I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 949


Why didn’t she feel any pity for herself?

Just when Rong Shu couldn’t help herself and wanted to break it off with Duan Xingbang, Fu Jingting’s hand on her shoulder gave her a gentle squeeze, gesturing for her to take it easy.

Rongshu looked up at him.

Fu Jingting happened to be looking at her as well, and seeing the gaze she cast, he didn’t say anything more, only gave her a rea*suring look and signalled that he would take over next.

It turned out that he had long since seen that she was angry at Duan Xingbang’s words and wanted to confront him.

The reason why he stopped her was because he was worried that she would lose out against Duan Xingbang.

After all, Duan Xingbang had been in the jianghu for decades longer than her, and she would easily lose out against him.

So it would be better to let him do this kind of thing.

Rongshu read the man’s meaning and her heart warmed up, then calmed down.

Sensing her change in mood, Fu Jingting gently patted her shoulder before pulling her to his right, separating her and Duan Xingbang with himself, and coming to face Duan Xingbang himself.

Honestly speaking, without Rong Shu standing in the middle, the pressure on Duan Xingbang to face Fu Jingting directly was even greater than at the beginning.

So much so that he regretted why he had come in.

But having entered, he could only face on with a hard head.

“Mr. Duan said that Little Yezi is pitiful, where does that come from?” Fu Jingting stood in front of Duan Xingbang, slightly lowering his head and looking down at him from above.

Without any emotional fluctuation in his eyes, Duan Xingbang felt as if he was an ant being looked at, and a great sense of humiliation instantly welled up in his heart.

But he was always good at hiding it, so he quickly suppressed this humiliation and sighed while revealing a hypocritical look of regret, “Mr. Fu, you also know that niece Rongshu is not the Rong family’s biological daughter, and I don’t know what caused niece Rongshu to be abandoned by her biological parents as soon as she was born, but it was lucky that she was picked up by that person Rong Hao, otherwise it’s not known what would have happened. What would have happened, maybe she would have died, maybe she would have been sent to an orphanage where she would have grown up and then gotten married and had children and become the most ordinary person among the ma*ses.”

This made Rong Shu laugh in exasperation.

Was he saying this to remind her of who she really was?

Then so that she would bear in mind that she was just an orphan, an orphan who might not have been able to live the life of a young lady, let alone inherit Tiansheng, or enter high society and get to know Fu Jingting if she hadn’t been picked up by her father through luck, and then so that she would feel inferior in front of Fu Jingting?

It is also true that Fu Jingting is the third generation eldest grandson of the Fu family and has a noble status.

She, on the other hand, was just an orphan who was abandoned by her biological parents and only became the daughter of the Rong family by coincidence. Otherwise, she would probably have grown up in an orphanage, as Duan Xingbang said, and if she was luckier, she might have been adopted and lived an ordinary life, never entering the upper cla*s, let alone getting to know Fu Jingting and getting together with him.

So in terms of birth, she was indeed so far removed from Fu Jingting that it was like a heavenly hibernation.

She should really feel inferior for this, after all, no matter how she looked, she was not worthy of Fu Jingting.

However, she was not as inferior as Duan Xingbang wanted her to be.

Why should she feel inferior?

It was Fu Jingting who was chasing after her now and was bent on getting back together with her, not her!

So, she didn’t feel inferior at all, she should even be proud of herself.

She should even be proud of herself. She should be proud of herself for being charming, for being able to make a big shot like Fu Jingting fall in love with her, and for pursuing her so hard that in Fu Jingting’s eyes, she must be outstanding and have something to shine on.

The actual fact is that there will be a dogma plot in which the young lord of the rich family will fall in love with the Cinderella heroine like a straw bag?

Well, that’s totally unrealistic!

The young masters of the gentry have to receive an elite education from an early age, so their education,

They are not destined to fall in love with ordinary, unexciting Cinderellas.

Of course, there were all sorts of strange people, and there would be some exceptions, such as Fu Jingting’s father who had fallen for Wang Shuqin, which was probably an exception.

But she was sure that such an exception was only one percent, and Fu Jingting was definitely not such an exception.

The fact that Fu Jingting could fall in love with her meant that she was excellent and worthy, and since she was an excellent person, there was absolutely no need to be inferior because she had such a birth.

Even she should be proud of herself for being someone who would love her even if she was abandoned, after all, this luck is not something that anyone has.

Shouldn’t she be proud to have been so lucky?

Rongshu could think that Duan Xingbang was saying all this to deliberately humiliate her and make her feel inferior, how could Fu Jingting, who was so smart, not think of it?

At that moment, he could not wait to choke Duan Xingbang and strangle him to death.

But what he cared more about than strangling Duan Xingbang was Rongshu’s emotions.

Duan Xingbang was right there, and he could get rid of him at any time.

But his lover’s emotions, however, could not be delayed.

Therefore, he forcibly suppressed the killing intent in his heart and turned his head to look at the woman beside him.

Watching the woman beside him go from shocked anger at first to a sudden proud smile at the end, he realised that she was furious at first, but had figured it out herself in the end.

This made Fu Jingting’s raised heart finally drop a little, but not completely, and he still looked at her nervously.

Feeling the man’s eyes and knowing what he was worried about, Rongshu looked up and smiled at him, “I’m fine, on the contrary, I’m very happy.”

Although she did not say, specifically, why she was happy.

But Fu Jingting just understood what she meant, the heart that was raised was finally completely put down, after gently rubbing her hair, he fiercely turned his head back and looked at Duan Xingbang with murderous intent welling up in his eyes again, “It seems that your wishful thinking is wrong.”

At these words, Duan Xingbang’s heart thudded, his face held a stiff expression, “What does Mr. Fu mean by this?”

Playing dumb, right?

The way Fu Jingting was looking at him at this moment, he was already completely looking at a dead man.

“You deliberately emphasized Little Yezi’s identity, didn’t you want to hit Little Yezi’s self-esteem in front of me, to tell her that she is not worthy of me? You also wanted to make me feel indifferent towards Little Yezi as a result and divorce our relationship, but unfortunately, you failed in all of them.”

These words instantly caused Duan Xingbang’s face to pale, his pupils shrinking to the size of pinpoints.

He knew that it was impossible to conceal the meaning of his words from these two people, after all, the meaning expressed in his own words was indeed very obvious.

But he had never expected that Fu Jingting would actually tear himself away from him and say this out loud.

Could it be that Fu Jingting did not feel ashamed?

He had made it so clear that Rongshu was an orphan who had been abandoned by her biological parents, and if the Rong family hadn’t adopted her, Rongshu would either be dead or an ordinary woman.

He was convinced that his words would hit Rong Shu’s self-esteem and make Fu Jingting feel humiliated, after all, for finding a woman who was born an orphan and not worthy of the limelight.

A man with a little bit of self-esteem, who is pointed out by others that he has found an orphan-born girlfriend, will definitely be very upset and will also feel disgusted with his girlfriend, after all, they will think that it is his girlfriend’s unworthy birth that has made them lose face, so slowly, they will also start to reduce their feelings for her.

And a man like Fu Jingting, self-esteem is certainly even stronger, then Fu Jingting will naturally do as he thinks, in this way, he has successfully divorced the two people’s feelings, by then, not to mention marriage, it may not take long for the relationship to break up.

But he didn’t expect that Fu Jingting would say that he had failed!