I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1247

So at this moment, when they saw Rong Shu, who had regained Fu Jingting and was standing beside him, these ladies of thousands of gold, apart from the sour look in their eyes, did not really show any malice.

Therefore, when Rong Shu noticed the unfriendly look in the eyes of these ladies, she had no intention of finding trouble with them.

As far as she was concerned, they were just a group of jealous little girls.

As long as they were simply jealous and wouldn’t really do anything disgusting, she could pretend that she didn’t see anything.

After all, she was also clear about how much Fu Jingting was liked by women.

When she got Fu Jingting, she naturally had to bear the jealousy of these women who liked Fu Jingting.

Besides, it’s only mediocre to be jealous of others.

Even Rongshu had noticed the eyes of these women, so it was even more unlikely that Fu Jingting hadn’t noticed.

He narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips and said in a deep voice, “It seems that I should find the time to talk to their father properly.”

Rongshu pulled his arm, “No, they’re just jealous, they haven’t done anything else, you’ll end up with us doing something wrong first.”

“They looked at you like that …….”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at them, it’s not like you’ll lose a piece of meat, just ignore them, if they really dare to do anything to me, then it’s not too late to clean them up.”

Seeing that she wasn’t willing to be too bothered about these people, Fu Jingting could only give up, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet some people, these people’s properties are similar to Tian Sheng’s, it’s good for you to know them.”

“Good.” Rongshu took his arm and smiled in response.

Fu Jingting ignored some people who came forward to make friends, and directly led Rong Shu in another direction.

When he entered, he had already scanned the entire banquet hall.

He couldn’t forget anything, so he could remember what people had come and where they were standing with just one glance.

That was why at this moment, he could directly lead Rong Shu in one direction.

It could also be because of Fu Jingting, or it could be because these people were good to get along with themselves.

But whichever the reason, Rong Shu had a good talk with the few people Fu Jingting had introduced to her, and some of the experiences they had imparted to her had given her more than enough to gain.

By the time she finished talking, she already had several business cards in her hand.

The biggest surprise of all was that she had also pulled in a collaboration.

One of the bigwigs, having heard that Tiansheng’s own factory was about to open, immediately offered to inspect the factory at that time, and once the factory machines hit his satisfaction, he would immediately sign a long-term cooperation partnership with Tiansheng.

To Rong Shu, this was an unexpected pleasure tonight, something she had not expected at all.

She had only come here with the intention of befriending the host’s wife, making contact with him through her, and then getting an exhibition counter in the other party’s shopping mall.

That was the main reason she had come here tonight, and nothing else.

That’s why it was a surprise when the deal was agreed.

As for why the contract had not even been signed, it had to be said that the contract had been negotiated.

It was because Rongshu was confident that the machines she had ordered from the kimchi country were the most advanced machines in the world at the moment.

If even this did not satisfy the big man, she could not imagine what kind of machine would satisfy him.

Anyway, she felt that the chances of a final collaboration were 100 per cent.

After bidding farewell to the bigwigs, Rongshu and Fu Jingting went to the corner rest area of the banquet hall.

Although there were still many people who wanted to make friends with Fu Jingting, they didn’t dare to step out when they saw Fu Jingting’s appearance of being a stranger and only wanting to stick it to his wife.


It was obvious that he didn’t want to talk business with anyone when he came here, and the expressionless face when he looked at them, as well as that warning look, was clearly telling them that they were not allowed to come closer.

So if they still dared to go up there, they would not be just looking for death.

So these people could only regretfully stay where they were, not daring to go forward again.

But their eyes kept moving with Fu Jingting and Rong Shu’s movements.

The corners of their mouths twitched as they watched Fu Jingting face Rong Shu with that gentle, completely indifferent expression that was not at all present when facing them.

Then they saw Fu Jingting’s uncompromising look as he fetched wine for Rong Shu and arranged her dress and sofa cushions.

The corners of everyone’s mouth twitched even more.

It turned out that Mr. Fu, who was so powerful in the business world and made them all walk on thin ice, actually looked like such a licking dog when facing his own woman.

It was really a small knife pulling the buttocks, opened the eyes.

Of course, this is only for the men.

For those women who adore Fu Jingting, their eyes are even more forgettable, and their eyes are even more red.

It could not be helped that Fu Jingting was already their ideal man, and now that they saw how gentle and attentive he was to Rong Shu, they were even more sour in their hearts.

Such a good man, how come he was taken by Rong Shu?

The women looked at Rong Shu with envy and jealousy.

In another corner, there were two women wearing dresses but with ordinary looks who were together at the moment, sneaking glances at Rong Shu and muttering.

“Hey, didn’t Miss Liu say that Mr. Fu didn’t love that Rong Shu at all? What’s going on now? Mr. Fu treats that Rong Shu so well, but it doesn’t look like he has no feelings at all.”

“I don’t know, is it possible that Miss Liu lied?”

“No way, what is Miss Liu’s status, her grandfather is Mr. Fu’s teacher, she and Mr. Fu are also considered childhood friends, she shouldn’t be able to lie about such things.”

“Then what do you think is going on with the situation now? Does Mr. Fu have feelings for that Rong Shu or not?”

For a moment, the two were silent.

After a while, the woman who spoke first spoke with some uncertainty, “I think that we should still believe Miss Liu, didn’t Miss Liu say that the reason why Mr. Fu got back together with that woman Rongshu was because that woman Rongshu caught a hold of him and threatened him, maybe now that Mr. Fu is so sweet to that woman, it was also because that woman asked for it and Mr. Fu had to do as he was told? So we should still be on Miss Liu’s side and help Miss Liu snatch Mr. Fu back.”

“But in case we guess wrong and Mr. Fu really loves that woman, then what will happen to us, have you thought about it?” The other woman’s body trembled a little and she said with some alarm.

The woman who spoke first hesitated for a moment, “I know, but we are Miss Liu’s good friends, we should trust her not to lie to us, even if we really guess wrong in the end and Mr. Fu wants to deal with us, Miss Liu should still protect us, right? She is a childhood friend of Mr. Fu, and the Liu family and the Fu family have a good relationship. Although I heard from my father recently that there is a gap between the Fu family and the Liu family, no one knows if they will make up in the end, and I think the possibility of making up is very high. no matter what, Mr. Fu will definitely bail us out for the sake of Miss Liu.”

“You are also right, we are Miss Liu’s friends, we should indeed stand by her side and help her, when Miss Liu comes later, we will discuss properly how to clean up that woman Rong Shu, who actually dared to threaten Mr. Fu, maybe if we get Mr. Fu’s handle back and clean up that woman, Mr. Fu will even reward us.”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

The two naive women nodded their heads excitedly and discussed how to deal with Rong Shu later.