I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 946

“I know you can’t really let them have their way and become their son-in-law, but people just have their eyes on you.” Rongshu said with a pout.

Fu Jingting gently pinched her nose, “I haven’t even heard of such a thing, where did Madam Lu hear about it?”

It didn’t make sense that he, the person in question, would be slower to know about him than others.

“Of course auntie heard it from the family that has their eye on you.” Rongshu didn’t sell herself short anymore, and told her everything that Madam Lu had instructed her to say at that time.

After listening, Fu Jingting’s handsome face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, “What a good Wang family!”

He knew that the Wang family was in the seafood business in Hai City.

However, since Hai City was near the sea, there were many seafood businesses and the competition was strong, so the Wang family was not really a big deal among them.

The most annoying thing was that the Wang family was not honest in their business, and they always liked to do some crooked tricks, such as using bad seafood to pa*s off as fresh seafood, or using artificially farmed seafood to pa*s off as wild seafood, and so on.

So over time, someone naturally couldn’t stand it, and a letter was sent to the authorities.

Several seafood docks were sealed by the authorities, and several seafood markets were temporarily closed.

Naturally, the Wang family’s seafood business is no longer viable.

He had also heard that the Wang family had recently been looking for connections to resolve the matter, and that they wanted to marry other families with some say in the city.

However, he felt that this matter had nothing to do with him, so after hearing about it, he did not pay attention to it.

However, he never thought that the person the Wang family wanted to marry was actually him!

How dare you!

There are so many dignitaries in the city, and there are a lot of people who want to marry him, which of them are more prestigious than the Wang family, but would they really appear in front of him and propose marriage to him?

I’m afraid they wouldn’t dare!

Even if they had the idea, they wouldn’t dare to show it, let alone act on it.

But this Wang family, which is not as good as those families, has more guts than those families. Not only did they think of joining him in marriage, they even dared to act on it by going to Madam Lu to find out about his current emotional state.

Did he really think that Fu Jingting was not angry?

Looking at the man’s gloomy face and the cold air around him, which was enough to freeze people, Rong Shu almost knew what was on his mind.

He was probably thinking about how he was going to clean up the Wang family that had targeted him.

“You want to take action against the Wang family?” Rong Shu looked at the man’s cold face and asked with certainty.

Fu Jingting stroked her head and did not deny it.

Instead, Rong Shu shook her head, “It’s better not to make a move.”

Fu Jingting wrinkled his brows, “Why?”

“Of course it’s because the Wang family isn’t doing anything right now.” Rongshu took the man’s hand that was resting on top of her head down and grabbed it in her hand to play with it.

The man’s hand was warm, her hands and feet were cold when winter came.

So she usually liked to hold onto his hand as a free human heater too, just to warm her hands up.

“Although the Wang family did have the idea, they didn’t really appear to do anything to you, so even if you wanted to deal with them, you wouldn’t have the right reasons and evidence, and by then, wouldn’t you be the one who is fighting and killing in the eyes of others?”

“I don’t care.” Fu Jingting lightly opened his thin lips and said lightly, “I would rather kill some of the plots that are about to emerge in the cradle.”

“I know.” Rongshu let go of the man’s hand and wrapped his waist around her, pressing her head against his chest, but I don’t want you to be said that way ah, you already have a not so good reputation in the mall, cold-blooded and ruthless, living hell, abominable capitalist, listen, are these good?”

Fu Jingting wrinkled his brows slightly and didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know the nicknames these people in the business world gave him.

But it never bothered him.

After all, it was all just the rage of a loser’s incompetence.

“Anyway, it doesn’t sound good to me, if you were dealing with the Wang family now, the people in the mall would definitely press other unpleasant titles on you again, after all, the Wang family only had this idea that you were going to deal with them before they had done anything concrete, this act would make them think you were scary and thus people who were already alienated would alienate you even more, I also know that you are very powerful and don’t need to a*sociate with the mall I also know that you are very powerful and don’t need to befriend others in the mall, but sometimes being alone can be a disadvantage, after all, even a powerful person is only one person, and even if a mole is weak, when a*sembled, it can devour an elephant, so this matter, as long as the Wang family doesn’t really make a specific action, you should just pretend you don’t know, after all, didn’t auntie say, the Wang family may also keep an eye on others in Shanghai.”

Fu Jingting pursed his lips, “Although it will be focused on others, but I am also one of them after all, I can not do anything to the Wang family for the time being, just the existence of the Wang family, you will not mind?”

“Mind.” Rongshu nodded graciously, admitting her thoughts, “If I didn’t mind, I wouldn’t have been angry with you just now, but I can’t make others pay just because I mind that someone is eyeing you and wants you to be their son-in-law, after all, they haven’t done anything yet, if they did, then naturally I wouldn’t say anything, but if they didn’t, at most I wouldn’t treat them well, but I wouldn’t The Wang family is not the only family that wants you as a son-in-law, but the Wang family has revealed their intentions, while the others are hiding well and not exposed.

If that were the case, then the two of them would be enemies of the whole world.

When the time came, it was definitely not the two of them who would win, but those people.

After listening to Rong Shu’s words, Fu Jingting’s eyes were gentle, but with a hint of helplessness, “Little Yezi, you should know that sometimes if you are too kind and soft-hearted, the one who will suffer is yourself.”

“I know.” Rongshu smiled, “But I still stick to my own ideas, if others don’t do anything, I’ll just pretend I don’t know, I won’t take the initiative to target others, if I really strike out like crazy just because the other party has the slightest idea, then what’s the difference between me and those people like Gu Manyin Gu Yaotian? I can’t accept that I’ve become that way either, people, living in the world, it’s best to be kinder.”

“Okay, listen to you.” Fu Jingting wrapped his arm around her head, resting his chin on the top of her head, the knot in his throat moved, his voice gentle and husky as he responded.

Rongshu glanced up at the man.

But her head was held tightly by the man, she couldn’t raise her head much, only a little, to see the man’s delicate jaw, “but you still have to pay attention, auntie mother said, the Wang family went to a lot of trouble to get the invitation to the shopping mall banquet, is to go hunting for sex, they did not go after you then, of course the best, if they really focus on you, you must give me to hold ah, ah. Auntie said that men are often unable to hold on to a Han Chinese girl who comes to them.”

When Fu Jingting heard this, he was angry and amused, “Nonsense, am I that kind of straw man who has no brain and no self-control, who only acts with his lower body? Mrs. Lu is also really, nothing to talk to you about this, and still think of me Fu Jingting as what kind of person?”

“Auntie mother is also doing this for me, that’s why she’s talking to me about this specifically.” Rongshu looked at him and smiled.

Fu Jingting pursed his lips, “Even if it’s for your sake, you shouldn’t take these words to heart, just listen to them, don’t take them seriously, by the way, you didn’t take them seriously, did you?”