I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1377

Lina was slightly relieved to see that she was okay, “Then Chairman, I’ll go out first.”

“Wait.” Rongshu called out to her.

Lina took back her foot.

Rong Shu said, “Didn’t I say before that I would talk to Ah Qi about Secretary Tong’s matter? During the New Year, I have already talked to Ah Qi, although Ah Qi has no intention to let Secretary Tong leave, but there is no need to worry about Secretary Tong’s safety, Ah Qi will not do anything to her.”

At these words, Lina was ecstatic, “That’s great, I was worried that Lu would hurt Secretary Tong, after all, the way Lu treated Secretary Tong before was just a bit ……”

She didn’t say the latter words, the meaning was understood by everyone.

Rongshu rubbed her temples, “I told Ah Qi quite a lot, I think later Ah Qi will figure out that his attitude towards Secretary Tong was wrong, by that time, Secretary Tong will be free, so I didn’t ask Ah Qi to let Secretary Tong go now, because I know that even if I ask Ah Qi to let Secretary Tong go now, he won’t agree, and maybe he will even overreact and do something irrational. So I am going to give Ah Qi some time to calm himself down so that he should be able to figure it out soon, and in the meantime, he will not do anything to Secretary Tong.”

“Anyway, as long as Secretary Tong is fine and Mr. Lu won’t hurt Secretary Tong, I won’t worry about it, as for the rest, it’s a private matter between Secretary Tong and Mr. Lu, it’s really not good for us outsiders to interfere too much, in case we interfere too much and make Mr. Lu feel that everyone is refuting him and saying that he’s wrong, he’s likely to really become paranoid, so as long as we make sure that Secretary Tong is safe in the situation, let the two of them toss the rest around on their own.” Lina said with a smile.

Rongshu hmmed, “I was thinking the same thing.”

“Then Chairman, I’ll go and work on something else first.”

“Go ahead.” Rong Shu waved her hand.

After Lina left, in the office, Rong Shu was left alone again.

She spread out her palms and looked at the USB stick that was already hot in her hands, and her heart once again became sour.

This was the last gift that Xiaochuan had given her, and it was also an atonement for what she had done.

She knew it, and that was what Xiaochuan meant.

But that was what made it even harder for her.

She didn’t need a gift from him, let alone an amends gift from him.

She just wanted him to come back.

But he was never coming back ……

Rongshu clenched the object in her hand once again, not meaning to check it.

She was still immersed in the sadness of Li Chuan’s disappearance and was not in the mood to look at anything else.

In her heart, what was Gu Manyin? It was nothing compared to the importance of Xiaochuan.

After finishing the pile of documents, she was alone in the office, dazed until the end of the day, when she picked up a bit of energy and drove back to the hospital.

Originally she did not want to tell the man that Li Chuan had come to see her today, but the first time he saw her, he asked, “What did Li Chuan want with you?”

Only then did she realize that it was impossible to hide this matter from the man.

After all, the bodyguard the man had arranged for her was following her not far away twenty-four hours a day.

So there was no way that this matter of Li Chuan appearing at Tiansheng would not be discovered by the bodyguards, and after the bodyguards found out, they would definitely tell Fu Jingting.

“He came to see me to talk to me about something important.” Rongshu put down her bag and walked over, “On the contrary, you are so calm that you didn’t call me to ask me?”

Li Chuan had come to see her in the morning, and the dog man had obviously known about it in the morning as well, but he hadn’t done anything at all.

This was not like him who loved to be jealous.

Fu Jingting put the book in his hand aside and took her wrist, pulling her into his arms, “I was indeed unhappy when Li Chuan went to look for you, but I knew the Li Chuan who went, was not the Li Chuan who had feelings for you, so I could hold back even if I was unhappy, and I didn’t want to pressure you into thinking that I was a man who was checking up on you all the time. ”

“But you didn’t ask when I came back?” Rongshu looked up and gave the man a pout.

The man laughed lightly, “I hadn’t planned to ask, but I see that your eyes are a little swollen, you’ve been crying, right?”

Rongshu pursed her red lips and didn’t say anything, a tacit acknowledgement.

“Because you cried, so I have to ask, tell me, did Li Chuan bully you?” Fu Jingting looked down at the woman in his arms.

The woman shook her head, “No, he didn’t bully me, he just told me something, a fact that I couldn’t accept.”

“What was it?” The man frowned.

Rongshu got up from his arms, her eyes turning red once more, “Jingting, Xiaochuan has disappeared!”

“What?” Fu Jingting was first stunned, then he understood the meaning of her words and looked surprised, “You mean that Li Chuan, the master frame, has disappeared?”

Only the master character would be called Xiao Chuan by her.

Rong Shu gave a hmph, “Li Chuan said that Xiao Chuan was because he couldn’t face me, couldn’t face what he had done to me, was afraid of seeing my eyes resenting him, was afraid that I wouldn’t forgive him, that’s why he put out Li Chuan, the secondary personality, in order to escape all this and let Li Chuan, the secondary personality, face it instead of him.”

Fu Jingting nodded, “It’s not impossible, Li Chuan has always had a very low self-esteem inside, and it’s not uncommon that he is indeed a bit cowardly and would choose to run away.”

Rongshu’s throat was dry, “Li Chuan also said that even though Xiaochuan had run away, he had never let go of his guilt towards me, finally two months ago Xiaochuan could no longer tolerate this guilt and chose to take the initiative to have an exchange with Li Chuan, his sub-personality, rather than saying it was an exchange, it was more like a deal.”

Fu Jingting quickly guessed what the so-called deal was, “Li Chuan let the sub-personality take the initiative to devour itself?”

“Yes.” Rongshu smiled bitterly, “Xiaochuan couldn’t face me, nor himself, so he chose to escape completely and let Li Chuan devour him, so in this world, there is no longer my Xiaochuan, only today’s Li Chuan.”

Fu Jingting gently wrapped his arms around her back, seeing her so sad, his heart was also a little uncomfortable.

To be honest, he was happy to see the disappearance of Li Chuan, his love rival.

After all, who wouldn’t be happy to have one less love rival to steal his wife?

But he also knew that Li Chuan’s disappearance would make her painfully sad, so much so that he couldn’t be happy to see her painfully sad.

“Li Chuan has always been an extremely inferior and paranoid person, and I’m afraid he wanted to disappear from this world a long time ago, otherwise he wouldn’t have split a secondary personality. I think the reason why he split a secondary personality and didn’t immediately let it replace him was because at that time, he met you, so he kept his secondary personality suppressed to death, and in front of you, he always acted like A well-behaved younger brother, until he did something to hurt you later on, he was afraid that you hated him and couldn’t accept you who hurt himself, so he chose to disappear, in fact, his end was predetermined from the beginning.”

Fu Jingting brushed her hair and spoke in a light-hearted manner.

People like Li Chuan were like that, sooner or later, they would go to self-destruction.

So it really wouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Li Chuan would choose to disappear.

“But why didn’t that silly boy come and ask me? Not asking if I would forgive him or not, or if I would hate him or not, if he had come to ask me, I would have told him that I would forgive him and not blame him, and perhaps, he would not have chosen to make himself disappear in such a way.” Rongshu said with a sobbing voice.