I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1385

This is the first time the netizens have seen such a large sum of money.

The money is all Fu Jingting’s personal money, not the group’s public accounts.

It is clear how rich Fu Jingting is, 200 million, and he said he would give it to the netizens.

In fact, it is not unheard of for netizens to see someone give out benefits to netizens with 200 million dollars.

Every year during the New Year, the companies behind the big websites do this, but these companies do not use their own money like Fu Jingting does, they use the company’s public accounts.

They say they take two hundred million to give to the netizens to grab red envelopes, but what they actually grab are some kind of coupons and whatever nonsense, a few dollars in real cash would be good, a few cents would be lucky.

The most ridiculous thing is that it is said to be 200 million, but in fact there is no 200 million at all, it is just a gimmick.

It was the first time that someone like Fu Jingting really took out two hundred million.

And now, Fu Jingting is going to take out so much money to play with everyone, for a time, Fu Jingting’s hot fame, rose to the highest, those what first-line top stream with him, is simply a small witch.

The title of national husband was firmly placed on Fu Jingting’s head.

Rongshu looked at the netizens shouting one husband after another below Fu Jingting’s comment section and laughed, “Happy?”

She held her phone out to the man, “Being the husband of so many people.”

Fu Jingting’s handsome face was dark and ugly, “Not happy, I’m not their husband.”

With that, he took his phone and started sending messages again, asking the netizens to stop shouting like that, he was only Rong Shu’s husband alone.

The netizens laughed out loud and laughed at whether he had bronchitis.

But these were good-natured laughs, Fu Jingting didn’t mean to get angry, he just told them once again that they weren’t allowed to call him husband anymore, he didn’t like the name.

The netizens all agreed in a good and kind way.

After all, they were really afraid that he would get angry and take the benefits back what?

Seeing that the netizens weren’t continuing to call him husband, Fu Jingting’s face then turned completely better, before informing a*sistant Zhang to get the raffle for everyone and go on his private account.

The webmasters stopped messing around in his comment section and left to go to the official website of Fu’s Group to forward the lucky draw.

For the rest, Fu Jingting stopped caring and put his phone down.

However, as soon as he put his phone down, Rong Shu’s phone rang.

At first glance, it was Mrs. Lu calling, obviously to ask about her pregnancy.

But it was Fu Jingting, not Rong Shu, who answered the phone.

Although the radiation wasn’t high, she was already in poor health and he didn’t even want her to be exposed to the slightest bit of radiation.

Rongshu had no choice but to go along with him.

In fact, the fact that he was controlling her in this way was a sign that he cared about her, and she was too sweet to be angry with him for doing so.

Sure enough, after Fu Jingting answered the phone, Mrs. Lu hurriedly asked him about Rongshu’s pregnancy.

How was Rongshu’s health, how was the baby, etc.?

Fu Jingting answered all of them patiently, except for concealing that Rongshu’s condition was not too good at the moment, he answered everything carefully.

This was what Rongshu had asked him to do, in order not to make Madam Lu worry.

Otherwise, with Madam Lu’s character, she would definitely come here often to take care of her.

She also didn’t want to trouble Madam Lu too much, so there were some things that should be hidden, after all, there were already enough people who were worried about her.

After Madame Lu learned from Fu Jingting that Rongshu was doing well now and that the baby was fine, she was relieved and ended the call after instructing Fu Jingting to take good care of Rongshu and that she would come over to see her sometime.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Grandfather, as the premier professor of archaeology, often worked in ancient tombs deep in the mountains and forests, and was rarely, rarely reachable.

Otherwise, when she remarried, she would have called your grandfather directly instead of just sending a message to tell him.

Because she knew that even if she called, grandpa wouldn’t necessarily be able to receive it.

So she didn’t tell her grandfather about the pregnancy, she just told him that she was married.

It was unexpected that this time when her pregnancy had just been made public, grandfather actually took the initiative to call.

And this time, Fu Jingting didn’t answer the phone himself and didn’t let her pick up.

He knew that she had always missed this only family member, so even though there was radiation, he could only let her answer it.

It turned out that Grandpa originally didn’t know that she was married or that she was pregnant.

It was Grandpa’s a*sistant who saw her on the internet during a break. After seeing this, he thought that she was at least his only family member, so he drove to the mountain and told Grandpa about it.

Then Grandpa called by satellite phone.

The moment she heard her grandfather’s voice, Rong Shu’s eyes turned red and her voice choked up.

Especially when she heard Grandpa apologise to her and tell her how he had neglected her over the past few months, her heart became even more sour and tears fell down her face.

Fu Jingting looked heartbroken and took the phone over directly, talking to Grandpa himself.

This was the first time that Fu Jingting had spoken to Grandpa Rongshu.

Grandpa was a very old-fashioned and strict old man who would only be pleasant to Rongshu, but not to Fu Jingting, his grandson-in-law.

Especially as this grandson-in-law had once hurt his granddaughter, so his attitude towards Fu Jingting was not really very good, and his tone of voice was of a very cold kind.

Fu Jingting didn’t mind, nor was he angry.

He knew that the b*****d things he had done in the past, no other elder could have minded, so he listened patiently and humbly to his grandfather’s lectures to him.

It was probably also because of his attitude that Grandpa ended up treating Fu Jingting slightly better again.

Especially when he heard that Fu Jingting was now taking care of Rong Shu in the hospital, his attitude got even better.

It had to be good, he was not by his granddaughter’s side, so she could only let Fu Jingting take care of her.

If he had a bad attitude, what if Fu Jingting treated his granddaughter badly?

As Fu Jingting had his voice amplified, Rongshu could of course know what Grandpa’s change in attitude towards Fu Jingting meant, and her heart grew even more sour.

In this world, only people close to her would bend their backs for her.

After the call with Grandpa ended, Fu Jingting looked at Rong Shu’s red eyes and handed her two pieces of paper, “Don’t cry, if you want to see Grandpa later, I’ll take you to see him, you can go for a walk.”

Rong Shu took the tissue and wiped the corners of her eyes, “Let’s talk about it later, I just haven’t heard Grandpa’s voice for a long time, so I was a bit sad and happy at the same time, that’s why I couldn’t hold back.”

“It’s alright.” Fu Jingting gave her a hug, “Grandpa said that he would take time off work to come back and stay with you when you were in pre-birth, so that you would have a family member by your side and could give birth at ease.”

“I know, I heard that.” Rongshu huffed, “And I’m happy, I really haven’t seen him for a long time.”

“Soon, just wait a few more months and then you’ll see him.” Fu Jingting kissed the top of her head, “Just now Grandpa even said that he would bring you a present.”

“Mmm, I’m looking forward to it.” Rongshu smiled.

As they spoke, the phone rang again, this time it was Lu Qi.

Fu Jingting’s face instantly turned ugly.

“What’s this guy doing calling?” He frowned.

Rong Shu laughed lightly, “He’s also here to ask about my pregnancy, what else could he be doing?”