I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1415

The first time Feng Ma took a look at the young couple’s nervous expression, she knew what they were worried about and smiled, “Don’t worry young master, young lady, the old lady doesn’t know about you yet, calling the young master, it should be because the young master’s death anniversary is coming up, so discuss how you plan to hold it this year.”

The only person who can be called a young master, without bringing in the big or small, is Fu Jingting’s father, Fu Huai.

Fu Jingting was relieved to hear this, “Counting the time, father’s death anniversary is indeed just a few days away, I know, I’ll call grandmother back later, thank you Feng Ma.”

“What did the young master say, well, I won’t bother you then, I’ll go and prepare the ingredients for tomorrow.” After saying that, Feng Ma turned around and went back to the kitchen.

Rongshu looked at the man, “On the anniversary of dad’s death, we will all have to go and pay our respects then, right?”

Fu Jingting nodded, “Of course, but you don’t have to go, you’re physically challenged, I’ll just go by myself.”

“How can I do that?” Rongshu shook her head, “How can I be absent from this kind of event to pay respects to my elders, and it’s not like I can’t really move, I can still go for a few hours without any problem.”

Hearing her say this, and seeing her insistence on going, Fu Jingting thought about it and eventually agreed.

After all, in the past, he had never let her go to see her parents, and now it was time to let her see them.

“Good, then when the time comes, I’ll take you there.” Fu Jingting stroked her hair and agreed.

Rongshu gave a hint, “Then you should call your grandmother back, otherwise the old man should be asleep in a while.”

“Okay, I’ll call grandmother right now.” Fu Jingting said, taking out his phone and calling the old lady back.

At this time, there was not much time left before the old lady’s bedtime, so if she didn’t call her at this time, she would have to wait until tomorrow.

Soon, the old lady’s call was connected and Fu Jingting turned on the speakerphone so that Rongshu could also hear it.

The old lady’s kind and happy voice came through, “Shu Shu, you’re calling your grandmother at this late hour.”

The corners of Fu Jingting’s mouth twitched.

Was his grandmother doing this on purpose, it was clearly him calling, his mobile phone number, he didn’t believe his grandmother hadn’t seen it, but she had skipped over him and said it was Little Yezi who had called, did she still have him as her grandson in her eyes?

Rongshu looked at the man’s somewhat darkened handsome face and covered her lips with a puff of laughter as she responded to the other end of the phone, “Grandmother, you’re not disturbing your rest at this late hour, are you?”

“No.” The old lady smilingly returned, “Grandma, the older I get, the more I can’t sleep, I’m in great spirits at the moment, I’m not disturbed, on the contrary you guys called over to talk with my old lady, my old lady is still very happy.”

“That’s good, we were worried that we might disturb your rest, grandmother.” Rongshu smiled and said, “Grandma, it’s like this, just now Feng Ma told us that you called Jing Ting in the afternoon and asked Jing Ting to call you back when he woke up, now this call is from Jing Ting.”

No matter what, when a man does something, of course he has to take credit for it, he can’t steal the credit himself.

At this time, Fu Jingting also finally spoke up, “Grandmother, you’re here for father’s death anniversary, right?”

When the old lady heard the word anniversary, a look of sadness and despondency suddenly appeared on her originally smiling face.

After all, that was her son.

It was already painful enough for her, an old woman, to send her son away on the anniversary of his death, but once a year, the anniversary of the death of her son’s death was even more painful for her.

But even if her heart was plucked out, she had to face it, she couldn’t forget her son.

“Yes, the anniversary of your father’s death is coming up, which is three days later.” The old lady sighed, “I wanted to ask you how you were planning to do this year.”

“Grandmother, I already know who the murderer is that killed my father.” Fu Jingting did not immediately answer the old madam’s words, but first talked about the matter.

After listening, the old lady did not have much of an emotional change on her face, other than the hand holding the phone tightening a bit.

Obviously, she had actually been clear about this matter for a long time.

It was also true that how her own son died, as a mother, wouldn’t she really go and investigate?

Perhaps a long time ago, she had already known who the murderer was, she just hadn’t spoken up or taken action.

After hearing no reply from the old lady, Fu Jingting also guessed what was in the old lady’s mind, and his thin lips moved as he asked, “Grandmother, do you already know?”

When these words came out, Rong Shu also looked at the phone in surprise.

One should know that Fu Jingting had said that this matter, had not been told to grandmother yet.

The air became quiet all of a sudden, and Rongshu and Fu Jingting could only hear Old Madam’s breathing, coming through the phone.

Otherwise, they would have thought that the old lady had fallen asleep and hung up the phone.

After a long time, just as Fu Jingting was about to ask again, Old Madam finally spoke, “That’s right, this matter, I knew about it five years ago.”

Fu Jingting’s pupils shrank, “Five years ago!”

His father had died twelve years ago, and it had taken him twelve years to find the murderer behind the curtain.

Unexpectedly, his grandmother had actually known about it five years ago.

“But why, you didn’t tell me?” Fu Jingting asked with some confusion as the knot in his throat twitched.

Since Old Madam had already known so long ago, she should have told him earlier, ah, perhaps by now Su Cheng would have paid the price for his actions, and his father’s revenge, too, would have been avenged long ago.

How could the old lady not understand what was going through Fu Jingting’s mind, she sighed, “Jingting, do you think it’s because grandmother didn’t want to tell you? No, it’s not like that, the person who died was my son, I was more upset and pained than anyone else, I hated Su Cheng more than anyone else, but why did I hold back from telling you, wasn’t it still for your sake?”

“For my sake?” Fu Jingting’s pupils trembled.

Rongshu looked at him with concern, “It’s alright, listen to what grandmother has to say first.”

Fu Jingting gave a hint.

The old lady sighed, “Jingting, now that you have been released from hypnosis, you should know how outrageous the six years you were hypnotized were. How dare I tell you about this? I am worried that you will act recklessly, without any regard for the hundreds of thousands of employees of the two groups, and strike directly at the Su family, at that time, you will not only ruin the merit of your grandfather’s legacy of sheltering the Fu family, but also ruin the families of hundreds of thousands of employees, making these employees lose their jobs, and even you, yourself, will pay the price for your actions and go to jail, you understand, right?”

At these words, Fu Jingting’s thin lips twitched, speechless.

Indeed, if the hypnotized him had learned that his father had died in this way, he would definitely not have cared for long, and would have directly launched an economic war to deal with Su Cheng and avenge his father, as for how many people would be injured and displaced behind this economic war, what did it matter to him?

But now that he was back to normal, he would never be able to do it.

Rongshu is also deeply convinced, “Grandmother is right, hypnotized you, indeed you would do such a person, just like the time when we just divorced, you knew full well that Gu Manyin had plotted to kill me several times, yet you helped her escape to help her sweep up, at that time, you were not putting any law in your mind, you were an extremely dangerous task, grandmother was right not to tell you, otherwise you would not be here today, but in prison.”