I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1376

“So?” Rongshu looked at him, “Do you mean anything by telling me that?”

“Of course it does.” Li Chuan picked up her pen and twirled it around his fingertips, “I just want to tell you, sister, Li Chuan is not at all as soft as you think, sister, the fact that he was able to suppress me for ten years means that he, the master character, is obviously much stronger than me, as long as he wants to, he can actually snatch back the initiative of his body at any time, but he didn’t, that’s because he’s not willing to snatch it back, he’s just a coward, just not willing to face you, not willing to face all the things he has done to you.”

Was that really the case?

Rongshu lowered her eyes.

Rationally, she didn’t want to believe this second personality’s words, but in her heart she vaguely understood that he wasn’t lying to her.

Xiaochuan, really, did not want to come back.

“So, Xiao Chuan doesn’t have it now, does he?” Rongshu’s eyes reddened and her voice choked up.

Li Chuan did not deny it, “Because he did not know how to face you and was afraid that you would not forgive him, so two months ago, he had a note conversation with me, voluntarily fused with me and took my consciousness as the dominant one, so he really does not exist anymore, now in this body, there is only my personality, from now on, I am Li Chuan.”

Rongshu’s eyes went black and she almost fainted from the blow, “Fool! How can he think like that?”

Tears slid down her eyes.

She had always treated Xiao Chuan as her favourite brother, admittedly she was angry after learning that he had poisoned her, but it had never occurred to her to blame him all the time.

How could he have such little faith and let his second personality devour him.

“Sister, you don’t have to do that either.” The second personality propped his head up and looked at her with superior comfort, “I have all his memories and I’m him too, so you can totally think of me as the old Li Chuan ah, I don’t mind.”

“I do mind.” Rongshu’s eyes were red, “Even if you were born out of Xiaochuan’s body, even if you have all of Xiaochuan’s memories, you are still never my Xiaochuan, and there is no way I can treat you as the past Xiaochuan.”

“If you want to think so, then there’s nothing I can do about it.” Li Chuan shrugged his shoulders, “But before that stupid b*****d asked me to devour him again, he once asked me to finish something for him, and I agreed thinking that that guy was going to cease to exist in the future, and the thing he asked me to finish for him was still about you, sister.”

“What?” Rongshu jerked her head up.

Li Chuan put the pen down, “That guy always knew that you were looking for that woman named Gu Manyin, so before he was devoured by me, he asked me to help you find her, and I agreed, so in the past two months, I gathered all the hackers in the world inside the dark net and launched an online reward for finding her, so I quickly found her, and also collected all her movements and I’ve collected all her movements and deeds in the past six months, and here they are.”

After saying that, he fished out a USB stick from his shirt pocket and handed it over.

Rongshu took it with a trembling hand, “This is Gu Manyin’s whereabouts?”

“That’s right.” Li Chuan nodded, “Since I promised that guy, I naturally won’t go back on my word, from now on, this body, will completely belong to me.”

Hearing these words, the back of Rong Shu’s heart could no longer be tensed, holding the USB stick in her hand and directly crying out.

The current Li Chuan is not the previous Li Chuan in the end, seeing her as important, although he calls her a sister in his mouth, but ultimately will not be like the past Li Chuan, really treating her as a sister, as the most loved woman.

He is a completely independent of his master’s mind, and, what his master likes, he does not necessarily like.

Take Rong Shu, for example, he doesn’t love her.

The only reason he was willing to call Rongshu a sister was because he was willing to give up this body, but when he saw that Rongshu was really sad and upset, he didn’t have the slightest ripple in his heart, nor did he have any intention of trying to comfort her, and sat there calmly to see her cry.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. ”

He got up and walked towards the office door.

Rongshu thought of something and called out to him, “Wait.”

“Is there anything else, sister?” Li Chuan stopped and turned back.

Rongshu clenched her hands and asked hopefully, “Xiaochuan, is it true that you can’t disappear back?”

Li Chuan raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Of course, there are no other personalities in this body, there is only me.”

Rongshu closed her eyes in despair, and after a few seconds, opened them again, “What about Chen Xingnuo? What about her? I contacted her earlier and said that you had transferred her away from your side.”

“That’s right.” Li Chuan shrugged, “That woman was obeying that fool before, so of course I had to transfer her away, do you think I would leave someone around who wasn’t loyal to me? I think anyone else would have done the same with me.”

Rongshu’s mouth fell open, speechless.

Indeed, there was indeed no need to keep an unfaithful person by one’s side.

“But don’t worry sister, I just transferred her away, I didn’t want to do anything to her, it was also for the sake of that foolish person giving me her body, and I did it for her own good, she and her father have been wandering on the edge of the most danger, I transferred them away so that they can be out of danger and enjoy their happiness in the future.” Li Chuan said.

Rongshu could see that he wasn’t lying, and her heart dropped a little.

It was good that Xingnuo was alright.

She was worried that he would not be able to tolerate Xingnuo and do something to him because he was one of Xiaochuan’s people from before.

Good thing things weren’t as bad as she thought they would be.

“Is there anything else sister wants to ask?” Li Chuan asked again.

Rongshu shook her head slowly.

There was nothing more.

He was not Xiao Chuan, and she had nothing more to say to him, anymore.

Seeing that she had nothing more to say, Li Chuan turned his head back, “Since sister has nothing else to ask, then I will take my leave, and I will never see you again.”

He turned his back on Rong Shu and walked towards the door, waving his hand, his figure quickly disappearing outside the door.

Rongshu sat helplessly back in her chair, her eyes staring dully at the direction he left, the tears that had easily stopped, at this moment, broke down again.

Li Chuan’s words really made her realise that she would never see Xiao Chuan again.

The brother that she used to care for and protect had really disappeared.

Rongshu covered her face and cried with sadness and despair.

When Lina came in with her papers, she saw her crying like this and hurriedly put them down and went up to care, “Chairman, what’s wrong with you?”

Rongshu lifted her head, revealing a pair of eyes that were swollen from crying, her voice was desolate, “I’m fine, it’s just that I’m sad that one of my best brothers is gone.”

Lina thought the lost she was talking about was death, she couldn’t help but sigh, “Chairman, I’m sorry, since he was your best brother, then I think he wouldn’t want to see you crying like this, Chairman, so he wouldn’t feel at ease when he left, so Chairman, you must take care of yourself, crying like this is not good for your health either.”

“I know.” Rongshu wiped her tears, “I just suddenly knew that he was gone, so I broke down emotionally all of a sudden, thank you for your concern.”

“It’s nothing.” Lina waved her hand, then pointed to the documents she had just put down, “Chairman, these are all the documents that have piled up during the annual leave and need your personal signature to deal with them.”

“Okay, I understand.” Rongshu was a little more stable now, and barely managed to squeeze out a smile in response.