I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1384

Looking at Rongshu’s curiosity and Fu Jingting’s serious look, Feng Ma didn’t hide anything and told her what she knew, “Yes, during pregnancy, a woman will indeed behave in a way that is completely opposite to what she did before, taste is one of them, there are many women who don’t eat spicy food before, but when they are pregnant, they suddenly like to eat spicy food and are very good at it, some women are like the First Young Madam like you who didn’t eat acid before and like it after pregnancy, these are normal and there are more who like acid than those who like spicy food.”

“Why?” Rongshu wondered.

Feng Ma smiled back, “Because of the influence of the hormones in the pregnant woman’s body, especially for those like you, the First Young Madam, who have a strong pregnancy reaction and can’t eat anything, if you switch to eating acid or spicy food, you won’t experience nausea and want to vomit.”

“So that’s how it is.” Rongshu nodded in a dazed manner.

Fu Jingting was even more direct, recording all these words.

And he didn’t just write them down, he also asked Feng Ma some other questions, not to mention how attentive he was.

Fu Jingting asked all these questions while feeding Rongshu.

Only after Rongshu had finished a small bowl and stopped eating did he rely on his memory and write these down in his notebook as well.

In the afternoon, Zhang’s a*sistant arrived with a tall stack of books, all of which were books on pregnant mothers and new fathers that Fu Jingting had asked for.

Rongshu took a cursory glance at them, and there were at least twenty to thirty of them.

There were so many books, I didn’t know if the man would be able to finish reading them in the next few months.

Not to mention Rongshu, even Feng’s mother was shocked by Fu Jingting’s attitude.

But the shock was followed by relief.

As a woman, she also liked the fact that Rongshu had a good life and could receive genuine care and attention from her man.

So when she saw Fu Jingting like this, she felt happy and happy from the bottom of her heart.

The Fu family’s education was successful, and even though Young Master Fu Huai had found a third party in Wang Shuqin, one had to admit that Young Master Fu Huai had not wronged anyone.

When Young Master Fu Huai loved the eldest mother, he was also devoted to the eldest mother.

But Young Master’s mother really had no feelings for Young Master Fu Huai and supported Young Master Fu Huai to go out and find another woman.

Later on, Young Master Fu Huai really searched, found Wang Shuqin, also fell in love with Wang Shuqin, and in order to marry Wang Shuqin, he also preferred to suffer the family law without giving up.

It can be said that the Fu family men are all really infatuated.

While infatuated, they also cared enough for women.

Therefore, the Fu family’s education of the men was a success.

I believe that in the future, Young Master Jing Lin, will be the same.

Feng Ma smiled at the thought, then gently withdrew from the ward, leaving the room for the young couple to spend time together.

She knew that they would have a lot to talk about.

She, the old lady, would not go in and disturb them except when necessary.

The story of Rongshu’s pregnancy was eventually reported by the media.

Coincidentally, when she was having her maternity check-up, the wife of a media worker was also at the hospital for her maternity check-up and happened to see Rong Shu and Fu Jingting.

The two of them were of such high status that they did not deliberately hide their figures, which is why they were recognized.

So the wife went back and told her husband, and then the news of Rong Shu’s suspected pregnancy was posted on the internet by the media, and the internet exploded.

Many netizens speculated whether the reason why the two had so suddenly re-married and received their license was because they were pregnant.

This speculation was accepted by the vast majority of people.

It has to be said that the experts are among the people, the netizens are indeed very smart.

When Rongshu and Fu Jingting knew about this, it was a*sistant Zhang who called to tell them.



The reason is that he had no intention of making it public.

At least for the time being, he did not intend to make it public.

And no matter what circles, there is a saying that it is not advisable to disclose a pregnancy before it reaches three months, otherwise it is unlucky.

Although he didn’t believe in it, he was willing to believe in these esoteric things for the sake of Rong Shu and for the sake of the child.

The most important thing was that they had so many enemies in the shadows, and he had to pay more attention to them, so he didn’t even plan to make it public so early.

However, I never thought that man’s plan would be better than God’s plan, and it was actually exposed by the media now.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“These media, they are really everywhere.” Fu Jingting said coldly.

Rongshu smiled, “They are the ones who eat this bowl of rice, of course they have to be pervasive, ah, well, I am not even angry, you should not be angry either, since it has been exposed, we can not say that we are not pregnant, otherwise when the child is born, it will again be constantly speculated by the outside world, it would be better, we just admit it now.”

This was the only way to go.

Fu Jingting rubbed his brow, “I will increase my manpower to protect you in the future.”

Rongshu gave a hint, also knowing that revealing her pregnancy would definitely cause a lot of people to think.

So she did have to pay more attention to her safety and security.

Afterwards, Fu Jingting boarded his social media platform and posted content, telling the crowd that Rong Shu was indeed pregnant, a month and a half.

Fu Jingting’s admission set off another wave of internet frenzy.

Everyone scrambled to stream their blessings and congratulations below Fu Jingting’s comment section.

After all, the last time Fu Jingting and Rong Shu got married and sent out benefits, it made the netizens so happy for a while.

And with a high winning rate, the vast majority of netizens received benefits, even if they weren’t those big prizes, but still a couple of hundred dollars in red envelopes.

For the sake of these benefits, the netizens would not say a single unpleasant word about this time.

The two of them were already boyfriend and girlfriend before, and they got married, so it’s normal to get pregnant, it’s not cheating or anything immoral, the netizens will bless them even if they don’t have those benefits.

Otherwise, they are the ones who really have no morals.

The fact that Fu Jingting is looking at the blessings of these netizens, his dissatisfaction with the media for announcing this matter privately has been alleviated a little.

Afterwards, he released another content, another lucky draw.

The benefits of the event were exactly the same as the last time he and Rong Shu got married on the day.

When netizens saw it, they once again became excited and thrilled, then hurriedly retweeted and commented, fearing that the luck would be shared away if they were one step behind others.

Then, the online platform all crashed for a while.

The staff rushed to fix it, and after it was fixed, netizens continued to forward their comments, and the network was so lively.

After all, this is all money, real money.

Last time, some netizens even did a special inventory of how much these benefits taken out by Fu Jingting were worth.

The amount that Fu’s group made public was 100 million, but after the netizens took inventory they found that it was far more than 100 million, at least 200 million.

This is because in addition to the online lucky draw, Fu’s Group and Tiansheng Group also sent employees to hand out wedding candies to pa*sersby underneath the company building on that day.

Those wedding candies are all high-cla*s candies from abroad, and the price is not expensive. Many people in Hai City have come to line up to receive the wedding candies after they know about it, and there are also some wedding cigarettes and wedding wine and so on.