I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1381

“Of course.” The man didn’t hide his amusement either, admitting with a big smile that no man could accept that his wife looked at a ring given to her by another man with such importance.”

“So now that I’ve taken the ring off, you shouldn’t look at it with displeasure in future, should you?” Rongshu gave the man a blank look.

The man smiled graciously at her, “No more.”

“Hmph.” Rong Shu pouted at him, lifted the covers and got out of bed, putting the ring into her bag, intending to buy a box to put it in on her way to work later and put it in her safe.

Fu Jingting didn’t sleep anymore and sat up as well.

Now that he has recovered well, he no longer needs to be supported all the time to sit up on his own.

He can sit up by himself with his arms propped up, although it takes a bit of effort, but he always prefers to do things on his own when he can do them himself, rather than letting Rongshu help him.

He didn’t want to be a burden to her himself.

“Hungry, are you?” After putting the ring away, Rong Shu reentered the hospital bedside.

Fu Jingting nodded slightly, “A little.”

“Then I’ll take you to wash up first, and then order breakfast to be brought over.” Said Rong Shu, pushing the wheelchair over.

Fu Jingting agreed and got out of bed himself and sat in the wheelchair.

Rongshu did not help the whole time.

Because she knew that the man didn’t want her to help either, the man had always been like that and didn’t like her really treating him like a loser who couldn’t do anything.

So since he could do it, she didn’t force it and let him do it himself.

Breakfast was delivered very quickly, almost as soon as the two of them had finished washing up, breakfast had already arrived, and it was all too light to be light.

It couldn’t be helped, who told Fu Jingting that she couldn’t eat many things right now, and she herself was the same way.

So even if it was lighter, she could only put up with it for a while and wait for it to get better later.

After breakfast, Rong Shu said goodbye to Fu Jingting and went to work.

On the way, when she pa*sed a shopping mall, she went to a jewellery shop inside and bought a delicate ring box, then returned to the car, took out the wrapped ring from inside her bag and carefully put the ring into the box.

From now on, this ring, too, she would only take out and look at when she missed Xiaochuan.

At other times, she wouldn’t want to see it again, she was afraid of getting emotional.


Time flies, and a month has pa*sed.

The recovery of Fu Jingting over the past month had been a great surprise to Rongshu.

Now Fu Jingting could already go in and out of the hospital and go back to work at the Fu Group. Although he still had to go back to the hospital to stay at night, he could do his own thing during the day instead of staying in the hospital.

On top of that, instead of being in a wheelchair, he can now walk normally and as long as he doesn’t run and jump, he doesn’t have to worry about his heart shifting or anything.

In other words, at least from the outside, Fu Jingting is now a normal person who has almost recovered.

And while Fu Jingting had recovered well, Rongshu’s own hard times had come.

Her current body was not very suitable for pregnancy, but when she was pregnant, it was impossible for her to get rid of it.

Not to mention the fact that this child was the fruit of her love for Fu Jingting, she could not choose to get rid of the child if she took it away, as she would never be able to conceive again.

The price of carrying this child would mean that she would have to suffer several times more than a normal pregnant mother, because her body had not yet recovered and she was pregnant with a child, so relatively speaking, the suffering would also have to be admitted more.

Just now, for example, she was only a month and a half pregnant when the pregnancy reactions started to appear, and she was pale from vomiting every day and her body was sore and weak.

For ordinary pregnant mothers, pregnancy reactions usually occur around two months, and she’s only a month and a half into it.

She has to take a lot of medication every day to keep the baby alive, and she even has to take injections.

So much so that, now she is scared when she sees them, but she can’t help it if she is scared.

Otherwise, the baby would definitely not be kept.

Therefore this month down, Rong Shu’s whole body has lost a circle, and her face is also pale and very bad, looking at Fu Jingting’s heart aches.

On this day, it was time for Rongshu’s maternity check-up.

Rongshu was still in the maternity room, while Fu Jingting and Lin Tianchen stood outside waiting.

During this time, Fu Jingting’s brow was furrowed and his fists were clenched so tightly that if he hadn’t been unable to go in, he might have been unable to stand up and rushed straight in.

He couldn’t help it, he really couldn’t worry about Rongshu.

He still remembered Rong Shu’s pale and thin face when she went in.

Lin Tian Chen looked at Fu Jing Ting like this and pushed his gla*ses and said coolly, “You’re worried about her now, what did you do in the first place?”

“What?” Fu Jingting narrowed his eyes and turned his head.

Lin Tian Chen put his hands in the pockets of his white coat, “What I mean is, you got her pregnant, you are now worried about her, why didn’t you take measures at first?”

Fu Jingting pursed his thin lips, “It was you who said that she would not be easy to conceive within these two years and that it would be difficult to conceive, that’s why you didn’t take any measures.”

Otherwise, there was no way he would have chosen this time to let her conceive a child.

Seeing her only a month or so pregnant and being tortured like this, with eight months left to go, he couldn’t even imagine what she would be tortured like.

“That’s what I said, but in this world, there’s never a shortage of miracles.” Lin Tian Chen shrugged his shoulders.

Fu Jingting gave him a cold look, “Yes, there’s never a shortage of miracles, but miracles don’t fall on everyone so luckily.”

Where would he have thought that it was just so lucky that they were patronised by miracles?

This time, even Lin Tian Chen was speechless ah.

Yes, this thing called miracles was really unpredictable.

Some people hope for a miracle to come, but miracles just don’t favour them.

Fu Jingting and Rong Shu, on the other hand, didn’t want a miracle to happen, but a miracle came to them.

What could one do with such a thing?

“This child, can’t you really not want it?” At this moment, Fu Jingting looked at Lin Tianchen and suddenly asked.

Lin Tianchen was stunned, “What do you mean? You don’t want to keep this child?”

“If the existence of this child makes her so painful and tormented, I can do without him, I would rather have the child after her body has completely recovered than to see her in such pain.” Fu Jingting said with a gloomy face.

Lin Tian Chen spread his hands, “Then there is no way out, this child you must have, as I said before, if you choose to end the pregnancy, with her current health, she will not be able to conceive a child at all, so even if this child makes her feel tormented again, she will have to keep it, unless she can also accept that she will not have a child in the future, but do you think, she can accept that? ”

That was definitely not possible!

Fu Jingting lowered his eyes, knowing this answer by heart.

He now knew that she still felt guilty about the child she had aborted before, so how could she not want this child.

“Look, you have no words to say, it means you yourself know the result oh, this child, you only have to keep it.” Lin Tianchen put his hand back in the pocket of his white coat.

Fu Jingting closed his eyes, “Then is there any way to make her not suffer so much?”

“No.” Lin Tianchen didn’t even think about it and told him straight away, “Nowadays, although medicine is dull, it’s not enough to do everything and leave the baby behind, she can only suffer this torture, but don’t worry, we’ll try to ease some of her torture, I said before that in her case, she’ll need more bed rest in the future, but I didn’t expect her to react so badly after only about a month, it seems she has to have to start resting more in bed now, otherwise at this rate, even if we keep giving her birth control, the baby will easily fail to be kept.”