I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1414

Are you kidding? What his mother told Shushu were all embarra*sing stories from his childhood.

It was fine for them to hear it, but why should Fu Jingting hear it?

He was already inferior to Fu Jingting, if he let Fu Jingting know about his past embarra*sing stories, wouldn’t he lose even more face in front of Fu Jingting in the future?

Fu Jingting pretended not to see Lu Qi’s rage, but just smiled and said to Mrs. Lu, “Auntie, seeing how happy you guys were just talking, I would also like to know what you guys said in the future when Little Yezi is unhappy, so I can also talk about it to cheer her up.”

“Sure.” Mrs. Lu readily agreed in one breath.

“Mom?” Lu Qi looked at her incredulously, his voice rising.

Mrs. Lu glanced at him, “What are you shouting for, if you don’t like to hear it, just go out, don’t delay me from talking.”

“Auntie is right, you should go out first.” Fu Jingting also said to Lu Qi, that smile clearly carried a hint of provocation.

Lu Qi was furious and stomped her foot, “You guys …… You guys ……”

Never mind, he left, just go, go still can’t?

Lu Qi rushed out of the ward in anger.

Fu Jingting smiled politely at Mrs. Lu, “Auntie mother, continue.”

“Okay, then we’ll continue what we just said.” Mrs. Lu nodded and continued on with what she had just said.

Rongshu gently bumped her elbow into the man’s abdomen, crying and laughing, “You’re so bad, you obviously guessed what auntie mother might be talking about, and you still want to be angry at Ah Qi on purpose.”

“Who told that guy to be too open-minded in front of me sometimes.” Fu Jingting returned.

Rongshu shook her head helplessly, “Even so, you can’t be so angry with him, don’t do that in the future.”

“Let’s see if he’ll go too far in the future, if he’s restless in the future, I’ll use these against him, if he’s restful, then I won’t mention anything.” Fu Jingting shrugged his shoulders.

Rongshu gave him an amused look and stopped talking.

Mrs. Lu knew about what had happened to Rongshu from Lu Qi, so she had come to see Rongshu today.

But when she came to see Rongshu, she didn’t mention anything about Rongshu’s opinion of Gu Yaotian and his wife, nor did she even ask Rongshu what she thought about the matter.

Mrs. Lu’s approach was not to say anything, not to ask anything, but to tell Rongshu something funny and make her very happy.

It was also because Madam Lu knew that Rongshu was already depressed because of her status, so the most important thing now was to make Rongshu happy, rather than continue to bring up those things and make her feel even more upset.

Mrs. Lu herself was very funny, and even if she didn’t say anything embarra*sing about Lu Qi in the end, she could still say something else to make Rongshu happy.

So for the rest of the day, Fu Jingting basically didn’t even see Rongshu laughing, which made Fu Jingting feel very grateful to Madam Lu.

Madam Lu stayed for about two hours or so before finally talking to Rong Shu about Mr and Mrs Gu Yaotian before she left.

But she also apologised in pa*sing, after all, Mrs Lu had known about this matter for a long time, but she had also kept it from Rongshu and had not told her, so she hoped that Rongshu would forgive her.

In fact, it was impossible for Rongshu to say that she was not sad in her heart; she had always regarded Mrs. Lu and Fu Jingting as her last relatives.

However, no matter who they were, they knew about it but did not tell her, so it was impossible for her not to be sad.

But later on, she was relieved. Imagine if she were Fu Jingting, or if she were her aunt, and her aunt and Fu Jingting were her, would she have told them straight away, or would she have slowed down too?

The answer was already clear, she would have chosen to hide it too.

Therefore, she really didn’t have that qualification to complain about Fu Jingting and Mrs. Lu and the others.

When she saw that Rong Shu said she didn’t care anymore, Mrs. Lu was relieved in her heart, and then comforted her with many words and persuaded her a lot, before she left at ease.

The way Mrs. Lu persuaded her was actually not much different from the way Fu Jingting and Lu Qi persuaded her, but there was something that Fu Jingting and Lu Qi did not say, which was to let her follow her heart’s thoughts and do it.

Whether she chose to identify with Gu Yaotian as husband and wife, or whether she chose to continue to take revenge and have someone sent to prison, or whether she chose not to take revenge, Mrs. Lu said she supported both.

Because she is who she is, no matter what she thinks or what she does, she is still the same lovely and beautiful goddaughter in Mrs. Lu’s heart, and she will never change.

What Madam Lu meant by this was that she hoped she wouldn’t fall into confusion and lose herself because of her change in status.

“Wife,” Fu Jingting returned to the ward after seeing off Madam Lu and Lu Qi, and sat down again by the hospital bed, gently putting his arm around Rong Shu’s shoulders, “Have you ever thought of identifying with Gu Yaotian as husband and wife?”

When she heard the man’s question, Rong Shu’s face changed slightly, but she quickly calmed down and shook her head, “I haven’t thought about it, no matter what feelings they have for Gu Man’er, their daughter, I don’t intend to identify with them. I don’t know how I’m going to face them, and I can’t identify with them.”

If she chose to recognize them, wouldn’t that be a betrayal of the Rong family?

What’s more, she still resented them in her heart after all.

Resenting why they didn’t look after her, hating why they were so bad, hating why they adopted Gu Manyin ……

There were so many things that lay between them and all of them, none of which could be released so easily.

So, she couldn’t identify with them either.

“Then have you ever thought of meeting them?” Fu Jingting asked again.

He was not at all surprised by Rongshu’s choice, and had known that she would choose this way.

“Meet …….” Rong Shu hesitated this time.

It was one thing to disown Gu Yaotian and his wife, but it was another thing to see them or not.

After all, Gu Yaotian he didn’t have many days left.

If she didn’t see him, then she really wouldn’t be able to see him in the future.

But to see, she did not want to go, and did not know how to face ……

Looking at Rong Shu’s torn look, Fu Jingting rubbed her hair, “Since you don’t know, then don’t rush, you take your time to think about it, there is still time, when you have thought it over, then decide to see or not see.”

Rongshu gave a muffled sound and agreed with the man’s words.

At this time, Feng Ma brought in dinner, one for Fu Jingting and one for Rong Shu, and it was different.

Fu Jingting’s was a normal dinner, while Rongshu’s, a sour-tasting dinner that Feng Ma had made especially for her.

“Eldest Young Madam, this is something I specially asked my old sisters back home in Yunnan to make, saying it is most suitable for the taste of a pregnant woman like you, how about you try it!” Feng Ma said.

Rongshu picked up a spoon and scooped a spoonful of the steamed egg into her mouth.

The taste was different from the normal taste of steamed eggs, but was sweet and sour.

If it were normal, Rongshu would definitely not be used to eating it, but at this moment, she felt that it tasted very good.

She smiled and nodded, “Not bad, it tastes quite good, thank you, Feng Ma.”

Seeing that she liked the food, Feng Ma was happy in her heart and smilingly said back, “What are you thanking me for, as long as you like it, Eldest Young Madam, well, you guys should eat quickly, after you finish eating, Eldest Young Madam, you can sleep for a while.”

Saying that, Feng Ma looked at Fu Jingting again, “By the way, Eldest Young Master, in the afternoon, the old lady called and said she wanted to see you for something, and asked you to call her back when you woke up.”

Fu Jingting’s hand holding his chopsticks paused for a moment, “Did grandmother say anything?”

Could it be that grandmother knew about Little Yezi?

Rongshu also looked at Feng Ma a little nervously, not wanting her grandmother to worry about her.

At her age, she still let her grandmother worry about herself, she really felt very sorry for her grandmother.

It also seemed like she was being selfish.