I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1395

Firstly, twenty-seven years ago, Gu Man’er was stolen.

It was indeed too much of a coincidence that Gu Man’er was stolen from her father at the Gu family, and then three days later, he adopted her.

The second thing is that the red mole on Gu Man’er’s wrist, and her have merged again.

Then there is her hair ……

As well as the inexplicable discomfort she felt whenever she saw how much Gu Yaotian and his wife doted on Li Zhaodi, and even when she saw the miserable state Gu Yaotian and his wife were in now, not only was she not the least bit happy, but she had a very heavy heart.

What does this mean? It means that there is a bloodline that is affecting her.

It means that she really is what Li Zhaodi said she was, the real Gu Man’er!

But it was because of this that she could not accept it.

Why would she be Gu Man’er?

If she was Gu Man’er, then what was her so-called revenge for the Rong family?

Wouldn’t it be, again, a joke?

What would the outside world think of her if word got out that she had taken revenge on her own biological parents for the sake of her adoptive parents?

Would they say she was a wolf and a dog? Even if she didn’t grow up with them, they didn’t raise her, but they gave her life, and she wants to take revenge on them, what is this if not a wolf’s heart and a dog’s lung?

But if she did not take revenge on Gu Yaotian and his wife, then would the outside world say that she had wronged the Rong family for raising her and was a wolf with a white eye?

So, no matter what she did, she was still wrong.

When Feng Ma heard Rong Shu’s words, her whole body was taken aback, “Eldest Young Madam, what are you saying again, what Gu family’s daughter?”

Why was she somewhat confused?

Rong Shu did not explain, closed her eyes, then a sharp pain came from her belly, a small face suddenly lost all its blood.

She pulled Feng Ma’s hand in panic and fear, her voice trembling with urgency, “Feng Ma, my stomach hurts, Feng Ma ……”

Hearing that Rong Shu’s stomach hurt, Feng Ma could no longer care about the Gu family’s daughter or not, and hurriedly pressed the emergency call bell at the bedside.

Then, Feng Ma hurriedly checked Rong Shu’s condition, “Don’t be afraid, Eldest Young Madam, the doctor will be here soon, don’t be afraid, let Feng Ma take a look, it’s alright, it will be alright.”

Rongshu was in so much pain that tears were coming out of her eyes, clutching Feng Ma’s hand tightly, her breath catching, “Feng Ma, is my baby going to be lost?”

It was too painful, breaking the twinge inside her stomach.

She was really worried, really afraid that the baby would be lost just like that.

Feng mama quickly covered her mouth, “Young lady, don’t talk nonsense, how could the baby be gone? Don’t talk nonsense, don’t think nonsense, Feng Ma is here, Feng Ma will accompany Young Madam, she won’t let anything happen to Young Madam, so Young Madam, give yourself some confidence, believe in yourself.”

Rongshu leaned into Feng Ma’s arms, her whole body was so weak that cold sweat was coming out from the pain.

Seeing this, Feng Ma was so anxious that she was about to cry, coaxing Rongshu while hoping that the doctor would come quickly.

Perhaps God had heard Feng’s expectations, and soon the door of the ward was pushed open and some doctors from the obstetrics and gynaecology department entered quickly.

Feng’s mother didn’t wait for them to greet her and pulled the doctor in the lead to the bedside, “Hurry up, take a look at our lady, her stomach is hurting. It’s almost like she’s going to pa*s out.”

Seeing this, several doctors did not dare to delay and hurriedly went forward to check on Rong Shu’s condition.

If something happened to her, Mr. Fu would be furious, and then all of them, the doctors, would not be able to get away with it.

So after a few doctors had briefly examined Rong Shu, they looked grave.

“Quickly, send her to the emergency room.”

Then Rong Shu was pushed straight into the emergency room.

Outside the emergency room, Feng’s mother was about to cry.

How had this gone into the emergency room?

She knew that it was not normal for the First Young Madam to suddenly have severe pain in her belly, it must be serious, but how could she have imagined that it would be so serious that she would actually go into the emergency room?

In that case, could the baby still be saved?

The company’s first-ever “The Best of the Best” was the first of its kind.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person, but a person who is not a person.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

It was because this document was too important and concerned the Group’s secrets.

Therefore, under the persuasion of Rong Shu, Fu Jingting had to leave the hospital first and went to the Fu Group, intending to deal with it before returning.

Now Fu Jingting had just finished the document when he heard his mobile phone ring.

He put on his coat and picked up the phone, and when he looked at it, his eyes suddenly froze.

Feng’s mother was calling?

Why would Feng’s mother call at this time?

Could something have happened?

He had said before he left that if anything happened, he would call him.

And he knew that he would go back in a few hours at most after he left, and if there was nothing wrong, neither Feng Ma nor Rong Shu would contact him.

But now Feng Ma was calling at this time, so most likely, something was up.

“Hello?” Fu Jingting didn’t hesitate and immediately answered the call.

Feng Ma’s urgent, crying voice came through, “Young Master is not well, Young Madam is in the emergency room.”

“What?” Fu Jingting jerked up from his chair, his mind roaring.

Little Ye has gone into the emergency room?

“How could this happen?” Fu Jingting’s large hand gripped the phone in a death grip.

Feng Ma’s voice was urgent, “Eldest Young Master, you can’t tell me over the phone for a while, so come to the hospital first.”

“Okay, I’ll come over right away.” He hung up the phone, put the phone down and immediately rushed out of the office.

On the way, some employees greeted him, but he ignored them all, his face incomparably gloomy and grave.

The staff were all curious and came together, muttering about what was going on.

But none of them could guess.

Fu Jingting drove in style, running two red lights along the way, and finally arrived at the hospital.

Of course, at the same time, there were two traffic and police officers who arrived at the hospital.

After all, he had broken the traffic law, and he had to take responsibility for his actions even if his status was expensive.

Although Fu Jingting was worried about Rong Shu in his heart, he forced himself to be patient and dealt with the traffic police before he felt outside the emergency room.

“Eldest Young Master.” When she saw Fu Jingting coming, Feng Ma immediately stood up from her chair as if she had seen the backbone.

Fu Jingting ignored Feng Ma, but looked up at the red light on the emergency room door, his fists clenched and his cheeks puffed up, “Feng Ma, what the hell is going on? How did Little Yezi suddenly end up in the emergency room? Wasn’t she still fine when I left?”

Could it be a fall?

Feng Ma’s eyes were tinged with hatred, “It’s all the fault of that woman called Gu Man’er.”

The bodyguard had just come and said that he had interrogated the woman.

That woman said her name was Gu Man’er.

“What? Gu Man’er?” Fu Jingting’s pupils shrank slightly, “What does this have to do with Gu Man’er?”

“That woman posed as a nurse and ran into the ward, didn’t know what she said to the First Young Madam, then the First Young Madam became emotionally upset, after that she had a stomach ache and pa*sed out from the pain straight away and was brought here.” Feng Ma said back.

She hadn’t had time to check the surveillance yet.

She heard that Gu Man’er had run out of the villa and also ran to the hospital, posing as a nurse to meet Rong Shu, and said something to Rong Shu, which stimulated her to faint.

The killing intent around Fu Jingting immediately spread out, and his heart wanted to kill Gu Man’er.

He probably knew what Gu Man’er had said to Rong Shu.

He must have told Rong Shu about her life, or else Rong Shu would not have fainted from such a great excitement.

“Gu Man’er!” Fu Jingting gritted his teeth and squeezed out these three words, his eyes filled with a fierce storm.