I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1152

If that was the case, he could only tell her to dream in vain.

He had not accepted her in the past, and even if she used any means, even if she threatened him with the child in her belly, he would not let her succeed.

He, Lu Qi, hated such people who threatened him the most!

At this moment, there was no way for Lu Qi not to think of Secretary Tong’s pregnancy as a conspiracy in this regard.

It could not be helped, it was really because Secretary Tong’s pregnancy was too timely.

She had said that she had taken the medicine at the beginning, and if she had taken the medicine, why was she still pregnant?

So he could only suspect that she hadn’t taken the pills and she was lying to him so as to lower his suspicion, so that she could have plenty of time to wait for a successful conception without worrying.

Once she was pregnant, she could use the child in her belly to come to him and make him take responsibility for her.

Yes, that was definitely the case.

The more Lu Qi thought about it, the more he felt this was the case, and even though he knew that Secretary Tong had already made an appointment for an abortion, he hadn’t changed his mind about it.

Something must have gone wrong with the child and that was why she had to choose to abort it.

Why else would she abort the child, a woman who wanted to rise to the top on the basis of her child?

But no matter what the situation was, he would make this woman who dared to lie to him, who dared to hide her pregnancy, and who dared to abort the child on her own look good.

This was the first time in his life that he had been fooled by a woman. If he did not take this revenge, he would not be Lu Qi.

“Tong Xi!” Lu Qi’s eyes stared deadly at the road in front of him, as if there was a woman called Tong Xi standing there on the road in front of him, gritting his teeth and shouting her name in a gloomy voice, as if he wanted to chew her up, his voice full of anger and hatred.

There was even an eagerness that he himself hadn’t realised.

As for what the urgency was, perhaps only he himself knew.

All this was unknown to Rongshu for the time being.

After she sent Lu Qi away, she continued to immerse herself in the long and tedious work.

It was only when Fu Jingting called in the afternoon that she put down her pen, stretched and relaxed, and answered the phone with a smile, “Hello?”

Her voice was soft, revealing a hint of exhaustion.

Fu Jingting sat in the car and heard it, frowning slightly, “Is there a lot of work?”

“Not bad, not much, why are you asking about this?” Rongshu asked with a smile as she curled up in her office chair.

Fu Jingting parked the car at the curb under the Tian Sheng building, rolled down the window and looked up towards a window on the top floor of the Tian Sheng building.

There, it was the very window where Rong Shu’s office was located.

“From what I can hear, you’re very tired.” Fu Jingting said.

The more documents I have, the more difficult it is for me to deal with them, after all, I still don’t know a lot of them, and when I come across some technical terms, I still have to look up their meanings, otherwise I don’t know what the overall meaning is, and if I sign my name casually, what if something goes wrong? What if I just sign my name and something goes terribly wrong? There are even some that I can understand, but I don’t understand them in practice, so I have to call and double-check with the people below me before I can finish processing a document with confidence.

“You haven’t learned how to manage a company systematically, so it’s normal that you don’t know a lot of things, after all, you’re on a temporary basis, you can only master some skills while feeling your way through the work, so this way you won’t learn everything at all.” Fu Jingting said as he rested his hand on the window, his fingers gently tapping the edge of the window.

Rongshu hmphed, “Yeah, but as a novice, I haven’t made a mistake since handling so many documents, which means that I actually have a business talent, right?”

“Of course.” Fu Jingting did not hesitate to admit that she had this talent.

Rongshu was happy, covering her lips and laughing out loud.

Fu Jingting listened to her happy laughter, his thin lips also slightly hooked up in a clear and shallow arc, “But you can’t go on like this all the time, relying on yourself to feel and learn from actual work is ultimately too slow, you don’t have a professional knowledge base, at a later stage after Tiansheng gets bigger and bigger, you won’t be able to keep up.”

“I know, it’s just ……”

“After the New Year, how about going abroad for some time to further your studies?” Fu Jingting cut off her words and gave his suggestion.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. To go abroad for further studies?”

“That’s right, you must go to school to further your professional knowledge and make up for your lack of foundation, only then will you be able to manage Tiansheng more comfortably in the future.”

“I know, knowledge to go for further training, what school should I go to? And how do I get in?” Rongshu scratched her head, her face full of worry.

This was what she was hesitant about.

Fu Jingting smiled lowly, “You don’t need to worry about that, I will recommend the most suitable school for you, as for how to get in, there is even less to worry about, I ……”

“Stop!” Rong Shu hurriedly made a pause action, small face deep serious, “Do not tell me you want to help me open the back door into the school, even if you want to do so, I also do not agree, I prefer not to go, not to go through the back door into, shame.”

As soon as Fu Jingting heard her interrupt herself, he knew that she was definitely going to misunderstand again.

Now that he saw her say this, it was true.

This misunderstanding was quite deep.

Fu Jingting held his forehead, although there was some helpless smile on his face, his eyes did dote on him, “Who said I was going to help you through the back door, I just wanted to tell you that the school I wanted to recommend you to will be enrolling to the world initially in the second half of next year, and I have the contacts to help you enroll, so you can take the exam yourself then.”

It was because he knew she wouldn’t accept his direct placement of her into the school that he hadn’t intended to do so from the start, but was prepared to let her take the test herself.

With her self-esteem, such an arrangement would be the most appropriate.

As expected, hearing Fu Jingting say this, Rong Shu instantly calmed down and smiled somewhat embarrassedly, “So that’s how it is, sorry Jingting, I thought ……”

“It’s okay, I’m the one who didn’t make myself clear quickly, so what are your thoughts now?” Fu Jingting asked as he bent his arms to support his head.

Rongshu bit her lower lip and didn’t give her answer immediately, instead she looked down and thought about it.

She was very heartened.

But this matter of going abroad for further studies was not a trivial matter.

Because she did not know when she would return once she left, and who should manage Tiansheng after she left?

These were all things that she needed to consider carefully.

Fu Jingting also knew what she was hesitating about, so he did not rush her and waited patiently for her answer.

After waiting for about two minutes, Rong Shu rubbed her temples and sighed, “You just said that admissions will be held in the second half of next year, so that means I only have less than half a year to prepare for the exams, right?”

“That’s right.” Fu Jingting nodded his head.

Rongshu bit her lip, “With such a short period of time, and without the slightest foundation, can I pass the exam?”

She said that she did not have the slightest confidence.

Fu Jingting smiled lightly and said soothingly, “Don’t worry, don’t forget I’m here, I’ll be your teacher for the next six months, I’ll do my best to tutor you, I believe with my tutoring, it’s a fact that you’ll pass.”

Rongshu laughed, “You’re flattering yourself, aren’t you?”

Fu Jingting hooked his lips, “Then you have no confidence in me?”

Rong Shu spat out her tongue, “The president with several doctorates, how could I not have confidence in you, I just don’t have confidence in myself, I don’t even know if I’m smart or not, what if I can’t learn?”

“No, believe in yourself, and for the sake of Tiansheng, you are going to study, and you must study, and you must get into this school, understand?” Fu Jingting looked quite serious at this moment.