I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1151

“What …… What?” Lina was baffled by the question, her head full of question marks.

It was no wonder she didn’t react, it was really because Lu Qi suddenly appeared and also looked like he was furiously and angrily questioning, anyone would be like that.

The other secretaries and assistants also looked at each other, not knowing what the situation was now, let alone why Lu Qi was so angry.

“What you said about Tong Xi’s pregnancy, is it true or not?” Lu Qi clenched his fist, forcibly suppressing the impulse that was about to erupt in his heart, and gritted his teeth as he spoke again.

Lina let out a dazed oh, “So that’s what you’re asking, Mr. Lu, it’s true, Secretary Tong is indeed pregnant.”

Lu Qi’s pupils contracted once again.

Even though he had already heard this at the door, hearing Lina say it again in person now, his heart still set off shocking waves.

Tong Xi, she was really pregnant!

Looking at Lu Qi’s strange reaction, Lina blinked in confusion, “Mr. Lu, what’s wrong with you?”

Lu Qi lifted his eyelids, revealing a pair of scarlet eyes, “The abortion appointment you just mentioned is also true now?”

Lina nodded, “Of course it is, I can’t just joke around with everyone about such things, can I?”

The others nodded their heads as well.

Indeed, there was no joking about such things.

It was a small matter to be unethical, but if it caused any influence and trouble to Secretary Tong, that would be a big matter.

Moreover, Secretary Tong had a few more years of experience in working as a secretary’s assistant than they did, and they had to ask Secretary Tong for advice on many things.

Secretary Tong is also very nice, whoever asks her for advice, she will give it to them and will help them with any difficulties.

Such a good senior, they couldn’t just make up rumours.

That would not be returning the favour.

Even if they had just discussed Secretary Tong’s pregnancy, they had only intended to know about it themselves and had not thought of spreading the news.

They were afraid that if people really knew that Secretary Tong had been bullied into conceiving a child, they would be in trouble.

Looking at the serious expressions of Lina and the few secretaries’ assistants, Lu Qi’s heart tightened violently, as if there was a big hand that clutched his heart so fiercely that he almost couldn’t breathe.

Why was this happening?

Lu Qi was a little confused as to how he felt at the moment.

All he knew was that he was angry at Tong Xi for not telling him that she was pregnant, and at her for taking the baby without permission.

Who was she to do that?

It was most likely his child too, and she had no right to decide whether the child would stay or go alone!

The more he thought about it, the tighter his heart became, and the heavier and sharper his breathing became. His handsome face was red and twisted with anger and other indefinable emotions, and even the veins on his temples bulged out, bouncing around, showing the intensity of his emotions at the moment.

When Lina and the other secretaries and assistants saw Lu Qi like this, they were shocked by him and wondered how he could be like this.

Lina even went forward and asked with concern, “Mr. Lu, are you all right?”

Lu Qi raised one hand and waved it somewhat feebly, his voice hoarse, “I’m fine, let me ask you, did you see the time on the abortion appointment paperwork?”

He needed to know when Tong Xi’s procedure was going to be done!

Lina lowered her eyes in thought, “Yes, it seems to be this afternoon.”

“This afternoon?” Lu Qi’s mind boomed as if it was about to explode with the shock of the answer.

Lina nodded, “Yes, it was four o’clock this afternoon.”

“You’re not mistaken?” Lu Qi’s eyes were red as he stared at Lina, as if he was going to break her neck if she said one wrong word.

This scared Lina enough, but still held back her timidity and nodded again, “I definitely didn’t misread it, because at that time it seemed why there was this in the bin under Secretary Tong’s desk, so I specifically looked at it for a little longer, and that was the time.”

“Which hospital?”

“The first hospital.”

Lu Qi didn’t say anything more, turned around and walked towards the door in big strides, his figure soon disappeared outside the door.

Lina and several secretaries and assistants looked at me and me at you, confused by Lu Qi’s hasty arrival and departure.

“What’s the situation? Why is Mr. Lu’s mood swing so great? I’ve seen Mr. Lu many times, but this is the first time I’ve seen him like this, like he’s angry, but there’s something else inside this anger.”

Someone shook his head, “I don’t know, it’s also the first time I’ve seen Mr. Lu so angry, usually when I see him, he’s all cheeky and hangdog, he feels particularly good-tempered, and he has something to say to us secretaries and assistants, but I didn’t expect that Mr. Lu would be so scary when he gets angry, just why is he angry?”

“It seems to be because of Secretary Tong’s pregnancy hey.”

“Secretary Tong is pregnant?”

“Yeah, you saw how Mr. Lu looked just now, and Mr. Lu obviously heard us talking about this outside the door before he kicked the door in, and when he came in, he asked Sister Lina directly about Secretary Tong’s pregnancy, and the more he asked, the harder his face became, so you can imagine that it’s strange that Mr. Lu isn’t about this.”

“That makes sense, it’s just that Secretary Tong is pregnant, why is Mr. Lu so angry?”

“Probably because of fighting for Secretary Tong, think about it, before Secretary Tong came to Tiansheng, is the secretary of Mr. Lu, or Mr. Lu’s college classmate, they have a very good relationship with each other, now hearing that Secretary Tong may be bullied pregnant, will definitely be so angry ah, if it were me, my friend has experienced such a thing, I am also angry. ”

“That’s true, but Sister Lina, do you think that could be the case?”

A few secretarial assistants talked about looking at Lina who did not say anything aside, but looked at the direction Lu Qi had left and walked away.

Lina’s eyes flickered as she heard them and looked back, shaking her head and smiling a little, “Maybe, but I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“What do you mean Lina-san?”

Lina shook her head and didn’t answer anymore.

After all, she was only guessing and not sure yet, so it would be better not to say anything, in case it wasn’t what she guessed, it would be embarrassing.

On the other hand, Lu Qi hurriedly walked out of the lift, took three or two steps to his car in the car park, fished out his car keys and pressed them, pulled open the door and got into the car, without even putting on his seat belt, and drove straight out of the car park.

The speed was so fast that the cars that drove into the car park stopped in shock, then hurriedly opened the driver’s window and stuck their heads out, cursing in the direction Lu Qi left to rush to reincarnation.

Lu Qi naturally heard all this, but he ignored it, staring gloomily at the road ahead, stepping on the accelerator one by one, hating to push it to the bottom.

Now he had to get to the hospital as soon as possible and ask that woman whose child was in her stomach.

If it was someone else’s, when did she take up with someone else.

If it was her own ……

The hand of Lu Qi squeezing the steering wheel tightened up fiercely, and the expression on his face was one of gritted teeth.

If it was his own, he would have to ask her why she didn’t even tell him when she was pregnant?

Didn’t he ask her if she had taken her medication in the first place?

What had she answered?

Her answer was that she had taken the pills.

Since she had taken them, the fact that she was pregnant now made it a deception to him, it proved that she had lied then, that she had not taken the pills, that she had lied to him!

And he wanted to know, what was the purpose of her doing so?

Did she intend to carry his child so that she could use it to get ahead?