I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1403

“Yo, so fierce?” Lu Qi’s flirtatious voice rang out when he did.

Rongshu froze, then opened her eyes and looked up to see him, blinking, “Ah Qi?”

“It’s me.” Lu Qi walked over and pulled a chair over to sit down.

Rongshu tilted her head slightly, her expression puzzled, “Why are you here?”

“You had such a big incident, how could I not come to see you.” Lu Qi looked her up and down, frowning at her thin and pale face, “Why have you lost weight like this?”

“I can’t eat, so naturally I’ve lost some weight.” Rongshu touched her face, barely squeezing out a smile in return.

“Even if you can’t eat, you have to force yourself to eat some, otherwise how can your body stand it? Besides, you’re not alone now, you have another one in your stomach.” Lu Qi lifted his chin towards her stomach.

Rongshu touched her stomach, “Don’t worry, I know everything you’ve said, Feng Ma has been making me food in different ways for me, so you don’t have to worry.”

“How can you not be worried, you’re in such poor health now, you fainted after hearing a few words from others, you were greatly irritated.” Lu Qi rubbed his temples, “Are you better now? Does your stomach still hurt? You don’t know that I was scared out of my mind when I found out about your condition from Fu Jingting.”

“I’m sorry for making you worry.” Rongshu smiled at him in embarra*sment, “I’m much better now, and my body doesn’t feel uncomfortable there.”

Lu Qi waved his hand, “You don’t need to apologize, I’m your godbrother, it’s right to worry about you, but it’s good that you’re fine now, then I’ll feel much more at ease when I talk to you afterwards. ”

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Rongshu faintly pursed her pale, bloodless lips.

Lu Qi looked at her, “Actually you already have the answer in your heart don’t you? That’s right, I’m here to ask you about your thoughts after you know your identity, don’t get excited, you already know this matter, you must be brave to face it, brave to consider what to do afterwards? After all, there is always a solution, isn’t there? You can’t just pretend you don’t know and leave it there in the cold, in the end it will only be more troublesome.”

Rongshu’s mouth opened and she didn’t say anything.

Lu Qi asked, “Shu Shu, what do you think? Is it that you want to identify with Gu Yaotian as husband and wife?”

“No, I don’t want to identify with them!” When Rongshu heard him say this, she shook her head violently as if she was stimulated, “I don’t want to identify with them, absolutely not.”

“Fine, fine, if you don’t recognize them, you don’t recognize them, calm down first.” Lu Qi was afraid that she would do the same as she did during the day, so he hurriedly spoke to calm her down.

Rongshu also gradually calmed down, her eyes flushed, tears dripping down the clean white quilt, “Ah Qi, you say, why me?”

She looked at him with red eyes, as if asking him, or herself, “Why am I not a real orphan abandoned by my parents? Why do I have to be Gu Man’er?”

She could not figure it out, nor could she accept it.

She felt that this was the biggest joke God had ever played on her.

No one knew that when Li Zhaodi told her all this, she really felt like the sky was falling down and it was all dark in front of her eyes, so that she could not see a bit of light.

Lu Qi looked at Rong Shu who reacted like this, his mouth moved, wanting to say something but saying he couldn’t open his mouth.

Yes, he also wanted to know, why was it him?

Why didn’t Uncle Rong really throw the stolen baby in the river back then?

No, no, no, no, it couldn’t really be thrown in the river, it really would be in the river, then there would be no Shushu now.

Let’s just say that everything was made to happen.

“Shushu, don’t ask yet, let’s talk slowly, okay?” It was only after a while that Lu Qi finally found his voice and put his hand on Rong Shu’s shoulder, softly comforting her.

Rongshu closed her eyes and slightly adjusted her emotions.

Because she felt that her stomach was hurting a bit again.

“Shushu, I want to ask you, do you hate your father?” At this moment, Lu Qi suddenly asked.

Rongshu looked at him and shook her head, “Of course not, I don’t hate.”

“But he stole you away from the Gu family.” Lu Qi added, “Because he stole you from the Gu family, you can’t live with your real parents, and that’s why you’re in such an awkward situation. After all, he’s the one who caused all this for you now.”

“I’ve never hated him.” Rongshu bit her lower lip and told him seriously, “Dad, he made a mistake and broke the law when he stole me from the Gu family, and maybe other people think he’s also a bad person and the culprit for all that I am today, but in my opinion, he’s not, he stole me and didn’t really kill me, but raised me like his own daughter, gave me fatherly love, and He taught me what it means to be kind and have good character, and all of this is something that Gu Yaotian did not have. If I had grown up in the Gu family, I would not be what you see today, and would most likely be what Gu Manyin is.”

After all, the Gu family was notorious for spoiling their children.

Immediately afterwards, Rong Shu added, “Also, in my eyes, I don’t think dad is the culprit for all that I’m facing today, isn’t the real culprit Gu Yaotian? If he hadn’t been jealous of dad, jealous of Tiansheng, finding people to steal Tiansheng’s secrets, causing Tiansheng’s employees to jump to their deaths, Tiansheng wouldn’t have been in trouble, and dad wouldn’t have taken the blame for the deaths of his employees, let alone going to the Gu family to steal some child, so wasn’t dad like this forced out by Gu Yaotian?”

She looked at him, “Even though dad stole me, he didn’t kill me, but if it was another person who hated Gu Yaotian so much, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have let me go easily, he would have killed me directly and used it to achieve his goal of revenge against Gu Yaotian, but dad didn’t, he was kind, so kind that he raised his enemy’s daughter and gave himself all the fatherly love, so I don’t hate him , and I’m not qualified to hate him.”

What’s more, if she could choose, she would rather be her father’s biological daughter than the biological daughter of Gu Yaotian’s couple.

It was because she could not accept that she would become a vicious and poisonous person like Gu Manyin under Gu Yaotian and his wife’s education.

Lu Qi nodded, indicating that he understood what Rong Shu meant, and then asked another question, “What about Gu Yaotian, do you hate them as a couple? The couple lost you and made you face this situation now?”

Rong Shu clenched her palms, her eyes scarlet, “Hate! But ……”

The irrationality in her eyes dissipated and her hands crumbled as she clutched her head, “But it seems …… not hate so much again!”

That was what she couldn’t accept the most.

How could she let her hatred for them diminish just because they’d turned out to be her real parents?

She felt so sorry for her dad, so sorry for the Yung family for raising her.

“It’s normal.” Lu Qi patted her shoulder with understanding, “Blood is originally a very strange thing, it seems to naturally connect people with blood, even though they never knew each other, they still feel close to each other, and children already have an innate dependence and attachment to their parents, you will lessen your hatred towards them after learning that Gu Yaotian and his wife are your real parents, it is more than It’s only natural.”

Rongshu lifted her head, “Don’t you think I’m being hypocritical? Don’t you think I’m sorry to the Rong family and my father?”

Lu Qi shook his head, “Of course not, as I said, this kind of an innate feeling, it’s not your fault, besides, you only reduced your hatred towards them, it’s not like you don’t hate them at all, so there’s nothing right or wrong, don’t think too much about it, what’s more, although Gu Yaotian and his wife are bad, they do have a point that deserves you to reduce your hatred towards them.”