide all the help for that child.

But if that child inherits the dirty side of Rong Yuan, then don’t blame him for being unkind.

After all, such a person would only be a scourge if kept.

Of course he had to hide these thoughts for the time being and did not intend to let Rong Shu know, after all, she had been expecting to raise a qualified heir to the Rong family.

So it was up to him to secretly keep an eye on this child to see if he was qualified.

Soon, the mausoleum arrived.

Fu Jingting draped Rong Shu in a thick down coat and put on a thick cashmere scarf for her, before rea*suring her to get out of the car.

She felt that he was treating her as if she had just given birth to a baby and could not stand the wind.

But she also knew that the man was being kind, and since it was really cold outside, she didn’t refuse, and dutifully put it on and followed him out of the car.

“Carry it.” Fu Jingting gave her a bouquet of clean white lilies.

Rongshu reached out and took it, gently giving it a hug in her arms, “Dad loved this flower before he was born, because mum liked it, so he did.”

Fu Jingting knew she was going to say something about the past, and did not interrupt, standing there quietly listening to her.